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AC 211Financial Accounting
AC 212Managerial Accounting
AC 305Intermediate Accounting I
AC 306Intermediate Accounting II
AC 307Intermediate Accounting III
AC 323Cost Accounting
AC 335Accounting Systems
AC 350Advanced Excel Programming (CIS 350)
AC 402Accounting Internship
AC 405Advanced Accounting
AC 411Auditing Theory and Practice
AC 412Advanced Auditing
AC 431Federal Income Taxation of Individuals
AC 432Federal Income Taxation of Business Entities
AC 613Financial Statement Analysis
AC 620Financial and Managerial Accounting for Decision Making (MBA 620)
AMI 515Introduction to Magnetic Resonance Imaging
AMI 515LMagnetic Resonance Imaging Principles I - Lab Practicum
AMI 516Advanced MRI Principles and Imaging
AMI 516LMagnetic Resonance Imaging Principles II - Lab Practicum
AMI 517Magnetic Resonance Imaging Clinical I
AMI 518Magnetic Resonance Imaging Clinical II
AMI 523Advanced Sectional Anatomy
AMI 530Mammography and Bone Densitometry Clinical I
AMI 531Mammography and Bone Densitometry Clinical II
AMI 534Bone Densitometry
AMI 537Computed Tomography Clinical I
AMI 538Introduction to CT Scanning
AMI 538LComputed Tomography Lab I
AMI 539Computed Tomography Clinical II
AMI 540Principles of Mammography
AMI 541LMammography and Bone Densitometry Lab
AMI 545Women's Health and Imaging
AMI 560Pathology for CT and MRI Technologists
AMI 570Capstone I
AMI 575Capstone II
AN 101(UC) Local Cultures, Global Issues: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
AN 101H(UC) Honors Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
AN 102(UC) Bones, Genes, and Everything In Between: Introduction to Biological Anthropology
AN 103(UC) Dirt, Artifacts, and Ideas: Introduction to Archaeology
AN 200Special Topics
AN 222(UC) Indigenous Peoples of North America
AN 223Latin American Societies and Cultures (LAS 223)
AN 230Anthropology of Film and Culture
AN 240Ethnographic Theory and Practice
AN 250Forensic Anthropology
AN 310Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Gender, Sex and Sexuality (WS 310)
AN 320World Heritage Sites
AN 323Practicing Archaeology
AN 330The Anthropology of Gender-Based Violence
AN 333Ancient Food For Thought
AN 337Anthropology of Health and Medicine
AN 340Anthropology of Development
AN 350Tales from the Crypt: Research Methods in Bioarchaeology
AN 350LResearch Methods in Bioarchaelogy Lab
AN 352The Science of Human Diversity
ANE 500Medical Terminology
ANE 501Ethics and professionalism in Health Care
ANE 503Introduction to Clinical Anesthesia
ANE 503LIntro to Clin Anesthesia Lab
ANE 510Anesthesia Laboratory I
ANE 512Anesthesia Laboratory II
ANE 514Anesthesia Laboratory III
ANE 517Anatomy for Anesthetists
ANE 517LAnatomy for Anesthetists Lab
ANE 520Physical and Chemical Principles of Anesthesia
ANE 532Cardiovascular Physiology I
ANE 532LCardiovascular Physiology Lab
ANE 534Cardiovascular Physiology II
ANE 534LCardiovascular Physiology II Lab
ANE 535Pulmonary Physiology
ANE 537Pulmonary Physiology II
ANE 538Autonomic Nervous System Physiology And Pharmacology
ANE 539Renal Physiology
ANE 540General Pharmacology
ANE 544Pharmacology for Anesthesia I
ANE 546Pharmacology for Anesthesia II
ANE 550Anesthesia Delivery Systems
ANE 554Patient Monitoring
ANE 556Advanced Patient Monitoring and Anesthesia Delivery Systems
ANE 560Principles of Airway Management
ANE 563Principles of Airway Management II
ANE 563LPrinciples of Airway Management II Lab
ANE 565Advanced Airway Management
ANE 570Anesthesia Principles & Practice I
ANE 570LAnesthesia Principles and Practice I Lab
ANE 572Anesthesia Principles & Practices II
ANE 572LAnesthesia Principles & Pract
ANE 574Anesthesia Principles & Practices III
ANE 576Regional Anesthesia I
ANE 576LRegional Anesthesia I Lab
ANE 577Regional Anesthesia II
ANE 579Pre-Anesthetic Evaluation
ANE 585Simulation for Assessment of Clinical Acumen
ANE 587Intensive Clinical Practicum
ANE 588Individual Directed Study
ANE 589Remedial Studies
ANE 590Clinical Anesthesia I
ANE 592Clinical Anesthesia II
ANE 594Clinical Anesthesia III
ANE 650Second-Year Seminar I
ANE 652Second-Year Seminar II
ANE 654Second-Year Seminar III
ANE 670Anesthesia Review I
ANE 672Anesthesia Review II
ANE 674Anesthesia Review III
ANE 687Individual Clinical Practicum
ANE 688Individual Directed Studies
ANE 690Clinical Anesthesia IV
ANE 692Clinical Anesthesia V
ANE 694Clinical Anesthesia VI
AR 101(UC) Introduction to Art
AR 102(UC) Art History: Ancient Through Medieval
AR 102H(UC)Honors Art History I
AR 103(UC) Art History: Renaissance Through Contemporary
AR 104(UC) Survey of Non-Western Art
AR 105(UC) American Art
AR 140(UC) Basic Visual Design
AR 158(UC) Photography I
AR 175(UC) Special Topics in Art History
AR 210(UC) The Creative Process
AR 240(UC) Graphic Design
AR 241(UC) Color Theory
AR 242(UC) Cartooning
AR 250(UC)Studio Art: Special Topic
AR 251(UC) Studio Art: Drawing (AR303)
AR 252(UC) Studio Art: Painting (AR304)
AR 253(UC) Studio Art: Sculpture
AR 254(UC)Studio Art: Printmaking
AR 255(UC)Studio Art: Introduction to Darkroom Photography
AR 257(UC)AP Studio Art Introduction to Studio Methods
AR 258(UC)Photography II
AR 262(UC) Studio Art: Watercolor
AR 263(UC) Studio Art: Collage
AR 280(UC)History of Modern Design
AR 300(UC)Special Topics in Art History
AR 303(UC) Studio Art: Advanced (AR251) Drawing
AR 304(UC) Studio Art: Advanced (AR304) Painting
AR 305(UC)Special Topics in Studio Art
AR 317(UC)Art of the Italian Renaissance
AR 325(UC) Women Artists (WS 315)
AR 335(UC)Digital Photography
AR 339Study Abroad Equivalent
AR 342(UC) Illustration
AR 360(UC)Innovation in the Arts and Sciences(PL 360)
AR 380(UC)Interactive Art (PL 380)
ARB 101Elementary Arabic I
ARB 102Elementary Arabic II
ARB 201Continuing Elementary Arabic III
AT 114Introduction to Athletic Training/Sports Medicine
AT 114LIntroduction to the Clinical Environment
AT 115Introduction to Kinesiology
AT 116Introduction to Fitness & Conditioning
AT 201Medical Aspects of Sports and Activity (SPS 201)
AT 210Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice
AT 214Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
AT 214LCPR, AED and First Aid
AT 215Therapeutic Modalities
AT 215LTherapeutic Modalities Lab
AT 216Emergency Management of Athletic Trauma
AT 216LEmergency Management of Athletic Trauma Lab
AT 240Strength Training & Conditioning (AT 481)
AT 250Introduction to Evaluation and Treatment of Musculoskeletal Injuries
AT 250LIntroduction to Evaluation and Treatment of Musculoskeletal Injuries
AT 251Evaluation and Treatment of Lower Extremity Musculoskeletal Injuries
AT 251LEvaluation and Treatment of Lower Extremity Musculoskeletal Injuries Lab
AT 290Clinical Practicum I, Risk Management And Injury Prevention
AT 290CClinical Practicum I
AT 330Nutrition for Sport and Fitness
AT 350Evaluation and Treatment of Upper Extremity Musculoskeletal Injuries
AT 350LEvaluation and Treatment of Musculoskeletal Injuries Lab
AT 351General Medical Conditions and Treatment
AT 351LGeneral Medical Conditions and Treatments Lab
AT 352Evaluation and Treatment of Spinal Injuries
AT 352LEvaluation and Treatment of the Spinal Injuries Lab
AT 390Clinical Practicum II, Athletic Protective Equipment
AT 390CClinical Practicum II, Clinical
AT 391CClinical Practicum III
AT 440Biomechanics
AT 440LBiomechanics Lab
AT 450Administration and Management in Athletic Training
AT 460Advanced Nutrition (HSC 460)
AT 481Strength Training and Conditioning for the Athletic Trainer (AT 240)
AT 482Advanced Rehabilitation Options in Sports Medicine
AT 490CClinical Practicum IV
AT 491Clinical Practicum V, Professional and Career Preparation
AT 491CClinical Practicum V, Clinical
BAN 610Introduction to Business Analytics
BAN 615Predictive Modeling
BAN 620Text Mining
BAN 650Data Visualization
BAN 660Optimization
BAN 661Web Analytics and Web Intelligence
BAN 662Insurance Analytics
BAN 663R Programming for Data Analysis
BAN 680Quality Management
BAN 690Business Analytics Capstone
BBA 310Advanced Business Communications
BBA 320Project Management
BBA 330Social Media for the Business Professional
BBA 340Negotiation and Persuasion
BBA 350Applications of Business Analytics
BBA 410Career Advancement and Organizational Presence
BBA 440Change Management
BBA 490Strategic Management
BIO 101(UC) General Biology I
BIO 101L(UC) General Biology I Lab
BIO 102(UC) General Biology II
BIO 102L(UC) General Biology Lab II
