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Abrahamson, Caitlin   --   MS, Assistant Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life
Addona, Gina   --   MLS, Access Services & Document Delivery Supervisor
Adriani, Lisa   --   MLS, Public Services Health Sciences Librarian
Ahuja, Archana   --   Data Specialist
Allegretto, Stephen   --   BS, Assistant Controller
Amarone, Benny   --   MS '13, Senior Associate Director of Admissions for QU Online
Amodio, Greg   --   Director of Athletics and Recreation
Amore, Monica   --   '04, MS '07, Instructional Technologist
Andrewsen, Raymond   --   BA, General Manager of WQUN
Angelicola, Sharon   --   Assistant to the VP/Chief Information & Technology Officer
Angelini, Jestine   --   Assistant Athletic Director/Academic Coordinator
Antone, Andrew   --   Director of International Recruitment
Ardito, Edward   --   Assistant Women's Ice Hockey Coach
Ariza, Diane   --   PhD, Associate VP for Academic Affairs & Chief Diversity Officer
Arndt, Susan   --   MSN '04, Nursing Clinical Coordinator

Bailey, Jonathan   --   '98, MS '13, Senior Associate Director of Admissions for QU Online
Ball, Christopher   --   PhD, Director Central European Institute & Istvan Szechenyi Chair
Barbuito, Barbara   --   Assistant Director of Facilities
Barrett, Adam   --   Associate Vice President & Dean Law Admissions
Barrett, Carol   --   Clerkship Administrator
Barrett, Michael   --   '85, BA, Director of Development Communications, Arts & Sciences
Barreuther, Alexandra   --   Human Resources Administrative Assistant
Bartolotta, David   --   '16, MBA, Interim Athletic Trainer
Bartone, Lisa   --   JD, Assistant Director of Academic Integrity/Pre-Law Advisor
Basmadjian, Kevin   --   MAT, PhD, Dean of the School of Education
Battista, Miriam   --   Assistant Director of Development for Parents and Families
Beaudet, Samantha   --   Client Services Technician
Beck, Michelle   --   Assistant Director of Graduate Programs
Belair, Cheryl   --   BS, Student Retention Support Specialist
Belanger, Steven   --   Assistant Women's Track and Field Coach
Bender, Elizabeth   --   Assistant Director of Capital Planning
Benson, James   --   BS, Assistant Registrar for Law
Bergen, Barbara   --   Associate Prog Dir Schol Reflection Concentration Capstone
Bernard, Aaron   --   BA, BA, Assistant Dean of Simulation, School of Medicine
Bernstein, Andrew   --   '97, BS, Director of Annual Giving
Berry, Joshua   --   University Registrar
Bevins, Janice   --   '87, AS, Program Administrator
Bienia, David   --   BS, Assistant Controller
Bilodeau, David   --   Maintenance Supervisor
Blakeman, Brian   --   Sergeant of Investigations
Bliven, Gary   --   MS '08, Network Information & Communications Specialist
Bloom, Terry   --   MSC, PhD, Associate Dean of the School of Communications
Bojka, Florina   --   Assistant Director of Admissions
Bookman, Scott   --   Maintenance Supervisor - Evenings
Borzillo, Christopher   --   Assistant Coordinator of Printed Matter Processing
Bouchard, Mark   --   '10, BA, Manager of Survey Operations
Boyd, Grover   --   MA, Associate Director of Admissions QU Online
Brady, Grace   --   MA, Executive Director for Ireland's Great Hunger Museum
Braiewa, Lisa   --   MBA, Director of the Master of Business Administration Program
Brailsford, William   --   BA, Desktop Support Specialist
Bratsis, John   --   '04, MBA '06, Associate Director University Applications
Brennan, Danielle   --   BS, Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
Brewer, Phillip   --   University Medical Director for Student Health Services
Brito, Graciano   --   '09, BS, Assistant Men's Soccer Coach
Brown, Elizabeth   --   Director of Academic Innovation and Effectiveness
Brown, Jennifer   --   JD, Dean of School of Law
Brown, Peter   --   MS, Assistant Director, Quinnipiac University Polling Institute
Brownell, Richard   --   BS, Director of Information Services Operations
Bryant, Diane   --   BA, Assistant Director for Law Student Services
Buccino, Vincent   --   BS, Director of AV Systems Infrastructure
Buda, Megan   --   MA, Director of Student Conduct
Budkofsky, Alyssa   --   MBA, Assistant Director of Athletics for Business
Burke, Jason   --   MA, Director of Veteran & Military Affairs
Burke, Patricia   --   BSN, Associate Director, Student Health Center
Burke, Sharon   --   MS, Media Production Specialist, Ed McMahon Communications Cntr
Bushnell, Lynn   --   MA, Vice President for Public Affairs
Busillo, Stephanie   --   Assistant Director of Admissions

