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Instructor Dave Stevens sits in a wheelchair and speaks with communications students in the broadcast studio on campus

On-Campus Summer Pre-College High School Programs

Media Production Presented by Ability Media

This summer program is open to high school students of varying abilities who dream of telling important stories across multiple platforms. Participants will spend 2 weeks immersed in our own on-campus production studio creating content, using our field camera equipment and editing labs to shoot and edit their own video content.

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The School of Communications at Quinnipiac University created Ability Media to address the lack of representation of people with different abilities in media content creation. For that reason, we welcome everyone who dreams of YouTube stardom, becoming a social media influencer or telling important stories — your stories — to the world.

Participants will spend 2 weeks immersed in our own on-campus production studio creating content, using our field camera equipment and editing labs to shoot and edit their own video content. Present live from our studios and our control room in the Ed McMahon Communications Center. Content created during the camp may be used on our various Quinnipiac media channels, as well as for your own channels and personal portfolios.

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By the end of the program, you’ll have:
  • The ability to create dynamic and diverse content for all types of audiences.
  • A comprehensive experience working in a team environment with others who share your passions.
  • Skills in scripting, editing, reporting and producing professional caliber content.
  • Professional portfolio content you can use on your own social media channels.


  • Session 1: June 21, 2021 – July 2, 2021
    • 2 weeks, on-campus Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Typical Daily Schedule:

Time Activity Detail
9 a.m.  Morning meetings and skill concept introduction Every day we present the skill or concept focus of the day such as: storytelling, shot composition, editing, presentation, etc.
10 a.m. Hands-on workshops Participants have a chance to learn by doing, whether working in teams to brainstorm & storyboard, operate professional cameras, edit and produce high-quality content, and more. Emmy-award-winning experts present their “tricks of the trade.”
Noon Lunch break Participants may bring their own lunch or choose from our daily dining meal plan for an additional fee.
1 p.m. Content creation We take the concepts and skills learned in the morning and apply them to the ongoing project and goal of delivering high-quality participant-driven content to record and eventually broadcast.
4 p.m. End-of-day review and debrief meeting A chance to reflect, improve and discuss the day as well as look to the days ahead.
4:30 p.m. Dismissal  
After hours Independent learning or possible group work  On certain days, there may be important elements or concepts that require some additional time outside the program to read, watch and learn before the next day.

Activity Themes

Week 1

  • Day 1: What makes effective content creation
  • Day 2: Show the audience what they want to see
  • Day 3: How to gather media assets in the field
  • Day 4: Creating an exciting show
  • Day 5: The art of interviewing

Week 2

  • Day 6: Understanding how to use different studios
  • Day 7: On-camera/mic performance
  • Day 8: Finish the segments
  • Day 9: Get through a full rehearsal
  • Day 10: Produce the show!

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The 2021 program tuition fee of $2,400 covers:

  • 2 weeks of a faculty-designed and delivered on-campus weekday program with educational support staff, program materials and organized project work
  • All media production equipment, supplies and materials
  • Quinnipiac T-shirt
  • Certificate of completion

Participation Requirements

Participants must be:

  • A current high school student, including those enrolled in IEPs and 504 plans
Accommodation requests

Registrants with disabilities who wish to request reasonable accommodations should contact:

Office of Student Accessibility
Arnold Bernhard Library - North Wing
(203) 582-7600

Quinnipiac University complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act as an institution of higher education. Students who have a current IEP or 504 plan are encouraged to share any accommodations or modifications they may require in order to access the fundamentals of the Ability Media Production Program.

If you have any questions about any of the above, contact our Office of Student Accessibility at access@qu.edu.

We utilize a peer mentor system, linking participants with age-level peers. Mentors are at least 16 years old and up to the age of 21. The peer mentors are well-versed in the equipment in the McMahon Center and will partner to assist program participants throughout the entire 2-week program. The mentors are responsible for knowing all of the information, technology, and equipment that their partners will be using. They will be primarily in the background and will support participants but will not act as a personal care attendant.

On-campus safety requirements

The health and safety of our summer participants and staff is of paramount importance. On-campus programs and camps at Quinnipiac will practice social distancing, and all campers must wear masks when indoors. Campers may remove masks when outdoors and appropriately socially distanced, and when eating or drinking. Of course, if a participant wishes to always keep their mask on, they are welcome to do so. We will encourage participants and staff to wash their hands as much as possible or use hand sanitizer. If situations change and we are not able to hold camps or programs on-campus, all fees paid will be fully refunded. These regulations may change between now and this summer, so we will do our best to communicate any changes in policy with participants and their legal parent or guardian.

Due dates to apply and pay:

Deadline to apply: Friday, June 4, 2021 at 5 p.m. ET

  • Apply Now
  • Be aware that the program is limited to 40 students per session. Enrollment is based on a first-payment basis.

Full payment deadline: Friday, June 4, 2021 at 5 p.m. ET

Equipment or materials needed to participate:

All necessary equipment will be provided.

Our Program Instructors

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For more information, please contact:

David Charron, MBA
Director of Summer Programs & Planning