EN 101 - (UC) Elements of Composition I
(3 cr.) Students develop techniques for effective writing by studying the writing process and the skills necessary for producing purposeful, unified and coherent short essays: rhetoric, effective diction, revising techniques, critical reading, critical thinking, awareness of audience, and introduction to research and documentation. Readings include expository prose and short fiction and provide a context for vocabulary and comprehension skills as well as for written response. Peer tutoring is available in the Learning Center. Students meet three hours per week for instruction. Grade of C- or better required to pass EN 101. Full-time students are expected to have completed EN 101 and EN 102 by the end of three semesters. Part-time students are expected to have met these requirements by the time they have completed 30 credits. Students may not withdraw from EN 101 or EN 101 Intensive. The first time a student fails to complete EN 101 or EN 101 Intensive successfully (a grade of C- or better), a grade of U is issued. Each additional unsuccessful attempt at EN 101 or EN 101 Intensive results in a grade of F. Every Year, All

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