BIO 105(UC) Introduction to the Biological Sciences I
BIO 105L(UC) Introduction to Biological Science Lab
BIO 106(UC) Science and Society: Concepts and Current Issues
BIO 106L(UC) Science and Society: Concepts And Current Issues Lab
BIO 120(UC) The Biology of Beer
BIO 128HHonors Global Health Challenges: A Human Perspective
BIO 150General Biology for Majors
BIO 150LGeneral Biology for Majors Laboratory
BIO 151Molecular and Cell Biology and Genetics
BIO 151LMolecular and Cell Biology and Genetics Lab
BIO 152Ecological and Biological Diversity
BIO 152LEcological and Biological Diversity Laboratory
BIO 161(UC) Introduction to the Biological Aspects of Science and Society
BIO 205Bioethics
BIO 208(UC) Introduction to Forensic Science
BIO 208L(UC) Introduction to Forensic Science Laboratory
BIO 211Human Anatomy & Physiology I
BIO 211LHuman Anatomy & Physiology Lab I
BIO 212Human Anatomy and Physiology II
BIO 212LHuman Anatomy and Physiology II Lab
BIO 218Vertebrate Natural History
BIO 225Physiological Diversity
BIO 225LPhysiological Diversity Lab
BIO 227Comparative Anatomy and Physiology
BIO 227LComparative Anatomy and Physiology Lab
BIO 228Comparative Anatomy and Physiology
BIO 228LComparative Anatomy and Physiology Lab
BIO 240Cellular Communication
BIO 282(UC) Genetics
BIO 282L(UC) Genetics Lab
BIO 298Research Methods in Biology
BIO 300Special Topics
BIO 317Developmental Biology
BIO 317LDevelopmental Biology Lab
BIO 323Invertebrate Zoology
BIO 323LInvertebrate Zoology Lab
BIO 328Human Clinical Parasitology
BIO 328LHuman Clinical Parasitology Lab
BIO 329Neurobiology
BIO 346Cell Physiology
BIO 346LCell Physiology Lab
BIO 350Cardiovascular Physiology
BIO 352Botany
BIO 352LBotany Lab
BIO 353General Ecology
BIO 353LGeneral Ecology Lab
BIO 354Marine Ecology
BIO 356Freshwater Ecology
BIO 356LFreshwater Ecology Lab
BIO 358Life on a Changing Planet
BIO 358LLife on a Changing Planet Lab
BIO 365Cancer Biology
BIO 375Physiological Models for Human Disease
BIO 375LPhysiological Models for Human Disease Lab
BIO 382Human Genetics
BIO 382LHuman Genetics Lab
BIO 383Evolution
BIO 385Experiential Inquiry in Biology
BIO 399HHonors Research in Biological Sciences
BIO 471Molecular Genetics
BIO 471LMolecular Genetics Lab
BIO 505Writing and Science
BIO 515Advanced Biochemistry
BIO 523Classical Genetics
BIO 524Evolution
BIO 525Diversity of Life and Organismal Biology
BIO 526Ecology
BIO 548Vertebrate Natural History
BIO 562Bioinformatics
BIO 568Molecular and Cell Biology
BIO 571Molecular Genetics
BIO 580Animal Cell Culture
BIO 589Neurophysiology
BIO 605DNA Methods Laboratory
BIO 606Protein Methods Laboratory
BIO 675Comp Exam in Molecular and Cell Biology
BMS 110(UC) The World of Microbes
BMS 110L(UC) The World of Microbes Lab
BMS 114(UC) Microbes in Action
BMS 114L(UC) Microbes in Action Lab
BMS 117(UC) The Human Organism
BMS 117L(UC) The Human Organism Lab
BMS 162(UC) Human Health
BMS 200(UC) Biology of Aging
BMS 213Microbiology and Pathology
BMS 213LMicrobiology and Pathology Lab
BMS 276Drug Development
BMS 278Research and Technology
BMS 300The Physiology of Human Performance I
BMS 300LThe Physiology of Human Performance I Lab
BMS 301Physiology of Human Performance II Lab
BMS 301LPhysiology of Human Performance II Lab
BMS 304Biological Chemistry
BMS 310Neuroanatomy I
BMS 318Pathophysiology
BMS 320Pharmacology
BMS 325Toxicology
BMS 330Endocrinology
BMS 332Histology
BMS 370General Microbiology
BMS 370LGeneral Microbiology Lab
BMS 372Pathogenic Microbiology
BMS 372LPathogenic Microbiology Lab
BMS 373Mycology
BMS 373LMycology Lab
BMS 375Immunology
BMS 375LImmunology Lab
BMS 378Vaccines and Vaccine Preventable Diseases
BMS 470Virology
BMS 472Biotechnology
BMS 473Infections of Leisure
BMS 474Power of Plagues
BMS 475Special Topics in Microbiology
BMS 476Environmental Microbiology
BMS 479Microbiology Research
BMS 481Research Methods in Biomedical Sciences I
BMS 499Independent Study in Biomedical Sciences
BMS 502Research Methods
BMS 508Advanced Biology of Aging
BMS 510Biostatistics
BMS 511Writing for Scientists
BMS 515Advanced Pathophysiology I
BMS 516Advanced Pathophysiology II (NUR 522)
BMS 517Human Embryology
BMS 518Pathophysiology
BMS 520Neuropharmacology
BMS 521Advances in Hematology
BMS 522Immunology
BMS 525Vaccines and Vaccine Preventable Diseases
BMS 526Epidemiology
BMS 527Pharmacology
BMS 528Advanced Clinical Parasitology
BMS 529Medical Entomology
BMS 530Human Clinical Protozoology
BMS 531Human Clinical Helminthology
BMS 532Histology
BMS 532LHistology Lab
BMS 533Air, Water and Soil Microbiology
BMS 535Histochemistry
BMS 535LHistochemistry Lab
BMS 536Endocrinology
BMS 542Advanced Microbiology
BMS 542LAdvanced Microbiology Lab
BMS 552Toxicology
BMS 561Immunohematology
BMS 562Blood Coagulation and Hemostasis
BMS 563Anemias
BMS 564Fundamentals of Oncology
BMS 565Leukemia
BMS 569Antimicrobial Therapy
BMS 570Virology
BMS 572Pathogenic Microbiology
BMS 573Mycology
BMS 574Microbial Physiology
BMS 575Food Microbiology
BMS 576Drug Discovery and Development
BMS 578Cellular Basis of Neurobiological Disorders
BMS 579Molecular Pathology
BMS 581Receptors and Regulatory Mechanisms
BMS 583Forensic Pathology
BMS 584Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases
BMS 585Outbreak Control
BMS 591The New Genetics and Human Future
BMS 595Transplantation Immunology
BMS 596Immunology of Infectious Diseases
BMS 598Synaptic Organization of the Brain
BMS 599Biomarkers
BMS 622MED Cross-Listed Selective
CAR 150Introduction to Excel
CAR 295Career Practicum
CAR 410LSAT Prep Course
CAS 110Intellectual Success
CER 210Infrastructure Engineering
CER 220Civil Engineering Site Design
CER 220LCivil Engineering Site Design Lab
CER 230Advanced Surveying
CER 300Ecological Engineering
CER 310Structural Analysis
CER 320Design of Reinforced Concrete
CER 320LDesign of Concrete Structures Lab
CER 330Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering
CER 330LFundamentals of Environmental Engineering Lab
CER 340Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering and Foundation Design
CER 340LIntroduction to Geotechnical Engineering and Foundation Design Lab
CER 350Hydrology/Hydraulic Design
CER 350LHydrology/Hydraulic Design Lab
CER 360Construction Management
CER 370Materials Engineering for Civil Engineers
CER 410Design of Steel Structures
CER 415Advanced Structural Analysis
CER 430Transportation Engineering
CER 435Geotechnical Aspects of Transportation Infrastructure
CER 440Introduction to Power and Energy Systems
CER 445Advanced Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering
CER 450Water and Waste Water Technology
CER 455Advanced Environmental Engineering
CER 455LAdvanced Environmental Engineering Lab
CER 460Wood and Masonry Design
CER 465Hazardous Waste and Environmental Site Assessment
CER 470Water Quality
CER 475Groundwater Hydrology and Contaminant Transport
CER 485Slope and Earth Structures Stability
CER 490Engineering Professional Experience
CER 498Design of Civil Engineering Systems
CER 499Independent Study in Civil Engineering
CHE 101(UC) Fundamentals of General, Organic and Biological Chemistry I
CHE 101L(UC) Fundamentals of General, Organic and Biological Chemistry I Lab
CHE 102(UC) Fundamentals of General, Organic and Biological Chemistry II
CHE 102L(UC) Fundamentals of General, Organic and Biological Chemistry II Lab
CHE 106Chemical Principles with Biological Applications
CHE 106LChemical Principles with Biological Applications Lab
CHE 110(UC) General Chemistry I
CHE 110L(UC) General Chemistry I Lab
CHE 111(UC) General Chemistry II
CHE 111L(UC) General Chemistry II Lab
CHE 202Chemistry of Macro- and Micronutrients
CHE 210Organic Chemistry I
CHE 210LOrganic Chemistry I Lab
CHE 211Organic Chemistry II
CHE 211LOrganic Chemistry II Lab
CHE 215Analytical Chemistry
CHE 215LAnalytical Chemistry Lab
CHE 300Special Topics
CHE 301Physical Chemistry I
CHE 301LPhysical Chemistry I Lab
CHE 302Physical Chemistry II
CHE 302LPhysical Chemistry II Lab
CHE 305Instrumental Analysis
CHE 305LInstrumental Analysis Lab
CHE 315Biochemistry I
CHE 315LBiochemistry Lab I
CHE 316Biochemistry II
CHE 410Inorganic Chemistry
CHE 475Chemistry Seminar I
CHE 476Chemistry Seminar II
CHE 490Chemistry Research I
CHE 491Chemistry Research II
CIS 101Introduction to Information Systems
CIS 125Systems Analysis & Design
CIS 225Object-Oriented Analysis & Design
CIS 245Object-Oriented Programming
CIS 265Mobile Application Development
CIS 270E-Business Systems
