Sleeping Giant

Just next door to metropolitan New Haven, the New England community of Hamden is Quinnipiac University’s proud home.

This lovely town is distinguished by the majestic Sleeping Giant State Park, a mountain that resembles a sleeping man and is a major figure in centuries-old Native American mythology. Today, the mountain is the site of a variety of hiking trails where Quinnipiac students often go to exercise, view the scenery or just find a peaceful place to think.

The Hamden-New Haven area is filled with places to stay and places to eat. Our free student shuttle travels to New Haven and to nearby shopping centers featuring department stores, discount stores, grocery stores and a variety of specialty stores for music, books, electronics and more.

The area is also rich in history and culture. Hamden was the home of inventor Eli Whitney and author Thornton Wilder. The New Haven Green was designed by Puritan colonists in the 1600s. Today it’s the site of free concerts and arts events and bordered by a charming shopping district. And legend says Broadway composers Rogers and Hammerstein wrote the song "Edelweiss" for "The Sound of Music" in an upstairs room of New Haven’s Shubert Theater, where you can still catch a show.

The region offers a variety of hotels and other accommodations. There are also many options for dining out and other entertainment. Looking for a place of worship? There are houses of worship representing a wide variety of faiths in the local area.