Calcagni, Matthew   --   MS '14, Ticket Manager
Calhoun, Lisa   --   Clinical Arts & Sciences Course Coordinator
Camp, Gretchen   --   Admissions Coordinator, School of Law
Campanella, Diane   --   BS, Programmer Analyst
Campos, Belgica   --   Talent Management Specialist
Canada, Cheryl   --   '06, BA, Associate Women's Field Hockey Coach
Carbone, Valerie   --   Bursar
Carlson, Rebecca   --   Head Women's Rugby Coach
Carmen, Joseph   --   Director of Client Relations for Leadership Development
Carney, Lila   --   MS, Assistant Director of Student Media
Carolla, Philip   --   Maintenance Supervisor - Custodial
Carranza, Carmen   --   BBA, Assistant Manager of Interviewer Operations
Carrera, Marcy   --   '03, MHS, Physician Assistant
Carroll, Elissa   --   '05, BA, Director of Student Affairs for the School of Medicine
Carroll, Maurice   --   Director of the Quinnipiac Polling Institute
Cassella, Peter   --   Senior Superintendent of Evening Operations
Casso, James   --   BA, Director of the Human Anatomy Laboratory
Castagnola, Andrew   --   '03, BS, Associate Athletic Director of Operations
Castiglia, Robert   --   MBA '14, Fabrication Support Specialist
Castiline, John   --   Sr. Superintendent of Buildings
Ceccolini, Gabbriel   --   '10, MS '12, Operations Manager, Standardized Patient and Assessment Ctr
Celello, Joann   --   BS, Associate Director of Financial Aid
Chang, Emmanuel   --   BA, Applications Specialist
Chase, Christy   --   Director of Student Health Services
Cherilus, Jameson   --   '12, BA, Director of the Quinnipiac in Los Angeles Program
Christie, Cynthia   --   MS, Asst Dean Career Development - Health Sciences & Nursing
Christopher, Jordan   --   Assistant Women's Lacrosse Coach
Clarke, David   --   MS '10, Head Women's Soccer Coach
Clarke, Shana   --   Assistant Director, Advising & Student Development
Clement, Elizabeth   --   Assistant Vice President, Talent Management & Acquisition
Cole, Matthew   --   BA, Senior Financial Analyst
Cole, Michael   --   MA, Director of Admissions for Operations
Collier, Charles   --   MS, Assistant Dean Health Career Pathways
Contrucci, Vincent   --   Director of Community Service
Cooper, Matthew   --   Director, Office of Student Accessibility
Copela, John   --   Senior Superintendent of Grounds
Coplit, Lisa   --   MD, Associate Dean for Faculty Development
Cordes, Christopher   --   Asst Athletic Dir, Marketing & Fan Engagement
Cote, Erik   --   '14, BS, Development Officer
Couig, Caroline   --   Associate Director of Photography Services
Coxon, Stephen   --   Assistant Women's Soccer Coach
Cucchiarelli, Edward   --   Telecommunications & Infrastructure Specialist
Cunneen, James   --   Major Gift Officer, Business & Engineering
Cunniff, Kimberly   --   '12, BA, Assistant Women's Field Hockey Coach
Czaplinski, Kristopher   --   Head Women's Volleyball Coach