CIS 301Enterprise Systems
CIS 330Networking and Data Communications
CIS 350Advanced Excel Programming (AC 350)
CIS 351Database Programming and Design
CIS 355Data Visualization
CIS 381Web Development
CIS 400Emerging Topics
CIS 411Information Systems Security
CIS 427Information Systems Strategy
CIS 440IT Project Management
CIS 484Information Systems Internship
CIS 490Computer Information Systems Capstone
CIS 600Information Systems Strategy
CIS 620Data Management
CIS 625ERP Design & Implementation
CIS 627Data Warehousing
CIS 628Data Mining
CIS 630Business Design and Object-oriented Analysis
CIS 690Project Management
CJ 101Crime and Society
CJ 139Criminology Uc Equiv
CJ 200Special Topics
CJ 205From College to Career (SO/GT 205)
CJ 232Women in the Criminal Justice System (SO/WS 232)
CJ 240Organized Crime
CJ 241Police & Policing
CJ 243Investigative Techniques
CJ 250Youth Crime (SO 250)
CJ 251Probation Parole and Community Corrections
CJ 253Sexual Violence
CJ 260Politically Motivated Crime
CJ 261Prisons and Jails
CJ 271Public Order Crimes (SO 271)
CJ 290Criminal Justice Methods
CJ 300Special Topics
CJ 320Victimology
CJ 330Perspectives on Violence (SO 330)
CJ 333Drugs, Alcohol and Society (SO 333)
CJ 343Forensic Issues in Law Enforcement
CJ 355Crime and Media (SO 355)
CJ 368Violent Offenders: Assessment and Treatment
CJ 370Constitution, Ethics and Policing
CJ 385Senior Seminar in Criminal Justice Policy
CJ 392Internship in the Community
CJ 394Advanced Internship Seminar in the Community
CN 101Elementary Chinese I
CN 102Elementary Chinese II
CN 200Chinese Culture and Civilization
CN 201Intermediate Chinese I
CN 202Intermediate Chinese II
COM 101Communications First-Year Seminar
COM 120Media Industries and Trends
COM 130Visual Design
COM 140Storytelling
COM 150(UC) Public Speaking: Principles and Practice
COM 159Communications Elective
COM 201Media Career Development
COM 215Social Media: Leveraging the Digital Age
COM 301Communications Career Practicum
COM 302Communications Career Practicum II
COM 303Communications Career Practicum III
COM 305The Vietnam Era: Images and Reality (HS 305)
COM 489Communications Internship
COM 490Communications Career Internship
COM 491Communications Career Internship II
CSC 101Introduction to Internet Studies
CSC 105Introduction to Computer Science
CSC 109Special Topics
CSC 110Programming and Problem Solving
CSC 110LProgramming and Problem Solving Lab
CSC 111Data Structures and Abstraction
CSC 111LData Structures & Abstraction Lab
CSC 200Special Topics
CSC 205Introduction to Discrete Mathematics (MA 205)
CSC 210Computer Architecture and Organization
CSC 210LComputer Architecture and Organization Lab
CSC 215Algorithm Design and Analysis
CSC 225Introduction to Software Development (SER 225)
CSC 300Special Topics
CSC 310Operating Systems and Systems Programming
CSC 315Theory of Computation (MA 315)
CSC 318Cryptography (MA 318)
CSC 320Compilers
CSC 340Networking and Distributed Processing
CSC 345Computer Graphics
CSC 350Intelligent Systems
CSC 355Programming Language Concepts
CSC 361Numerical Analysis (MA 361)
CSC 375Advanced Topics in Computer Science
CSC 491Senior Project 1
CSC 492Senior Project 2
DMS 100Foundations of Diagnostic Imaging
DMS 101Introduction to Diagnostic Medical Sonography
DMS 101LSonography Laboratory Practicum I
DMS 200Sonography Physics and Instrumentation I
DMS 201Sonography Physics and Instrumentation II
DMS 205Human Anatomy Lab I
DMS 206Human Anatomy Lab II
DMS 210Abdominal and Small Parts Sonography
DMS 210LAbdominal and Small Parts Sonography Lab Practicum
DMS 220Vascular Sonography
DMS 220LVascular Sonography Lab Practicum
DMS 250Sonography Clinical Education I
DMS 260Sonography Clinical Education II
DMS 270Sonography Clinical Education III
DMS 297Methods of Patient Care (RS 297)
DMS 297LMethods of Patient Care Lab
DMS 330OB/GYB Sonography
DMS 330LOB/GYN Sonography Lab Practicum
DMS 340Breast Sonography
DMS 340LBreast Sonography Lab Practicum
DMS 350Musculoskeletal Sonography
DMS 350LMSK Sonography Lab Practicum
DMS 380Sonography Clinical Education IV
DMS 390Sonography Clinical Education V
DMS 414Research Analysis and Critique (RS*414)
DMS 499Capstone (RS 499)
DR 101(UC) Understanding Theater
DR 140(UC) Stagecraft
DR 150(UC) Performance Fundamentals
DR 160(UC) Acting I
DR 181(UC) Improvisational Acting
DR 191(UC) Theater Practice I
DR 200(UC) Special Topics
DR 210(UC) Hands On: An Introduction to Puppetry
DR 220(UC) Voice and Movement
DR 230(UC) Directing for the Theater
DR 260(UC) Acting for Film/TV
DR 270(UC) World Theater History & Dramatic Literature I
DR 275(UC) World Theater History & Dramatic Literature II
DR 286(UC) Comparative Drama/ Play Analysis
DR 290(UC) Acting for Classical Stage
DR 291(UC) Theater Practice II
DR 300(UC) Special Topics
DR 305(UC)Theater for Young Audiences (ED 362)
DR 307(UC) Drafting & Rendering for Theater
DR 310(UC) Laboratory in Theater and Community
DR 320(UC) Advanced Voice and Movement
DR 325(UC) Theater Seminar
DR 330(UC) Advanced Directing
DR 335(UC) Musical Theater Performance
DR 340(UC) Scenic Design
DR 341(UC) Lighting Design for the Theater
DR 342(UC) Costume Design
DR 345(UC) Dance for the Musical Theater
DR 350(UC) Playwriting
DR 360(UC) Advanced Acting
DR 370(UC) Internship in Theater Administration, Production, Performance, Education Or Theater and Community
DR 375(UC) History and Dramatic Literature of the Contemporary Theater
DR 380(UC) Theater Administration
DR 386(UC) Modern Drama
DR 386H(UC) Honors-Modern Drama
DR 391(UC) Theater Practice III
DR 410(UC) Senior Project
EC 111(UC) Principles of Microeconomics
EC 111H(UC) Honors Principles of Microeconomics
EC 112(UC) Principles of Macroeconomics
EC 112H(UC) Honors Principles of Macroeconomics
EC 200Special Topics in Economics
EC 206Urban Economics
EC 211Intermediate Microeconomics
EC 212Intermediate Macroeconomics
EC 250International Economics
EC 271Applied Statistical Methods
EC 271HHonors: Applied Statistical Methods
EC 304Environmental Economics
EC 312Economic Growth
EC 320Law and Economics
EC 325Sports Economics (SPS 325)
EC 330Public Finance
EC 341Money and Banking
EC 352Industrial Organization
EC 355Game Theory
EC 361Labor Economics
EC 363American Economic History
EC 364Managerial Economics
EC 365Econometrics
EC 366Advanced Econometrics
EC 450Senior Seminar
EC 498Special Topics in Economics
EC 600Managerial Economics
EC 641Money and Banking
EC 650International Economics
EC 662Economics Analysis and Law
ED 140Introduction to Public Education and the Teaching Profession
ED 220Introduction to Education Studies
ED 250(uc) Diversity, Dispositions and Multiculturalism
ED 260(UC) Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education
ED 270Comparative Education Practicum
ED 341Learning and Teaching the Developing Child
ED 341LLearning & Teaching: Pedagogy Field Lab I
ED 342Adv Learning & Teaching
ED 342LAdvanced Learning and Teaching: Assessment Field Lab II
ED 343Advanced Learning and Teaching in Secondary Classrooms
ED 343LAdvanced Learning and Teaching: Secondary Assessment Field Lab II
ED 380Research Methods in Education Studies
ED 401Elementary Field Study III
ED 402Elementary Field Study IV
ED 408Classroom Environment
ED 409Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum
ED 409LEnglish Language Arts Field Lab III
ED 412Field Study III
ED 413Field Study IV
ED 436Teaching Literacy in the Primary Grades
ED 440Learning & Teaching in the Elementary Classroom
ED 441Elementary Classroom Management and Design
ED 458Teaching Science in the Primary Grades
ED 462Facilitating the Arts in the Elementary Classroom
ED 466Teaching Social Studies in the Primary Grades
ED 466LEnglish Language Arts Integration Field Lab IV
ED 468Teaching Mathematics in the Primary Grades
ED 468LPrimary Math and Science STEM Field Lab III
ED 477Teaching English Language Learners in the Mainstream Classroom
ED 500Internship & Seminar I
ED 501Internship & Seminar II
ED 502Methods II: Teaching Biology
ED 504Methods II: Teaching English
ED 505Methods II: Teaching History/Social Studies
ED 506Methods II: Teaching Mathematics
ED 507Methods II: Teaching a World Language
ED 508Classroom Environment
ED 509Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum
ED 510Adolescent Development
ED 514Internship I
ED 515Internship II
ED 521Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education
ED 524Methods I
ED 525Diversity in the Classroom
ED 535Elementary Internship & Seminar I
