The Department of Visual and Performing Arts is an interdisciplinary department that offers students the opportunity to study the history, theory and practice of art, design, theater, game design and music. The visual arts programs foster the development of creative processes for the creation of innovative works of art and design while situating the work in the broader contexts of history and culture. The performing arts programs include courses in the history of the disciplines and techniques of performance, which are enriched by an active theater production program and performing ensembles.

Programs in the Department of Visual and Performing Arts offer students a foundation in creative thinking that is recognized as critical to problem-solving and conceptualization, qualities increasingly valued by leaders and organizations in all areas of society.

Major in Game Design and Development
The bachelor of arts in game design and development is a preprofessional program that prepares students to enter the highly competitive industry of game design or to pursue studies at a graduate level. This is an applied, interdisciplinary major, which focuses on the meaningful application of game technologies beyond commercial entertainment by addressing serious topics regarding the environment, health care and education including STEM and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) initiatives. Students receive a solid foundation in fundamental arts principles and concepts, and develop specialized technical skills and competence in design.

Major in Theater
The theater major is a preprofessional program that prepares students for careers in areas such as theater production and administration, theater education and drama therapy. The BA in theater allows students to explore their interests in performance areas (acting, directing, playwriting) while gaining the education and work experience to pursue a career or to pursue graduate training.

The minor in theater provides students with a background in the primary areas of theater study and production while allowing them the flexibility to explore various interests.

Students may also minor in fine arts, game design and development, and music.

Please note: the theater design and production minor has been suspended until further notice. Theater design and production courses are still open (as space allows) to students wishing to explore/study the discipline without receiving a minor.

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