Our English programs are designed for the curious and the thoughtful, the impassioned student who wants to explore all forms of literary and written expression. In our department, students become strong readers and critical thinkers. They approach texts and analysis in original, creative ways and learn to research independently. 

Our English majors and minors are a close community of students inside and outside the classroom: whether you're studying "Beloved," comics, or "A Midsummer's Nights Dream" or writing poetry, fiction or an essay, you'll be in small classes that enable discussion and the exchange of ideas. We host readings by professional and student writers and artists, present public symposia of students' critical essays, advise a student-run literary journal, and organize University-wide competitions for poetry, fiction, and essay prizes. Advanced majors are encouraged to undertake internships, or may choose to undertake an independent study or an honors project, guided by a faculty member.  Students can join the English Society or may qualify for membership in the University's chapter of the Sigma Tau Delta international English honor society.

As they mature in our department, students develop their potential to become confident writers as well as compelling public presenters of their own research and creative work. Such potential is realized at the core of adult life and work. Employers look for graduates with a demonstrated capacity to think critically and creatively, to communicate clearly, and to solve complex problems; employers want employees who can demonstrate ethical judgment and integrity, intercultural skills, and the capacity for continued new learning. The English Department fosters these crucial professional and life skills through close reading, rigorous analysis, continuous practice in formal writing and speaking, and deep engagement with books--the records of the lives and ideas of others. Professions like teaching, advertising, journalism, entrepreneurship, policy-making, public relations, law, and business value these aptitudes, which students hone while studying all forms of literature that will forever enrich their lives. 

In short, our graduates possess independent, discerning and energetic minds. They are people who can find personal satisfaction while they navigate the new worlds of work and life beyond the University. 

In addition to our major and minor programs, the Department of English serves all students in the University through our First-Year Writing Program, part of the foundation of the University curriculum. All full-time faculty teach in the program, and the program is designed to prepare students for the rigors of academic reading, writing and thinking in the University and for their professional lives beyond it.  

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