ED 543Clinical Practice in Reading
ED 544Developing Literacy in the Primary Grades
ED 545Elementary Internship & Seminar II
ED 550Issues and Research in Education
ED 554Internship & Seminar I
ED 555Internship & Seminar II
ED 556Teaching Literacy in Grades 4-6
ED 558Elementary School Science: Content and Pedagogy
ED 562Facilitating the Arts in the Elementary Classroom
ED 566Elementary School Social Studies: Content and Pedagogy
ED 568Teaching Mathematics in the Primary Grades
ED 569Teaching Mathematics in Grades 4-6
ED 571Learning and Teaching the Developing Child
ED 572Advanced Learning and Teaching
ED 573Advanced Teaching and Learning - Secondary
ED 575Teacher Discourse: Language and Communication Issues in the Elementary Classroom
ED 576Teacher Discourse in the Secondary Classroom
ED 577Teaching English Language Learners in the Mainstream Classroom
ED 601Student Teaching and Seminar
ED 603Student Teaching under a DSAP
ED 614Elementary Education Internship III
ED 615Elementary Education Internship IV
ED 616Secondary Education Internship III
ED 617Secondary Education Internship IV
ED 693Research I
ED 694Research II
EDL 501Teacher Leadership to Transform School Culture
EDL 503Leading the Instructional Program to Improve Student Learning
EDL 505Research-based Literacy Practices
EDL 509Leading School Improvement
EDL 511Cycles of Inquiry within the Literacy Classroom
EDL 513Coaching Teachers of Literacy
EDL 515Action Research in Literacy Leadership
EDL 517Cycles of Inquiry within the Mathematics Classroom
EDL 521Action Research in Mathematics Leadership
EDL 523Leading Organizational Learning
EDL 525Diversity in the Classroom and School Community
EDL 527Financing Program Improvement Initiatives
EDL 529Educational Program Evaluation
EDL 601Leading and Managing the Contemporary School
EDL 603Leading and Managing the Instructional Program
EDL 605Leading and Managing School Improvement
EDL 607Internship in Educational Leadership
EDL 609Educational Program Evaluation
EDL 611Educational Law
EDL 613Public School Finance
EDL 700Connecticut Adminstrators Test
EN 101(UC) Introduction to Academic Reading and Writing
EN 101I(UC) Introduction to Academic Reading and Writing Intensive
EN 102(UC) Academic Writing and Research
EN 102H(UC) Honors Academic Writing and Research
EN 102IAcademic Writing and Research Intensive
EN 103H(UC) Advanced Academic Writing and Research
EN 150Advanced Revision and Editing
EN 200Special Topics in Literature
EN 201Creative Writing
EN 202Introduction to Creative Nonfiction
EN 203Practicing Stylistics
EN 204Critical Theory and Practice
EN 206Introduction to Writing Poetry
EN 208(UC) Greek Tragedy
EN 208H(UC) Honors Greek Tragedy
EN 210(UC) The Art of Poetry
EN 212(UC) The Personal Essay
EN 213(UC) The Nature Essay
EN 214(UC) The History Essay
EN 214H(UC) Honors The History Essay
EN 215(UC) The Travel Essay
EN 220(UC) The Short Story as a Genre
EN 220H(UC) Honors: The Short Story As a Genre
EN 222Comics and Graphic Novels
EN 223Hippies, Punks and Rude Boys
EN 235(UC) Literature by Women (WS 235)
EN 236(UC) The Myth of the West in Fiction and Film: Gunslingers, Homesteaders and Native Americans
EN 240(UC) Survey of English Literature I
EN 250(UC) Survey of English Literature II
EN 250H(UC) Honors Survey of English Literature II
EN 260(UC) Survey of American Literature I
EN 265(UC) Survey of African-American Literature
EN 270(UC) Survey of American Literature II
EN 275(UC) Literature of the Modern South
EN 276Literature of the Global South I: Africa and South Asia
EN 277Lit of the Global South II: The Americas
EN 280(UC) The European Tradition in Literature I
EN 281(UC) The European Tradition in Literature II
EN 283(UC) The American Dream: Paradise or Failure
EN 293Internship
EN 300Special Topics in Literature
EN 301Advanced Fiction-Writing Workshop
EN 302Advanced Creative Nonfiction
EN 303The Art of Audio Narrative (FVI 380 GDD 303)
EN 304Junior Seminar in Critical Theory
EN 306Advanced Poetry Writing Workshop
EN 308Composing America
EN 311Epic Poetry
EN 312Autobiography
EN 313The Bible: Beginnings and Endings
EN 320Studies in the Novel
EN 321The Russian Novel
EN 322Modern British Literature (1900-1945)
EN 323Contemporary British Literature (1945-Present)
EN 324The Gothic Novel
EN 325History of the English Language
EN 326Modern Irish Drama
EN 335Images of Women in Psychology and Literature (WS 335)
EN 338American Literature by Women of Color (WS 338)
EN 340Immigrant Fictions
EN 341Chaucer and the Medieval Period
EN 343Shakespeare: Histories and Comedies
EN 344Shakespeare: Tragedies and Romances
EN 345English Literature of the Renaissance
EN 348Milton and the 17th Century
EN 35018th-Century British Literature (1660-1800)
EN 351Studies in Rhetoric and Writing
EN 352British Romanticism (1785-1832)
EN 355Victorian Literature (1832-1901)
EN 360Literature and Popular Culture (WS 360)
EN 361Origins of U.S. Literature (1492-1865)
EN 365The American Renaissance (1830-1865)
EN 366Modern U.S. Literature (1900-1945)
EN 367Contemporary U.S. Literature (1945-Present)
EN 372Law in Literature
EN 373Modernist American Poetry
EN 377Faulkner and Literature Between the Wars
EN 380Realism and Naturalism in U.S. Literature (1865-1930)
EN 382James Joyce
EN 387The Men and Women of Wharton and James
EN 460Senior Seminar in Literature
EN 470Senior Thesis
EN 499Independent Study
EN 500Special Topics in Literature
EN 509Multicultural Literature
EN 540Classical Literature for Prospective Teachers
EN 541Poetry for Prospective High School Teachers
EN 544Adolescent Literature - Graduate Writing Project
EN 551Advanced Studies in Writing
EN 554Young Adult Literature
EN 565The American Renaissance
EN 580Realism and Naturalism in American Fiction
ENR 110The World of an Engineer
ENR 210Engineering Economics and Project Management
ENR 395Professional Development Seminar
ENR 490Engineering Internship
ENT 210Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
ENT 250Entrepreneurial Skills
ENT 259Entrepreneurship Elective
ENT 290Digital Businesses
ENT 299Special Topics in Entrepreneurship
ENT 310Entrepreneurial Creativity
ENT 320Small Business Marketing
ENT 330Entrepreneurial Finance
ENT 340Opportunity Recognition and Negotiation
ENT 350Ventures in Social Enterprise
ENT 371Business Plan Competition
ENT 410Business Plan Creation
ENT 420Entrepreneurial Implementation I
ENT 430Entrepreneurial Implementation II
ENT 488Entrepreneurship Internship
ENT 490Field Projects
ENT 610Entrepreneurship and Franchising
ENT 625Entrepreneurship
ENT 626Business Plan Competition
FIN 201Fundamentals of Financial Management
FIN 300Special Topics
FIN 310Investment Analysis
FIN 320Financial Modeling
FIN 345Risk Management & Insurance
FIN 350Financial Markets and Institutions
FIN 355Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits
FIN 356Real Estate Finance
FIN 360Financial Statement Analysis
FIN 380Intermediate Corporate Finance
FIN 420Bank Management and Loan Underwriting
FIN 430Portfolio Theory and Practice
FIN 440Introduction to Fixed Income Analytics
FIN 450Applied Portfolio Management
FIN 451Applied Portfolio Management II
FIN 455Financial Markets and Monetary Policy
FIN 460Mergers and Acquisitions
FIN 465Working Capital Management
FIN 470Trading Strategies & Practices
FIN 480Valuation of Privately Held Businesses
FIN 485Derivative Securities
FIN 488Finance Internship
FIN 604Risk Management
FIN 610Global Investments Analysis
FIN 612Fixed Income Investments
FIN 613Management of Financial Institutions
FIN 615Emerging Financial Markets
FIN 616Derivatives
FIN 630Portfolio Theory and Practice
FIN 665Issues in Equity Compensation
FIN 670Trading and Exchanges
FL 159Foreign Language Elective
FLW 102Yoga Yashtanga/Vinasa
FLW 106Fundamentals of Boxing
FLW 109Indoor Rock Climbing
FLW 113Beginning Golf
FLW 115Beginners Tennis
FLW 117Beginning Golf for Women
FLW 118Jujitsu
FLW 119Advanced Golf Weekend Workshop
FLW 120Aerobic Instructor Training
FLW 122Advanced Tennis Weekend Workshop
FLW 123Yoga Pilates Fusion
FLW 125Pilates
FLW 126Fundamentals of Kickboxing
FLW 127Beginning Fencing
FLW 128Step and Sculpt
FLW 130Stress Management
FLW 131Introduction to Orienteering
FLW 135Rocks & Ropes Camp-Out Weekend
FLW 139Fitness Training & Nutritional Strategy
FLW 143Recreational Games Weekend
FLW 144Fresh Water Fishing Weekend
FLW 145willPower & Grace®
FLW 148Spinning
FLW 149Intramural Officiating-Fall Sports
FLW 150Dance Salsa Plus!