D'Ambrosio, Jeffrey   --   MBA '15, Director of Finance
D'Errico, Robin   --   MS '01, Senior Director of Administration for QU Online
Da Costa, Eric   --   '01, MBA '09, Head Men's Soccer Coach
Daddio, Susan   --   MS '15, Client Relationship Manager
Dadio, Harry   --   '10, BA, Desktop Support Specialist
Dainiak, Darlene   --   BS, Assistant Director of Advancement Services
Dalzell, Cecilia   --   MLS, Instructional Design Librarian
Davis, Chad   --   Assistant Women's Volleyball Coach
Davis, Lee   --   Library Digital Support Specialist
Dayle, Kayla   --   Health Career Pathways Program Engagement Specialist
DeGennaro, June   --   MLS, Collection Management Librarian
Delaney, John   --   '08, BS, Head Men's Baseball Coach
Delohery, Andrew   --   MA, Associate Vice President of Retention & Academic Success
DeLoma, James   --   '06, MS '11, Associate Director of Social Media
DeLuca, David   --   Senior Superintendent of Mechanical Services
Deluca, Diane   --   BS, Associate Director of ERP Systems
DeLucia, Christina   --   MLS, Reader Services Librarian in the Law Library
DelVecchio, Leonard   --   Director of Career Development
Demaio, Paula   --   BS, Clinic Coordinator: Community Access Imaging
Demers, Danielle   --   '11, BA, Residence Hall Director
DeMezzo, John   --   '08, BS, Senior Assoc VP for Development and Alumni Affairs
DeVeaux, Ann   --   JD, Director of the Lynn L. Pantalena Law Library
DeVilbiss, Mark   --   Director of Residential Life
Diaz, Donna   --   Lab Coordinator
Diaz, Lucy   --   '99, BA, Director of Special Events
Dickerson, Christopher   --   Assistant Women's Track and Field Coach
Dickerson, Lisa   --   BA, Director of Development Research and Stewardship
DiDomenico, Peter   --   '89, MBA '91, Manager of Infrastructure & Communications
DiStefano, Don   --   '14, MS, Administrative Lieutenant
Doherty, Colleen   --   Assistant Women's Rugby Coach
Doherty, Sean   --   MEd, Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
Dolan, Richard   --   Maintenance Supervisor Mechanical Services
Donarum, Dorothy   --   Manager of Interviewer Operations
Donlan, John   --   Capital Project Manager
Donovan, Rachel   --   '07, BS, Assistant Director of Admissions
Douglas, James   --   BS, Systems Administrator
Doviak, Stephen   --   Senior Director of Integrated Communications
Drucker, Monique   --   MEd, Vice President and Dean of Students
Dumais, Joseph   --   '06, BA, Associate Head Men's Ice Hockey Coach

Eaton, Eric   --   BA, Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
Egan, Patrick   --   '06, BA, Assistant Men's Baseball Coach
Eichhorn, Gregory   --   Associate Vice President for Admissions and Financial Aid
Elliott, Margaret   --   Manager of Marketing Comm for Graduate & Law Admissions
Emmens, Christopher   --   Associate Director of Graduate Admissions Operations
Entenman, Colleen   --   MBA, Senior Director of Development, School of Law
Erardi, Lauren   --   EdM, Director of Academic Technology
Erickson, Heidi   --   MS '16, Senior Associate Director of Admissions / Director of Events
Esserman, Dean   --   Senior Professional-In-Residence- Emergency Mngt Response

Fairbrother, Katyann   --   '08, BS, Assistant Women's Lacrosse Coach
Falcigno, Gina   --   MBA '94, Assistant to the VP for Development & Alumni Affairs
Farber, Scott   --   MA, Dean of Graduate Admissions
Fasulo, Stefano   --   BA, Associate Director for Campus Life
Feigenson, Neal   --   JD, Associate Dean - School of Law
Fekete, Eric   --   Head Men's Lacrosse Coach
Fenn, Andrew   --   Maintenance Supervisor
Ferguson, David   --   Residence Hall Director
Festa, Christine   --   BS, Assistant Controller
Filardi, Salvatore   --   MBA, Vice President, Facilities & Capital Planning
Flaherty, Matthew   --   MA, Outreach and Instruction Librarian
Flynn, Tracey   --   MBA, Associate Athletic Director
Fogel, Mark   --   Director of Men's Basketball Operations
Folsom, Laurie   --   MS, Director of Undergraduate Financial Aid
Formica, Melinda   --   MCom, Senior Director of Parent and Family Development
Franceskino, Odette   --   MBA '00, Director of Financial Aid - School of Law
Frank, Gina   --   MEd, EdD, Dean of Graduate Student Affairs
Fraser, Sarah   --   Deputy Director of Athletics/Senior Women's Administrator

Galiette, Richard   --   Senior Director of Development, Business & Engineering
Gallatin, Cynthia   --   MBA, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Online Programs
Gallay, Peter   --   '06, MS '11, Associate Director of Film / Video Production
Gallucci, Martin   --   Supervisor - York Hill
Gareiss, Sara   --   BS, Athletic Trainer
Gatison, Mallory   --   BS, Residence Hall Director
Gaydos, Carrie   --   Athletic Trainer
Geiste, Douglas   --   '10, MS '13, Director of Web Technologies
Gettings, Patricia   --   Business Services Manager, School of Nursing
Ghumman, Khuram   --   MPH, Family Medicine Clerkship Director
Gilmore, Anna   --   MS, Director of Prehealth Advising
Giordano, Shelley   --   '98, MS , DHS , Associate Dean of the School of Health Sciences
Glaab, Joshua   --   Head Men's Cross Country Coach
Glynn, Mary   --   BA, Information Analytics Manager
Goepfrich, Brian   --   BA, Residence Hall Director
Goepfrich, John   --   Academic Specialist
Goggi, Alan   --   Assistant Coordinator of Printed Matter Processing
Gomes, Jesse   --   MA, Assistant Director of Human Anatomy Laboratory
Gonzalez, Ramon   --   MD, Director of the Radiologist Assistant Program
Goulet, Roger   --   MBA, Manager of Systems & Research in Admissions & Financial Aid
Granito, Linda   --   Assistant to the Vice President/Exec Assoc to the President
Grasso, Shanon   --   Parking and Transportation Coordinator
Gray, Norman   --   Carlton Highsmith Chair Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Greaves, Steven   --   BA, Director of Gift Planning
Greco, Cynthia   --   BS, Senior Designer
Grgurich, Eric   --   '13, MS, Executive Director of the TD Bank Sports Center
Grindel, Bernard   --   Assistant Director of the Learning Commons
Griswold, Elizabeth   --   TD Bank Sports Center Marketing Director
Guarino, Nona   --   '10, MS '15, Assistant Director of Program Operations
Gupta, Shobhna   --   MS , MBA '11, HRIS Director
Guthrie, Michael   --   BA, Assistant Director of Residential Life

