ANE 514 - Anesthesia Laboratory III
(1 cr.) This is the third of a three-semester sequence, focusing on the principles of patient monitoring systems and anesthesia machine operation. Students explore starling forces, carbon monoxide production in dry soda lime, catastrophic failure modes of different anesthesia machines, how various anesthesia machines respond to loss of oxygen and air supply, and the loss of power, and the effectiveness of various scavenging systems. The last lab of the semester is a student design lab in which the students identify a clinical problem of interest, design an experiment to answer the question, run the experiment, collect the data, analyze the data, and develop a PowerPoint presentation that is presented to all students. Labs are built to complement material covered in courses ANE 550 Anesthesia Delivery Systems, ANE 554 Patient Monitoring, and ANE 532 and ANE 534 Cardiovascular Physiology I and II. Every Year, Spring

This course is currently not being offered. Please try again next session.