Timothy Dansdill

Timothy Dansdill

Associate Professor of English

College of Arts & Sciences 1  329



I am an Associate Professor of English in my twelfth year at Quinnipiac University. My teaching specialties and interests range from EN 102 and EN 102, to The Personal Essay, Practicing Stylistics, Argumentation, Digital Rhetoric, Modern Poetry. I was one of the early contributors to the University's "New Synthesis/New Learning Paradigm" Intiative dedicated to transforming teaching and learning. I was the Coordinator of QU 101: The Individual in the Community from 2008 to 2011 and wrote an introduction to the 5th edition to the QU 101 Reader which Hans Bergmann characterized as "the First Important Document of our New Synthesis...every faculty member in the university should read it." Read it here: http://www.quinnipiac.edu/prebuilt/pdf/wac/database_intro_5th_edition_qu101anthology_0811.pdf I was a member of Quinnipiac University's Writing Across the Curriculum Program from 2002 to 2008. I trained dozens of fellow faculty in using writing to learn techniques in their coruses. I also conceived and was the central organizer of the first (2004) and second (2006) QUWAC Conferences on Writing and Critical Thinking. I am currently focusing on the reform of our English Major and Minor, and am working to require an E-Portfolio for all of our Majors. I also serve on the College Evaluation Committee. In May 2014 mI recently presented papers at the World Congress of Social Sciences and Humanities Conference on Discourse and Writing at Brock University, Canada as well as at Fairfield University, CT. These papers intersect my past work and findings in Writing Across the Cuirriculum, The First Year Experience, and QU's "New Learning Paradigm." I am also currently working on a chapter for a book on the television series, "Breaking Bad" titled, "Walter White's Metastatic Whitman: Incoherent Clues and Troubling Tropes" I am married to Annie Burke, Professor of Biology at Wesleyan University, and we are raising two daughters, ClydaJane (18) who is attending Sarah Lawrence College in the fall, ZoeAnn (15) who will be a sophomore at The Watkinson School at Hartford.


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