Hakala, Christopher   --   Executive Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning
Hallbach, Ernest   --   MA, Associate Athletic Director - Athletic Training
Hallstead, Tracy   --   Manager of Peer Academic Support
Hally, Richard   --   Public Safety Training Officer and Fire Marshal
Hamilton, Heather   --   MS '07, Director of Graduate Financial Aid
Hangen, Sylvie   --   Director of Financial Aid - School of Medicine
Hanlon, Dennis   --   Engineering Lab Technician
Hardt, Valerie   --   Residence Hall Director
Hayes, Eugenia   --   Associate Vice President for Health Affairs Development
Hazelton, Matthew   --   '07, BA, Director of Marketing for Online Programs
Headley, Janet   --   MS, Director of Foundation Relations
Heins, Audrey   --   MA, Assistant Director of Graduate Student Affairs
Hejmowski, Hanna   --   '06, MS '16, Asst to the Dir of the Central European Institute
Hogan, Andrea   --   MS, Director for Global Education
Hotchkiss, Laureen   --   '11, BS, Procurement Coordinator
Howe, Louise   --   '95, MS , MBA '06, Director of Marketing Communications for Admissions
Hughes, Destini   --   Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
Hughes, John Michael   --   MLS, Associate Director of the Lynn L. Pantalena Law Library
Hunter, Leslie   --   Assistant to the VP Academic Innovation and Effectiveness
Hurlbut, Brian   --   Facilities Administrative Coordinator
Husted, Jean   --   MA , MBA '99, Vice President/Executive Associate to the President

Iacusso, Fabiano   --   '05, MS '07, Associate Director of Systems, Technology & Planning
Ingram, Kanicka   --   Sr Assoc Dir of Admissions/Dir of Multicultural Recruitment
Ives, David   --   MA, Executive Director of the Albert Schweitzer Institute

Jarvis, John   --   MS, Coordinator of Learning Services & the Amer Disabilities Act
Jean-Jacques, Pascale   --   MA, Assistant Director for Multicultural Education
Johnson, Daniel   --   MS, Associate Vice President for Finance/Controller
Johnson, Janice   --   MLS, Associate Vice President for Advancement Services
Johnson, Terri   --   BS, Associate Vice President of Operations
Johnston, Alycia   --   Residence Hall Director
Joven, Robert   --   BS, University Librarian
Judd, Reena   --   University Rabbi
Justo, Steven   --   Senior Director, Marketing Operations

Kalagher, Seann   --   MS, JD, Associate Dean of Student Affairs
Kamlet, Lee   --   BA, Dean of the School of Communications
Kammerman, James   --   Director of Analytics & Training
Kaplan, Harold   --   MD, Electives Director
Kappus, Liana   --   Simulation Director, School of Nursing
Karipidis, Melissa   --   BA, Associate Director of Residential Life
Karwoski, Jill   --   MA, Head Women's Softball Coach
Keith, Karoline   --   Clery Compliance Officer and Investigator
Kelly, Brian   --   Chief Information Security Officer
Kelly, Devon   --   Assistant Women's Softball Coach
Kennedy, JoLynn   --   Assistant Director of Facilities & Event Management
Kersten, Lauren   --   '10, BA, Graphic Designer / Print Production
Kilchevsky, Eitan   --   Pediatrics Clerkship Director
Kile, Justin   --   PhD, Dean of the School of Engineering
Kilham, Jessica   --   MS, Public Services Health Sciences Librarian
Kim, Sungah   --   PhD, Associate Director of Academic Assessment & Research
Kleinman, April   --   BA, Associate Director of the Quinnipiac University Poll
Kniffin, Jeremy   --   Assistant Sports Information Director
Knowlton, Carla   --   BA, Director of Admissions
Koehler, Jill   --   '94, MAT '96, Associate Dean for Career Development
Koenigsberg, Adrienne   --   Counselor
Koeppen, Bruce   --   MD, PhD, Dean of the School of Medicine
Kohlhepp, William   --   Cer , MHA '97, DHS , Dean of the School of Health Sciences
Kolbin, Ronda   --   MLS, Public Services Librarian
Kotowicz, Tanya   --   Head Women's Lacrosse Coach
Krom, Paul   --   AV Systems Administrator
Krsiak, Paul   --   '07, MBA '10, Senior Associate Director/Director of Analytics and Techno
Kuchcicki, Richard   --   '08, MS '10, Senior Associate Director of Admissions
Kuchyt, Charity   --   '07, BA, Special Events Coordinator
Kuhar, Kathy   --   '02, JD, Associate Dean of Students