FLW 151Cardio Conditioning
FLW 152Cardio Sculpt and Pump
FLW 153Flow Yoga
FLW 154Cardio Kickboxing
FLW 159Fitness Leisure Wellness Elec
FLW 161Ballroom Dancing
FLW 162Canoeing Weekend
FLW 163Leisure Time Activities for the Aging
FLW 165Introduction to Power Lifting
FLW 166Intermediate Ballroom Dancing
FLW 167Walking
FLW 168Intermediate Golf
FLW 170Fitness Frenzy
FLW 171All Levels Golf Weekend
FLW 172Introduction to Jazz Technique
FLW 173Rhythm Tap
FLW 174Ballet to Broadway - Classical Technique Applied to Contemporary Choreography
FLW 175Yoga Foundation & Fundamentals
FLW 176Physical Activity and Community Service
FLW 178Bowling
FLW 180Self Defense-Krav Maga
FLW 181Cardio Stomp
FLW 182Taekwondo I
FLW 190Essentials of Fitness and Wellness
FLW 195Eco-Fashion
FLW 215Wellness Through Community Action: Best Buddies
FLW 259Fitness Leisure Wellness Elec
FLW 282Taekwondo II
FLW 283Fundamentals of Mixed Martial Arts
FR 101Elementary French I
FR 102Elementary French II
FR 200Special Topics
FR 201Intermediate French I
FR 202Intermediate French II
FR 300Special Topics
FR 301Advanced French I
FR 302Advanced French II
FTM 102Understanding Film
FTM 110Single Camera Production
FTM 112Multicamera Production
FTM 159FTM Elective
FTM 230Animation and Mobile Media
FTM 240Analysis of the Moving Image
FTM 245Intermediate Production
FTM 300Special Topics
FTM 310Projects in Animation and Mobile Media
FTM 320History of Film I (to 1975)
FTM 322History of Film (and Television) II
FTM 342Directing Film and Television
FTM 355Documentary Production
FTM 372Screenwriting
FTM 375Projects in Single Camera and Lighting
FTM 380Projects in Audio Production (EN 303 GDD 303)
FTM 390Projects in Multicamera Production
FTM 392Post-Production Techniques
FTM 393Advanced Animation Techniques
FTM 397Summer Production Project
FTM 450Senior Seminar in Film and Television
FTM 493Senior Project Colloquy: Preproduction
FTM 494Senior Project Colloquy: Preproduction
FTM 495Senior Project: Production
FYS 101First Year Seminar
FYS 101HHonors First Year Seminar
FYS 150First Year Seminar Modules
GDD 101Introduction to Game Design
GDD 102Drawing for Anime, Games And Animation
GDD 110Introduction to Visual Design for Games
GDD 140Creativity and Computation
GDD 175Special Topics in Game Design
GDD 200Introduction to Game Development
GDD 201Game Design I
GDD 202Game Art I
GDD 210Game Lab I: Team Projects
GDD 211Game Lab II: Team Projects
GDD 250Interactive Storytelling & Narrative
GDD 260History of Video Games
GDD 280Digital Businesses
GDD 290Internship
GDD 299Independent Study
GDD 300Special Topics in Game Design
GDD 301Game Design II
GDD 302Game Art II
GDD 303The Art of Audio Narrative (FVI 380 EN 303)
GDD 310Game Lab III: Team
GDD 311Game Lab IV: Team Projects
GDD 370Acting and Directing for Game Design
GDD 380The Business of Games
GDD 390Internship
GDD 395Critical Game Studies Seminar (PL 395)
GDD 396Games, Learning & Society
GDD 399Independent Study
GDD 402Game Art III
GDD 405Game Audio Design
GDD 410Game Lab V: Team Projects (FVI 410)
GDD 411Game Lab VI: Team Projects
GDD 490Internship
GDD 495Senior Project and Seminar I
GDD 499Independent Study
GP 101Introduction to Geography
GP 239Geography Elective
GPH 201Introduction to Global Public Health
GPH 301Capstone in Global Public Health
GR 101Elementary German I
GR 102Elementary German II
GR 200German Business Culture
GR 201Intermediate German I
GR 202Intermediate German II
GR 300German Business Culture
GT 200Biology of Aging (BMS 200)
GT 205From College to Career (SO/CJ 205)
GT 207Interprofessional Community-Based Service Learning Seminar: Special Populations (HSC 207)
GT 234Adult Developmental Psychology (PS 234)
GT 263(UC) Sociology of the Aged (SO 263)
GT 270Program Planning and Administration (SO 270)
GT 300Special Topics in Gerontology
GT 302Women, Health and Aging (SO/WS 302)
GT 305Death, Grief and Bereavement (SO 305)
GT 310Elder Law (LE 310)
GT 311Introduction to Social Work (SO 311)
GT 315Case Management (SO 315)
GT 318Therapeutic Recreation (SO 318)
GT 325Counseling Older Clients (SO 325)
GT 365Aging: Problems and Policies (SO 365)
GT 381Research Methods (SO 381)
GT 382Studying Social Issues with Statistics (SO 382)
GT 385Senior Capstone (SO 385)
GT 392Internship in the Community
GT 394Advanced Internship in the Community
HBR 101Introduction to Modern Hebrew
HBR 102Introduction to Elementary Modern Hebrew II
HM 159Health Management Elective
HM 404Legal Aspects of Health Care Delivery
HM 600Foundations of Health Care Management
HM 621Quality Management in Health Care Facilities
HM 626Epidemiology and Population Health
HM 630Corporate Compliance in the Health Care Industry
HM 635Advanced Health Care Compliance: The Legal Issues
HM 657Health Care Compliance Law
HM 660Human Resource Management in Health Care Administration
HM 663Integrated Health Systems and Managed Care
HM 664Financial Management in Health Care Organizations
HM 668Legal Aspects of Health Care Delivery
HM 669Organization and Management of Long-Term Care Facilities
HM 671Health Policy and Politics
HM 780Internship I (degree Students Only)
HM 781Internship II (degree students only)
HM 783Consulting Practicum I (degree students only)
HS 111(UC) The Rise of the West
HS 111H(UC)Honors The Rise of the West
HS 112(UC) The West in the World
HS 112H(UC) Honors The West and The World
HS 122(UC) Modern World History
HS 131(UC) U.S. History to 1877
HS 132(UC) U.S. History Since Reconstruction
HS 200Special Topics in History
HS 200HHonors Special Topics in History
HS 201Historical Writing
HS 202Introduction to Public History
HS 208(UC) Twentieth-Century World History
HS 209(UC) Twentieth-Century Europe
HS 210(UC) Contemporary America
HS 211Popular Culture in American History
HS 213The Roman World
HS 215American Business History
HS 220American Environmental History
HS 227Russian Cultural and Intellectual History
HS 228Twentieth-Century Russia
HS 229(UC) Irish History
HS 235History of Modern China/Asian Studies
HS 236History of Modern Japan/Asian Studies
HS 241African American Experiences to Reconstruction
HS 242African American Experience Since Reconstruction
HS 254Colonial Latin America
HS 271History of Southeast Asia 1
HS 272History of Southeast Asia 2
HS 273African History and Culture
HS 286Introduction to Medieval Europe
HS 294American Civilization: Prosperity and Depression in the 1920s and 1930s
HS 300Special Topics in American History
HS 301Special Topics II - European History
HS 302Special Topics III - World History
HS 303Historiography and Historical Methods
HS 305Vietnam (COM 305)
HS 307The Holocaust (MSS 307)
HS 308U.S. Women's History (WS 308)
HS 309Women in America 1920-Present (WS 309)
HS 310The Ancient Near East
HS 311The Ancient Hebrews
HS 312Ancient Greece
HS 313The Roman World
HS 314Europe in the Early Medieval Period, 325-842
HS 315Introduction to Medieval Europe: Europe in the High Middle Ages
HS 316The European Renaissance
HS 317The European Reformation
HS 318European History, 1555-1715
HS 319European History, 1715-1815
HS 320European History, 1815-1914
HS 321European History, 1914-1945
HS 322History of World War I
HS 323World War II
HS 324History of England to 1688
HS 325History of England: 1688 to the Present
HS 326Witches and Werewolves in the Early Modern World (WS 326)
HS 327Islamic Societies and Cultures to 1300
HS 330History of Western Medicine
HS 331The British Empire and Commonwealth
HS 332History of India
HS 333The Middle East, 1300-1919; Critical Issues
HS 340The Colonial Period to 1763
HS 341The American Revolution
HS 342The Early American Republic
HS 344Civil War and Reconstruction
HS 345The Gilded Age and the Progressive Era
HS 346The United States from WW I to WW II
HS 348The American West to 1900
HS 349American Maritime History
HS 351The New South
HS 361African History to 1850
HS 362African History Since 1850
HS 371Women in the Caribbean from the Indigenous Era to Emancipation
HS 372Women in the Caribbean since Emancipation
HS 376Pirates of the Caribbean
HS 377Kinship, Culture & Slavery: Creating an African Diaspora in the Americas
HS 380Historic Preservation
