• The Bursar's Office utilizes a student's Quinnipiac University e-mail address as the primary means of communication with the student.
  • Students have access to e-bills 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. As such, students are responsible for reviewing their e-bills to ensure that they have the most up to date e-bill, including any balance due. In the absence of paper invoices, it is still the student's responsibility to monitor all information including e-bills and their Quinnipiac University e-mail account to ensure that their account balance is paid in full by the applicable due date. For more information, visit E-Billing.
  • Payments can be made online, by mail or in-person. Online payments can be made via MasterCard, American Express, and Discover/Novus credit cards as well as ACH (i.e. bank-to-bank transfers). The University will not accept credit card payments over the telephone or in person at any office on campus. Mail or in-person payments can be made via cash, check, money order and wire.
  • The Q-CARD is not an accepted form of payment for tuition and fees.
  • Payment Plans are available for the Fall and Spring terms on both an annual and a semester basis. Plans are not available for the Summer terms.
  • If anticipated or actual financial aid is not reflected on your statement, contact the Quinnipiac University Financial Aid Office at 203-582-8750.
  • Full-time undergraduate students at the University must register, at a minimum, for a full-time course load of 12-16 credits per semester. Full-time undergraduate students registered for less than 12 credits will still be charged full-time tuition and fees even though they are registered for less than a full-time course load. If your circumstances prevent you from being a full-time student and registering for a full-time course load, please request an exemption by e-mailing the Bursar's Office at bursar@quinnipiac.edu noting the student's name, QU ID, email address, phone number, address and an explanation of the reasons for requesting a policy exemption. The deadline to file for this exemption is the beginning of the semester. NOTE: If you are a financial aid recipient, please contact the Financial Aid Office to find out if your financial aid will be affected by enrolling in fewer than 12 credits.
  • Due dates for your Tuition & Fee Invoice can be found on the invoice itself or at Bursar Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Payments received after the applicable due dates will be subject to a Late Fee. A Late Fee of 1% of the past due balance will be assessed monthly on any outstanding balance after the due date. Certain employer benefit/reimbursement plans may also require a late payment penalty in addition to the 1% late fee for every month the payment is past due.
  • Students will be responsible for the full amount invoiced unless they officially drop and/or withdraw within the refund period. Please refer to the links on the left for the applicable refund policy.
  • Failure to attend classes or stopping attendance does not constitute an official drop. Students will still be responsible for the full amount of tuition and fees.
  • Accounts with past due balances at the end of the semester will be transferred to third-party collection agencies. Collection accounts are charged the cost of collection, including litigation and court costs. Collection accounts may be reported to national credit bureaus.
  • Once an account becomes past due, the University reserves the right to do the following:
    1. Place a Hold on all transcripts
    2. Place a Hold on all grades
    3. Place a Hold on diplomas
    4. Prohibit students from registering for subsequent semesters
    5. Withdraw students from classes and remove resident students from their residence halls.
    6. Prohibit students from working at a University-sponsored job.
    7. For residence hall students, place a Hold on meal allowances, prohibit participation in the Room Reservation Lottery and remove students from residence halls
  • Withdrawal Policy - Students who wish to effect a withdrawal from a course must complete a withdrawal form online at the Registrar homepage at www.quinnipiac.edu/registrar. The date of withdrawal for purposes of calculating the refund is the date on which the students make a formal application at the Office of the Registrar.
  • All refunds are based on the Quinnipiac University refund policies, which can be found online at Withdrawal/Refund Policies.

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