Lackie, Jennifer   --   Assistant Director for Foundations of Medicine
Lahey, John   --   PhD, President of Quinnipiac University
Lambusta, Nicole   --   '07, MBA '09, HR Data Analytics & System Manager
Landisio, LeighAnn   --   NG2, Assistant to the Vice President and Dean of Admissions
Landry, Pamela   --   Operations Manager for WQUN
Lange, Jean   --   MSN, PhD, Dean School of Nursing
Larkins-Strathy, Beth   --   EdD, Associate Dean of Education
Laudano, Robert   --   Supervisor - York Hill
Lauretano, Katherine   --   Clerkship Administrator
Lavigne, Debora   --   Education Coordinator for Fitness, Leisure, and Wellness
Lavoie, Andrew   --   '13, BA, Residence Hall Director
Lehocky, Joseph   --   Residence Hall Director
Leonard, Regina   --   Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist
Lepeska, Laura   --   BA, Director of Benefits
Lerner, Rachel   --   Public Services Health Sciences Librarian
Little, Gregory   --   BA, News Director WQUN
Logano, Diane   --   '81, AS, Admin Assistant to the VP for Facilities & Capital Planning
Lomax-Bellare, Mary Ellen   --   MAT, Serials Manager - Law Library
Lombardi, Justine   --   '10, BS, Assistant Women's Soccer Coach
LoRusso, Casey   --   '94, BS, Clerkship Administrator
Ludovico, Elizabeth   --   '99, MS '13, Senior Associate Director / Dir of Undergraduate Recruitment
Ludovico, Katie   --   '99, BS, Senior Associate Director of Graduate Admissions
Lussier, Jamie   --   '06, MBA '14, Assistant Registrar
Lyons, Marissa   --   BS, Senior Financial Analyst

MacDonough-Civitello, Sara   --   BS, Athletic Trainer
MacDougall, Kevin   --   Systems Administrator
MacGillivray, Mountain   --   Associate Head Women's Basketball Coach
Magnuson, Stephanie   --   '00, MS '04, Computer Lab Administrator
Main Kohli, Becca   --   BS, Head Women's Field Hockey Coach
Malis, Keith   --   Superintendent of Building & Grounds York Hill
Malloy, Timothy   --   Assistant Director of the Quinnipiac University Poll
Marks-McCall, Telia   --   Director of Women's Basketball Operations
Marottolo, Lucille   --   '88, MBA '92, JD '00, Associate Vice President for Finance
Marquardt, John   --   Superintendent of Mechanical Services (York Hill)
Marquis-Eydman, Traci   --   Medical Student Home (MeSH) Program Director
Marrone, Eleonora   --   Associate Director of Admissions QU Online
Marsh, Eugene   --   Help Desk Manager
Martin, Carolyn   --   '03, MAT '04, Head Men's & Women's Cross Country and Women's Track Coach
Martone, Eduardo   --   Supervisor of Mail Operations
Massaro, Linda   --   Associate Vice President/Campaign Director
Mathews, Rachel   --   Assistant Athletic Director -Academic Support
Mathews, Stephanie   --   Employee & Labor Relations Asso/Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Mazzotta, Amanda   --   Assistant Women's Ice Hockey Coach
McCullough, Linda   --   '96, MBA '02, Assistant to the President
McDonald, James   --   '08, MS '11, AV Systems Administrator
McKenna, Courtney   --   MS, Case Manager
McKenney, Neil   --   Director of Men's Ice Hockey Operations
McNall, Maxx   --   '12, BA, Assistant Sports Information Director
Mead, Jennifer   --   MS, Associate Head Athletic Trainer
Mecca, William   --   Senior Associate Director of Athletics
Medina, Michael   --   MS , MBA '10, Associate Director of Intramurals
Meixell, Mary   --   MS, PhD, Associate Dean for the School of Business
Melillo, Fred   --   Manager Data Center Operations
Mella, Rebecca   --   MA, Athletic Trainer
Meriano, John   --   '81, MBA '88, Associate Vice President for Auxiliary Services
Metzler, Joan   --   JD, Director Law School Admissions
Miller, Paula   --   '96, BS, Director of Tennis & Head Women's Tennis Coach
Mills, Katherine   --   JD '07, Associate Director of Law Admissions
Minutello, Michael   --   Academic Specialist
Misiti, Michael   --   Assistant Director of Facilities
Mohr, Joan Isaac   --   MA, Vice President for Admissions & Financial Aid
Molina, Amy   --   Desktop Support Specialist
Mongillo, Elizabeth   --   BA, Associate Director of Financial Aid
Monteiro, Tina   --   BS, HR Generalist
Moore, Thomas   --   BS, Head Men's Basketball Coach
Morgan, John   --   MS '02, Associate Vice President for Public Relations
Munro, Jayson   --   '11, MS '16, Web Programmer Analyst
Murphy, William   --   '07, MS '11, Help Desk Manager
Murray, Paul   --   Assistant Director of Admissions