HS 391Colonizing the Body
HS 394Doctors, Disease, and Death in the Western World
HS 400Special Topics in History
HS 408Seminars in History
HS 409Honors Essay in History
HS 500Special Topics in History
HS 501Special Topics
HS 524Approaches to World History
HS 525History of the Atlantic World From the 15th to 19th Century
HS 526Approaches to U.S. History
HS 527Approaches to Modern European History
HS 563Dynamics of American Social Structure
HS 564Topics in East Asian History
HS 565Topics in Geography for the 21st Century (GP 565)
HS 566Chinese Civilization
HS 567Popular Culture in American History
HSC 202Medical Terminology
HSC 205Interprofessional Community-Based Service Learning Seminar: Age-Related (HSC 505)
HSC 206Interprofessional Community-Based Service Learning Seminar: International (HSC 506)
HSC 207Interprofessional Community-Based Service Learning Seminar: Special Populations (GT 207) (HSC 507)
HSC 210Introduction to Evidence-Based Health Care
HSC 214Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
HSC 215Complementary Alternative Medicine - a Health Science Perspective
HSC 220Health Care Essentials: Structure, Policy and Professionalism
HSC 221Introduction to Health Care
HSC 225Writing in the Health Professions
HSC 230Counseling and Teaching for Health Care Professionals
HSC 250Communication Disorders
HSC 261(UC) Scientific Study of Mummies
HSC 262Nutrition in Health and Illness
HSC 270Pillars of Public Health: Saving the World on a Population Level
HSC 301Health Care Challenges and Team-Based Solutions
HSC 305Emotional/Social Intelligence for the Health Sciences
HSC 315Bioethical Issues in the 21st Century
HSC 320The Environment and Human Health
HSC 322Health Care Law (LE 322)
HSC 330Leadership: Creating Adaptive Cultures
HSC 350Language Development
HSC 351Pharmacological Interventions for Common Medical Conditions
HSC 375Immunology
HSC 378Vaccines and Vaccine Preventable Diseases
HSC 380International Health Care - Field Research
HSC 388EMT I Training
HSC 388LEMT I Training Lab
HSC 389EMT Training II
HSC 389LEMT Training II Lab
HSC 397Prehealth Professions Clinical Affiliation
HSC 460Advanced Nutrition (AT 460)
HSC 505Interprofessional Community-Based Service Learning Seminar: Age-Related (HSC*205)
HSC 506Interprofessional Community-Based Service Learning Seminar: International (HSC 206)
HSC 507Interprofessional Community-Based Service Learning Seminar: Special Populations (HSC 207)
IB 105(UC) International Business Environment
IB 159International Bus Elective
IB 201(UC) Globalization and International Business
IB 201HHonors International Business
IB 300Special Topics in International Business
IB 311International Marketing
IB 313International Marketing Research
IB 320Introduction to Global Entrepreneurship
IB 324Negotiating Internationally
IB 335International Finance
IB 345Global Supply Chain
IB 352International Management
IB 355Advanced Topics in International Financial Management
IB 362Cross-cultural Business Research Part 1
IB 363Cross-cultural Business Research Part 2
IB 401International Strategy and Business Plan
IB 488International Business Internship
IB 611International Corporate Finance
IB 623International Business Negotiation
IB 652Multinational Management
ICM 501Issues in Contemporary Media
ICM 502Information Design
ICM 504Interactive Animation and Mobile Design
ICM 505Web Techniques
ICM 506Writing for Interactive Media
ICM 508Multimedia Techniques
ICM 509Advanced Multimedia Techniques
ICM 512Designing for the User
ICM 513Information Architecture and Content Strategy
ICM 514User Research and Methods
ICM 515Advanced Multimedia and Animation
ICM 517Prototyping
ICM 522Social Media Concepts and Practice
ICM 524Social Media, SEO, and Web Analytics
ICM 526Community Management
ICM 527Strategic Planning
ICM 531Graduate Internship
ICM 552Media Ethics & Policy
ICM 590Project Planning
ICM 601Master's Capstone
ICM 602Thesis
IDD 110Design Research and Methods
IDD 161Web Design I
IDD 200Special Topics in IDD
IDD 205Visual Thinking: Practice and Process
IDD 210Graphic Design History
IDD 250Web Design II
IDD 270Typography I
IDD 300Special Topics in IDD
IDD 301Motion Graphics I
IDD 305Digital Photography
IDD 315Mobile Interaction Design
IDD 370Typography II
IDD 400Special Topics in IDD
IDD 410Web Design III
IDD 420Alternative Interfaces
IDD 440Motion Graphics II
IDD 480Senior Seminar and Portfolio
IDD 490Internship
IDN 525Instructional Design for Digital Environments
IDN 526Cognitive Science and Educational Design 1
IDN 527Cognitive Science and Educational Design 2
IDN 528Designing Digital Environments for Education 1
IDN 529Designing Digital Environments for Education 2
IDN 530Web Design for Instruction
IDN 531Design of Interactive Educational Environments
IDN 532Design and Development of Online Learning
IDN 533Producing Educational Video and Digital Training
IDN 534Implementing Digital Media for Learning
IDN 535New Directions in Digital Environments for Learning
IDN 536Independent Study
IDN 540Thesis/Portfolio
IDN 541Thesis/Portfolio 2
IDN 576Implementing Assistive Technology and Screen Capture Tools
IDS 200Rise of Disciplinarity
IDS 400Transdisciplinary Project
IER 310Operations Research I
IER 311Operations Research II
IER 320Production Systems
IER 330Lean Systems Engineering
IER 335Systems Engineering and Management
IER 340Physical Human Factors and the Workplace
IER 350Facilities Layout and Material Handling
IER 360Operations Planning and Control
IER 385Decision Analysis
IER 410Designing and Managing the Supply Chain
IER 415Design of Experiments
IER 420Industrial Control Systems
IER 430Statistical Process Control
IER 440Simulation
IER 450Health Care Systems Engineering
IER 465Cognitive Human Factors and the Workplace
IER 475Human Reliability
IER 485System Reliability
IER 489Advanced Independent Study in IE
IER 490Engineering Professional Experience
IER 491Capstone Project I
IER 498Capstone Project II
IRST 101(UC) Introduction to Irish Studies
IRST 300Special Topics in Irish History
IT 101Elementary Italian I
IT 102Elementary Italian II
IT 200Italian: Special Topics
IT 201Intermediate Italian I
IT 202Intermediate Italian II
IT 210Italy: a Journey Through Its Food, History and Culture
IT 301Advanced Italian I
IT 302Advanced Italian II
IT 316Introduction to Italian Literature and Culture
IT 320Italy's Cities
JP 101Elementary Japanese I
JP 102Elementary Japanese II
JP 200Introduction to Japanese Culture
JRN 106Multimedia Production Techniques (SPS 106)
JRN 260News Writing and Reporting
JRN 263Broadcast News Writing
JRN 275News Reporting
JRN 280The Art of the Podcast
JRN 285Mobile Journalism: the Future of News
JRN 291Reporting for Television I
JRN 300Special Topics in Journalism
JRN 311Reporting for Television II
JRN 315The Art of Journalistic Interviewing
JRN 325Telling Global Stories
JRN 360Watchdog Reporting
JRN 361Sports Reporting (SPS 361)
JRN 362The Story of Football (SPS 362)
JRN 365Effective Editing
JRN 372Entrepreneurial Media (The MIC Project)
JRN 380Fundamentals of Digital Journalism
JRN 395Broadcast Performance
JRN 400Special Topics in Journalism
JRN 450Senior Seminar
JRN 470Narrative Journalism
JRN 480Advanced Digital Journalism
JRN 495Advanced Reporting
JRN 496The QNN Newscast
JRN 498Journalism Capstone
JRN 500Special Topics in Journalism
JRN 503Analytics for News Reporting
JRN 504Multimedia Reporting
JRN 521Audio Storytelling
JRN 524Broadcast Journalism
JRN 526Copyediting
JRN 527Covering Government and Politics
JRN 528Information Graphics and Design
JRN 531Graduate Internship
JRN 532Advanced Broadcast Journalism
JRN 533Advanced Reporting & Writing
JRN 536Opinion Journalism
JRN 539History of Journalism
JRN 540Broadcast Performance
JRN 542Graduate Seminar
JRN 550Sportswriting Traditions
JRN 552Media Law & Ethics
JRN 560Multimedia Sports Reporting
JRN 562Sports Law & Ethics
JRN 563Sports Analytics
JRN 564Presenting & Producing Radio Sports
JRN 565Presenting and Producing Television Sports: Remote
JRN 566Presenting and Producing Television Sports: Studio
JRN 570Crafting the News Feature
JRN 572Researching and Writing the News Documentary
