David A. Valone research interests include the economic and ideological underpinnings of Ireland's Great Hunger, the history of reproductive technologies, and the development of modern theories of population and overpopulation.

Selected Publications

I have edited or co-edited six books: Ireland's Great Hunger, with Christine Kinealy (University Press of America, 2002) Philanthropic Foundations and the Globalization of Scientific Medicine and Public Health, with Benjamin Page (University Press of America, 2007) "Reverence for Life Revisited": Albert Schweitzer's Relevance Today, with David Ives(Cambridge Scholars Press, 2007), "Anglo-Irish Identities, 1571-1845" with Jill Marie Bradbury, (Bucknell University Press, 2008), "Ireland's Great Hunger, vol 2" (University Press of America, 2010), and "Nuclear Proliferation and the Dilemma of Peace in the Twenty-First Century" with David Ives (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010).

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