Narel, Richard   --   BS, Senior Wireless Network Support Specialist
Natale, Karla   --   '99, MS '14, Assistant Vice President for Public Affairs
Natkiel, Patricia   --   MS, Clinical Coordinator of Nursing
Navarro, Alejandra   --   MS, Associate Director of Editorial Services
Nealy, James   --   MS '15, Assistant Chief of Public Safety
Negro, Thomas   --   Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds
Neidig, Christopher   --   '02, MS '04, Director of Online Master's Programs, School of Business
Nemetz-Carlson, Paul   --   BA, Director of Women's Ice Hockey Operations
Neuner, Krista   --   '10, MS '16, Senior E-Learning Support Specialist
Newsom, Raymond   --   Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
Nguyen, Doan   --   BS, Programmer Analyst
Nichols, Nicole   --   Circulation & Reserve Manager, School of Law
Noel, Ann   --   Transcript Evaluator
Nowie, Glenn   --   Maintenance Supervisor

O'Connell, Daniel   --   BS, Executive Director of Corporate Training & Analytics
O'Connor, James   --   '11, BA, Media Production Specialist, Ed McMahon Communications Cntr
O'Connor, John   --   Head Women's Golf Coach
O'Connor, Julia   --   Clerkship Administrator
O'Connor, Lisa   --   MS, EdD, Associate Dean of the School of Nursing
O'Connor, Matthew   --   MBA, PhD, Dean of the School of Business
O'Hare, Sandra   --   MLS, Access Services Librarian
O'Neill, Abbie   --   '16, BA, Specialist for Student Engagement
O'Sullivan, Timothy   --   BS, Assistant Director of Admissions
Otsuki, J.   --   MD, MBA, Senior Associate Dean for Education

Pacheco, Rita   --   '77, AS, Business Services Manager
Paddock, Mary   --   MA, PhD, Associate Dean of Humanities and Fine Arts
Palencia, Kimberly   --   '05, MS '16, Information Analyst
Pallone, Adam   --   Associate Athletic Trainer
Pandolfi, Gary   --   MA, Instructional Technologist
Panzarino, Alexa   --   '15, BA, Ticket Account Representative
Parent, Kristin   --   Senior Associate Director of Graduate Admissions
Pasquaretta, Paul   --   PhD, Director of Research & Writing Institute
Pategas, Dianna   --   BA, Assoc VP for Alumni & Parent Relations
Patel, Brijesh   --   Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Patel, Sandip   --   '94, MBA '99, Associate Vice President for Budget & Financial Planning
Patton, Kerry   --   MSW, Director of Health and Wellness
Pecknold, Rand   --   MAT, Head Men's Ice Hockey Coach
Peiffer, Grace   --   Director of Employer Relations
Pellegrino, Paul   --   '09, BS, Senior E-Learning Support Specialist
Pellitteri, Mary   --   Counselor
Penzien, Lauren   --   Production Associate, Film/Video Quinnipiac Productions
Pettit, John   --   MS '00, Assistant Director of Public Relations
Pezzella, Katherine   --   Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life
Pham, Kim-Thu   --   Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Phillips, Maria   --   Director of Sales and Marketing, WQUN
Phillips, Sydney   --   BA, Events Coordinator for Facilities
Pietruski, Donna   --   Asst to the Vice President for Stud Affairs & Dean of Stud
Pintek, Donna   --   BA, Copy Editor
Piscitelli, Teresa   --   '93, BS, Auxiliary Services Assistant Account Manager
Platt, Wendy   --   '75, BA, Associate Registrar
Podsiadlo, Joseph   --   BFA, Associate Director of Technology Services
Polascik, John   --   Assistant Bursar
Poli, Mason   --   Assistant Men's Lacrosse Coach
Ponden, Timothy   --   MS, Research Associate/Data Quality Analyst
Porter, Cindy Long   --   Associate Vice President Student Affairs
Powers, Mary Ann   --   Head Women's Acrobatics and Tumbling Coach
Prefontaine, Maureen   --   Federal Programs Supervisor
Puzarne, Claire   --   Museum Manager