JRN 573Sports Literature
JRN 574Crafting the Sports Feature
JRN 575Critical Issues in Journalism
JRN 580Investigative Reporting
JRN 582American Sports History
JRN 588Researching and Writing the Sports Documentary
JRN 589Critical Issues in Sports
JRN 590Newsroom Clinical (SPS 490)
JRN 595Sports Clinical
JRN 602Thesis
LAH 405Public & Motivational Speaking
LAWS 100Independent Research Project
LAWS 101Civil Procedure I
LAWS 102Civil Procedure II
LAWS 103Contracts I
LAWS 104Contracts II
LAWS 105Property
LAWS 107Torts
LAWS 108Torts II
LAWS 110Constitutional Law
LAWS 111Legal Skills I
LAWS 112Legal Skills II
LAWS 113Criminal Law
LAWS 114Administrative Law
LAWS 115The Bar Exam: Fundamentals & Strategies
LAWS 116Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act
LAWS 117Trademarks and Copyright in the Digital
LAWS 200Field Placement II
LAWS 205Business Organizations
LAWS 250Symposium
LAWS 251Symposium
LAWS 252Symposium:readings in Legal Thought
LAWS 253Animal Law
LAWS 254Symposium
LAWS 255Judicial Clerkship Seminar - W
LAWS 290Connecticut Research-P
LAWS 291Adv. Writing & Research S,W
LAWS 292Independent Research Project W
LAWS 293Independent Research Project W
LAWS 294Civil Justice Clinic P
LAWS 295Tax Clinic-P
LAWS 296Judicial Externship P
LAWS 297Law Review I
LAWS 298Health Law Clinic-P
LAWS 299Appellate Clinic I-Defense
LAWS 300Appellate Clin II-Defense-P
LAWS 301Clinic Seminar
LAWS 302Appellate Clinic I-Prosecutorial-P
LAWS 303Appellate Clinic II-Prosecutorial-P
LAWS 304Tax Clinic II
LAWS 305Federal Income Tax
LAWS 306Tax I
LAWS 307Trusts & Estates
LAWS 308Estate & Financial Planning
LAWS 309Estate & Gift Taxation
LAWS 310Accounting Concepts for Lawyers
LAWS 311Evidence
LAWS 312Partnership Tax
LAWS 313Adv. Indiv. Income Tax
LAWS 314Employee Benefits
LAWS 315Trial Practice P
LAWS 316Advanced Trial Practice
LAWS 317Adv. Mock Trial
LAWS 318Mock Trial
LAWS 319Housing
LAWS 320Public Health Law
LAWS 321Lawyers' Prof. Responsibility
LAWS 322Therapeutic Jurisprudence
LAWS 323Commercial Law
LAWS 324Dignitary Torts
LAWS 325Securities Regulation
LAWS 326Ethics & Corporate Compliance
LAWS 327Labor Law
LAWS 328Collective Bargaining
LAWS 329Communications Laws
LAWS 330Adv. Intellectual Property
LAWS 331Intellectual Property
LAWS 332Patent Law
LAWS 333Advanced Patents
LAWS 334Advanced Contracts
LAWS 335Patents Litigation
LAWS 336Intellectual Property Licensing
LAWS 337Jurisprudence
LAWS 338Visual Persuasion in the Law
LAWS 339Conflict of Laws
LAWS 340Corp Compliance in Healthcare Industry
LAWS 341Insurance
LAWS 342Comparative Urban Planning
LAWS 343Land Use Planning
LAWS 344Law, Science & Technology
LAWS 345Health Law
LAWS 346Food and Drug Law
LAWS 347Remedies
LAWS 348Advanced Law & Medicine
LAWS 349Antitrust
LAWS 350Healthcare Antitrust
LAWS 351Regulated Industries
LAWS 352Health Care Business Transactions
LAWS 353Local Government Law
LAWS 354Jurisprudence:feminist Legal Theory
LAWS 355Corporate Finance
LAWS 356Arbitration
LAWS 357Federal Courts
LAWS 358Law of the Sea
LAWS 359Admiralty
LAWS 360International Criminal Law
LAWS 361International Law
LAWS 362National Security Law
LAWS 363International Comparative Health Law
LAWS 364Federal Regulation of Healthcare Fraud
LAWS 365Comp. National Security Law
LAWS 366Energy Law
LAWS 367Counterterrorism Law
LAWS 368Medicare Law & Policy
LAWS 369Real Estate Transactions
LAWS 370Family Law
LAWS 371Divorce & the Divorcing Family
LAWS 372Representation in Mediation
LAWS 373Products Liability
LAWS 374Introduction to Mediation
LAWS 375Legislation
LAWS 376Advanced Land Use Writing Seminar
LAWS 377Energy Regulation & Public Policy
LAWS 378Climate Change
LAWS 379Environmental Law
LAWS 380Secured Transactions
LAWS 381Law & Economics
LAWS 382Law of European Union
LAWS 383Sec. Trans/Creditors' Rights
LAWS 384Juvenile Law
LAWS 385Adv.Juvenile Law - Child Protection Prac
LAWS 386Domestic Violence: Law, Practice and Pol
LAWS 387Adv.Juv.Law: Delinquency Proceedings
LAWS 388Elder Law
LAWS 390Consumer Law
LAWS 391Civil&Pol.Rights EqualProtect.
LAWS 392Laws & Psychology
LAWS 393Business Planning
LAWS 394Advanced Business Planning
LAWS 395Corporate Tax
LAWS 396Bankruptcy & Creditors' Rights
LAWS 397Bankruptcy
LAWS 398Bankruptcy Tax
LAWS 399Advanced Bankruptcy
LAWS 400American Legal History
LAWS 401Law, Language & Ethics
LAWS 402Advanced Environmental Law S
LAWS 403English Legal History
LAWS 404Criminal Justice Externship
LAWS 405Soviet Law
LAWS 406Comparative Const. Law
LAWS 407Legal Drafting & Writing
LAWS 408Bankruptcy Lab
LAWS 410Theories of Punishment S,W
LAWS 411Am.Leg.Hist-History of Race Relations
LAWS 412Habeas Corpus
LAWS 413Community Needs Assesment Lab
LAWS 415Business Law Externship
LAWS 416Health Law Externship
LAWS 417Intellectual Property Externship
LAWS 418Advanced Constitutional Law - Civil Righ
LAWS 419Adv.Con.Law-1st Amendment Religion Claus
LAWS 420Adv.Civ.Pro-CT Prac -S
LAWS 421Advanced Con. Law
LAWS 422Adv.Con.Law-Family & Educ.
LAWS 423State Constitutional Law
LAWS 424Adv.Con.Law-Civil Rts. Litg'tn
LAWS 425Interview., Counsel.& Negotia.
LAWS 426Employment Discrimination Law
LAWS 427Adv.Con.Law-Const. Research
LAWS 428Negotiation
LAWS 429International Human Rights
LAWS 430International Trade
LAWS 431Criminal Procedure - Adj.
LAWS 432Criminal Procedure Inv.
LAWS 433Advanced Labor Law
LAWS 433Comparative Criminal Procedure
LAWS 434Employment Law
LAWS 435Advanced Family Law I - S
LAWS 436Adv.Fam.Law/Child/Fam& State
LAWS 437Computer and Internet Law
LAWS 438Advanced Family Law II
LAWS 439Computer Crime: Definitions, Investigati
LAWS 442Sports & Entertainment Externship
LAWS 443Tax Law Externship
LAWS 444Employment Law Externship
LAWS 445Film Music Law in the Digita
LAWS 446Environmental Law Externship
LAWS 450Non-Profit Organizations
LAWS 451Sales & Exchange
LAWS 452Tax Accounting
LAWS 453Corp. Reorganizations
LAWS 454Advanced Corp. Tax
LAWS 455Advanced Real Estate Trans.
LAWS 457Healthcare Compliance Law
LAWS 460Aviation Law
LAWS 462Adv. Securities S,W
LAWS 463Advanced Torts (Med. Malprac.)
LAWS 464Legislative Externship
LAWS 465Advanced Torts
LAWS 466Adv.Torts:Defamation&Fraud
LAWS 467Adv. Torts:evading Torts Liability
LAWS 470Legislative Externship Seminar
LAWS 471Education Law
LAWS 475Tax Procedure - Civil
LAWS 477International Tax
LAWS 479Marital Property
LAWS 481Appellate Clinic
LAWS 497Law Review II W
LAWS 499Advanced Commercial Problems
LAWS 500Western Legal Tradition
LAWS 502Tax Procedure-Crim.
LAWS 503Deferred Compensation
LAWS 504Tax Policy- S, W
LAWS 505Mergers & Acquisitions
LAWS 506Entertainment Law
LAWS 507Agency & Partnerships
LAWS 508Worker's Compensation
LAWS 509Sports Law
LAWS 510Commercial Transactions Workshop
LAWS 512Historic Preservation
LAWS 514Tax of Trusts & Estates
LAWS 515Alternative Dispute Resolution
LAWS 516International Business Trans.
LAWS 517Int'l Humanitarian Law of Armed Conflict
LAWS 518Municipal Externship
LAWS 519State & Local Tax
LAWS 520Public Interest Externship
LAWS 521Family&juvenile Law Externship
LAWS 523Mediation Externship
LAWS 525Moot Court I
LAWS 526Moot Court II
LAWS 527Corporate Counsel Externship
LAWS 528Moot Court III
LAWS 529Advanced Topics in Mediation
LAWS 530Probate Law Journal I
LAWS 531Probate Law Journal II W
LAWS 533The Jury
LAWS 535Adv. Securities Reg. (RICO)
LAWS 539Intro. to Dispute Res. in Healthcare
LAWS 540Family & Juvenile Law Externship
LAWS 541Fam&Juv. Law Seminar
LAWS 542Healthcare Industry Regulation & Control
LAWS 543Adv. Law & Med - Genetics
LAWS 544Advanced Health Law, SW
LAWS 545Healthcare and Hospital Administration
LAWS 546Law & Psychiatry
LAWS 547Civ.&Pol Rts-1st Amendment
LAWS 548Foreign Tax II
LAWS 549Bioethics
LAWS 550Advanced Administrative Law
LAWS 551Federal Criminal Law
LAWS 553Law Practice Management
LAWS 555Consolidated Returns
LAWS 556Supreme Court Seminar
LAWS 557Analytical Methods-P
LAWS 559Comparative Law
LAWS 560Current Tax Problems (LL.M)
LAWS 561Estate Planning & Administ'n
LAWS 562Family Estate Planning
LAWS 563Law & The Humanities S,W
LAWS 564Poverty Law
LAWS 565Social Justice
LAWS 566Supervised Tax Research
LAWS 567Tax Exempt Orgs.
