About the Director

F. Miguel Valenti F. Miguel Valenti is the director of the Quinnipiac University in Los Angeles program. Quinnipiac in LA is a year-round internship program, providing opportunities for the University's undergraduate and graduate students to experience living and working in Los Angeles.

Valenti is charged with all aspects of developing the unique internship program experience, including assisting students with securing internships, setting the curriculum, acclimating the students to the West Coast, and establishing professional networking and support for the students.

Prior to joining Quinnipiac, Valenti was the Lincoln Professor of Ethics and the Arts, assistant director of the School of Film, Dance and Theatre, and professor of film at Arizona State University. He has worked as a producer on several films and is currently in post-production of "Car Dogs," a comedy starring Patrick Adams, George Lopez, and Octavia Spencer. He is also in pre-production for "Boston," a film about the infamous mobster Whitey Bulger. Valenti holds a bachelor's degree and a JD, both from Yale University.

While at ASU, Valenti founded the film and media production program, which now numbers more than 500 students.


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