Raguckas, Kendra   --   MS, E-Learning Specialist
Rand, Susan   --   BA, Clerkship Administrator
Regan, George   --   MEd, Residence Hall Director
Reilly, Tamarack   --   MS '09, Associate Athletic Director of Fitness & Wellness
Reinhart, Danielle   --   MA, Assistant Dean, School of Communications
Remillard, Edmund   --   Employee and Labor Relations Associate
Renn, Cari   --   Assistant Director of Residential Life
Reynolds, David   --   AS, Wireless Network Support Specialist
Rhodes, Keith   --   '92, MBA , Vice President of Brand Strategy & Integrated Communications
Richards, Leah   --   Events Coordinator for Facilities
Richardson, Lyneene   --   Associate Director of Academics
Rickert, Robert   --   Director of Infrastructure and Communication
Riello, Cheryl   --   '79, BA, Assistant Director Advancement Services Data & Documentation
Riello, Susan   --   '14, MS '16, E-Learning Specialist
Riga, Kimberly   --   '07, MBA '11, Director of Alumni and Parent Relations
Riga, William   --   MS '15, Associate Head Men's Ice Hockey Coach
Robertson, Joanne   --   MS '12, Sr Associate Director of Transfer Admissions
Rodrigues, Rosemarie   --   Manager of Law Admissions Systems
Rodriguez, Edgar   --   MS, Chief of Public Safety
Rogers, Darlene   --   BS, Simulation Coordinator, School of Nursing
Romano, William   --   '02, BA, Senior Associate Director of Admissions
Romeo, Matthew   --   MBA '97, Executive Director of Technology Services
Rosen, Amy   --   '90, MS '15, Regional Development Officer
Rosengard, Dana   --   Assistant Dean for Career Development
Rowe, Frances   --   MEd, Director of Instructional Design, QU Online
Ryan, Richard   --   Director of Corporate Relations

Sabato, Erin   --   '06, MA , Director of International Service and Learning
Sacca-Fabbri, Patricia   --   BA, Head Women's Basketball Coach
Saccente, Mara   --   Director of Administration
Saddig, Marc   --   BS, Applications Specialist
Sadin, Shelley   --   Associate Dean of Professional and Career Development
Sam, Emmanuel   --   Network Engineer
Sawitsky, Jonathan   --   Senior Director, User Experience and Engagement
Scaduto, Michael   --   '12, MS '14, Assistant Director of Admissions
Scarduzio, Angela   --   BS, Clerkship Administrator
Schilkowski, James   --   BS, Assistant Dir of Equipment
Schleif, Michael   --   '01, MS '05, Assistant Director of the Ed McMahon Communications Center
Schlesinger, Valerie   --   MS, Director of Admissions for QU Online
Schussler, Justin   --   '10, MS '15, Content Producer of Film / Video Production
Schwartz, Doug   --   PhD, Director of the Quinnipiac Poll
Schweizer, William   --   BA, Media Coordinator
Scott, John   --   '98, MBA '02, Executive Director Technology Infrastructure
Scrofani, Lisa   --   MS '13, Manager of Website Operations and Content Editor
Sewack, Wendy   --   Assistant Director, Global Public Health Program
Shea, Robin   --   MA, Business Manager
Sheehan, Lisa   --   '96, BS, Payroll Manager
Shligersky, Alex   --   MS '14, Information Security Specialist
Simon, Phillip   --   Director of Graduate Programs
Sirois, Kevin   --   BS, Web Writer & Editor
Skrzyniarz, Megan   --   '99, BA, Senior Staff Accountant
Small, John   --   '15, BA, Media Production Specialist, Ed McMahon Communications Cntr
Smart, Robert   --   MA, PhD, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
Smith, Betsey   --   '79, MS , PhD , Senior Associate Dean of Health Sciences
Smith, Christine   --   Senior Producer
Smith, Daniel   --   Senior Associate Athletic Trainer
Smits, Allan   --   MA, PhD, Associate Dean of Sciences and Graduate Programs
Sola, Mary Ann   --   BS, Associate Director of Financial Aid/Loan Coordinator
Solensky, Suzanne   --   Director of Student Advising
Soliwoda, Andrzej   --   BS, Senior Network Engineer
Sotolotto, David   --   Assistant Director of Marketing for QU Online
Spragg, Anna   --   '02, MS '13, Assoc Vice President for Human Resources & Total Rewards
St. Marie, Katlyn   --   Residence Hall Director
Stahl, Richard   --   Senior Associate Dean for Strategic Relationships
Standish, Christopher   --   BA, Director of Academic Grants
Stearns, Donald   --   Senior Superintendent of Custodial Services
Stella, Samantha   --   Research Associate/Data Quality Analyst
Stock, Diane   --   MPA, PhD, Assistant Dean for Curriculum, College of Arts & Sciences
Sumby, Peter   --   BA, Director of the Ed McMahon Mass Communications Center
Summers, Stephen   --   Director of Budget and Financial Planning
Surato, Janice   --   Benefits Specialist
Sweeney, Doretta   --   Director of Professional and Career Development
Sweeten, Kenneth   --   BS, Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Information

Tagliavini, Lindsay   --   Athletic Trainer
Tarca, Fred   --   MS, Vice President-Chief Information & Technology Officer
Tartaglia, Mary   --   MLS, Reference & Technical Services Librarian - School of Law
Taylor, Charlotta   --   MS, Director of Admissions for Recruitment & Student Engagement
Taylor, Michael   --   MA, Assistant Dean of Academic Services, School of Business
Terry, Amy   --   '98, MBA '02, Assistant Registrar
Terry, Jonathan   --   '99, MBA '02, Assistant Director of Facilities
Thompson, Colleen   --   Assistant Dean of Student Services
Thompson, Mark   --   PhD, Executive Vice President & Provost of Quinnipiac University
Tipson, Robert   --   MEd, Assistant Athletic Director - Compliance
Tortora, Mark   --   '05, BS, Associate Director of Education Abroad Programs
Toth, William   --   Computer Lab Administrator
Turner, Cassandra   --   EdM, Head Women's Ice Hockey Coach
Twomey, Erin   --   MA, Assoc Director of Campus Life and New Student Orientation

Uguccioni, Lisa   --   Nursing Clinical Coordinator

Valeski, Janet   --   MLS , MBA '94, Readers' Services & Reference Librarian
Van Brederode, Jennifer   --   Associate Director of Financial Planning
Varholak, Mark   --   MBA, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Vaspasiano, Michael   --   '15, BA, E-Learning Specialist/Content Developer
Vatti, Neeta   --   Assistant Director of Career Services
Vendola, Christopher   --   Maintenance Supervisor Mechanical Services
Verdone, Thomas   --   Medical Director of the Anesthesiologist Assistant Program
Vizziello, Daniella   --   Strategic Buyer-Planner
Volpe, Kevin   --   '15, BA, Desktop Support Specialist

Wachtarz, Janice   --   '82, BS, Associate Vice President Information Services
Waite, Deric   --   Manager of Card Services
Waldman, Janet   --   MS '09, Director of Editorial Services
Wargo, Mary   --   MA, Director of Admissions for Transfer & Part-Time Students
Wayton, Joanna   --   Admin Asst to the Vice President/Exec Assoc to the President
Webster, Emily   --   MS, Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
Weinbach, Donald   --   BA, Vice President for Development & Alumni Affairs
Wenning, Kenneth   --   Counselor
Wilcox, Matthew   --   MS, Director Netter Library
Wilson, Christina   --   EdM, Instructional Technologist
Woodward, Keith   --   '88, MBA '92, Associate Vice President for Facilities Operations
Wurcel, Jill   --   MBA '02, Associate Director of Graduate Financial Aid

Yeckel, Mark   --   PhD, Associate Dean for Admissions
Yoia, Dominic   --   MBA, Associate Vice President & University Dir of Financial Aid
Young, Jayne   --   Assistant to the Vice President for Public Affairs
Young, Robert   --   Public Services Librarian
Young, Veronica   --   Academic Specialist
Yurczyk, John   --   NG4, Senior Programmer Analyst

Zaffino, Mary   --   '10, MS '13, Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice President/Provost
Zeff, Richard   --   Professor and Chair, Department of Medical Sciences
Zinn, Annalisa   --   MA , MBA '11, PhD , Vice President for Academic Innovation and Effectiveness
Zitser, Jennifer   --   Counselor
Zomerfeld, Alexander   --   Assistant Men's Lacrosse Coach
Zumerchik, Ana   --   Interim Director of Payroll and Compensation