LAWS 568Tax Shelters
LAWS 569Public Law Seminar
LAWS 570Insurance Taxation
LAWS 571Complex Litigation
LAWS 572Immigrat'n & Natural'n Law
LAWS 573Adv. Civil Pro. - NY Practice
LAWS 574Adv. Civil Pro. - CT Practice
LAWS 575Adv.Civ.Pro: Complex Litigation Adv.Civ.Pro.:complex Litigation
LAWS 576Adv. Civ Pro - Federal - W
LAWS 579Advanced Externship Seminar
LAWS 580Taxation of Bus. Enterprises
LAWS 581Tax Research - S,W
LAWS 582Banking
LAWS 583Intro to Irish Legal System
LAWS 584Irish Legal System
LAWS 585Economic Torts
LAWS 586Advanced International Law
LAWS 587Disability Law
LAWS 588Health Law Journal I
LAWS 589Health Law Journal II
LAWS 590Symposium: the Law of Politics & Media
LAWS 591Int'l Litigation in US Courts
LAWS 592Personal Property Leasing
LAWS 593Law & Social Science
LAWS 594Comparative Legal History
LAWS 595Adv.Con.Law- Abortion
LAWS 596Franchise Law
LAWS 597Chinese Law
LAWS 598Native American Law, S,w
LAWS 599Intro to Representing Clients
LAWS 600Law and Gender
LAWS 601Managed Health Care
LAWS 602Law and Forensic Science
LAWS 603Ethics & The Crim Just. System
LAWS 604Medical Malpractice
LAWS 605Adv. Con Law-Hist Bill/Rights
LAWS 606Adv. Juvenile Law
LAWS 607Legal Services Externship
LAWS 608Legal Services Seminar
LAWS 609Externship Seminar
LAWS 610Adv.ConLaw-Comp.Due.Process
LAWS 611Advanced Clinic
LAWS 612Advanced Tax Clinic
LAWS 613Health Clinic Seminar
LAWS 614Directed Study Tax & Intelprop
LAWS 615Conn. Adjudicative Criminal Procedure
LAWS 616International Environmental Law
LAWS 617Compar. Trad. & Trends in the Legal Prof
LAWS 619Information Privacy Law
LAWS 620Electronic Discovery & Digital Evidence
LAWS 621Comparative Traditions and Trends in the
LAWS 622Advanced Topics in Mediation
LAWS 623Writing Workshop
LAWS 624Gun Law Second Amendment S, W
LAWS 625Health Information Privacy and Security
LAWS 626Evening Clinic: Legal Ethics Project
LAWS 627Evening Clinic: Veterans Law Project
LAWS 628Estate Planning & Drafting
LAWS 629Government Contracts Law
LAWS 630Public Health Directive Workshop
LAWS 631Financial Planning: Principles and Taxat
LAWS 633Intellectual Property in Health Care
LAWS 635Negotiable Instruments & Elec. Payments
LAWS 636Sentencing, Prisons, and Reentry
LAWS 637Payments in Documented Sales
LAWS 676Anatomy for Lawyers
LAWS 699Study @ Another Institution
LAWS 700Beijing Institute
LAWS 777Bar Review
LAWS 800China Law Program Abroad
LE 100Special Topics
LE 101(UC) Introduction to the American Legal System
LE 115Criminal Law
LE 150Mock Trial
LE 159Legal Studies Elective
LE 175Special Topics
LE 200Special Topics
LE 211Legal Reasoning, Research and Writing I
LE 212Legal Reasoning, Research and Writing II
LE 224Sports Law (SPS 224)
LE 225Alternative Dispute Resolution
LE 250Gender and the Law (WS 250)
LE 260Trial Techniques
LE 300Special Topics
LE 301Civil Procedures I
LE 302Civil Procedures II
LE 309Advanced Legal Writing
LE 311Administrative Agencies
LE 312Family Law
LE 315Wills, Probate and Estate Administration
LE 317International Law (PO 317)
LE 318Human Rights Law and Global Justice
LE 319International Law and the Individual
LE 320Land Transfer and Closing Procedures
LE 322Health Care Law (HSC 322)
LE 328Employment Law
LE 329European Union Law (PO 329 IB 329)
LE 330Law of Business Entities
LE 340American Constitutional Law (PO353)
LE 342Comparative Constitutional Law (PO 342)
LE 345Intellectual Property
LE 350Federal Indian Law and Policy
LE 360Mediation
LE 370Negotiation
LE 480Legal Internship Seminar I
LE 481Legal Internship Seminar II
LW 221Business Law and Society
LW 322The Law of Property, Sales and Negotiable Instruments
MA 100Basic Algebra
MA 107College Algebra
MA 110(UC) Contemporary Mathematics
MA 110H(UC) Honors Contemporary Mathematics
MA 118(UC) Applied Calculus
MA 140(UC) Pre-Calculus
MA 141(UC) Calculus of a Single Variable I
MA 141H(UC) Honors Calculus of a Single Var I
MA 142(UC) Calculus of a Single Variable II
MA 150Integral Calculus With Applications
MA 151(UC) Calculus I
MA 152(UC) Calculus II
MA 190Mathematics Freshman Seminar
MA 205(UC) Introduction to Discrete Mathematics (CSC 205)
MA 206(UC) Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
MA 226(UC) Baseball and Statistics (SPS 226)
MA 229(UC) Linear Algebra
MA 241Vector Functions and Geometry of Space
MA 242Multivariable Calculus
MA 251(UC) Calculus III
MA 265Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
MA 275(UC) Biostatistics
MA 285Applied Statistics
MA 300Special Topics
MA 301Foundations of Advanced Mathematics
MA 305Discrete Mathematics
MA 315Theory of Computation (CSC 315)
MA 318Cryptography (CSC 318)
MA 321Abstract Algebra
MA 341Advanced Calculus
MA 361Numerical Analysis (CSC 361)
MA 365Ordinary Differential Equations
MA 370Number Theory
MA 371Mathematical Statistics and Probability I
MA 372Mathematical Statistics and Probability II
MA 378Mathematical Modeling
MA 400Special Topics in Math
MA 421Advanced Algebra
MA 441Complex Variables
MA 451Elements of Point-Set Topology
MA 490Mathematics Senior Seminar
MA 521Algebraic Reasoning
MA 522Analytic Reasoning
MA 541Complex Variables
MA 565Famous Mathematical Constants
MA 580Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometry
MA 583Mathematics: Historical Insights
MA 585Mathematical Problem Solving
MA 586Discrete Structures
MA 590Issues in Pre-College Mathematics
MA 591Introduction to Abstract Mathematics
MA 599Technology in Mathematics Teaching
MBA 601Foundations for Decision Making (MBA QUick Start)
MBA 602Communicating Effectively for Managers
MBA 610Business Decision Analysis
MBA 615Managing the Decision Making Process
MBA 620Financial and Managerial Accounting for Decision Making (AC 620)
MBA 625Organizational Behavior and Leadership for Decision Makers
MBA 635Decision Making for Business Operations
MBA 640Financial Decision Making
MBA 645Marketing Decision Making
MBA 650Strategic Public Relations and Reputation Management
MBA 660Decision Making in a Global Economy
MBA 675Special Topics - MBA
MBA 690Decision Making Capstone
MED 711SRCC-Fundamentals of Clinical Trials
MED 712SRCC-Introduction to Global Public Health
MED 713SRCC-Biocultural Approaches to Medicine
MED 714SRCC-Creative Writing for Health Professionals
MED 715SRCC-Literature and Medicine
MED 716SRCC-Clinical Teaching
MED 725Cancer Survivorship
MED 799SRCC-Independent Study Selective
MED 841Emergency Medicine Clerkship
MED 842Critical Care Clerkship
MED 843Capstone Course
MED 844Internal Medicine Sub-Internship
MED 845Pediatric Sub Internship
MED 846Surgery Sub Internsip
MED 847Family Medicine Sub Internship
MED 848QU Affiliated Elective
MED 849Away Elective
MED 850Surgery Home Elective
MED 851Internal Medicine Home Electiv
MED 852Primary Care Home Elective
MED 853Psychiatry Home Elective
MED 854Pediatrics Home Elective
MED 855Ob/Gyn Home Elective
MED 856Pathology Home Elective
MER 210Fundamentals of Engineering Mechanics and Design
MER 210LFundamentals of Engineering Mechanics and Design Lab
MER 220Mechanics of Materials
MER 220LMechanics of Materials Lab
MER 221Dynamics
MER 230Engineering Materials
MER 230LEngineering Materials Lab
MER 250Computer Aided Design
MER 310Thermal-Fluid Systems I
MER 320Thermal-Fluid Systems II
MER 330Introduction to Circuits
MER 330LCircuits Lab
MER 340Manufacturing/Machine Component Design
MER 340LManufacturing/Machine Component Design Lab
MER 350Mechanical Engineering Design
MER 360Heat Transfer
MER 387Introduction to Applied Aerodynamics
MER 388Helicopter Aeronautics
MER 400Mechanical Measurement and Data Acquisition
MER 450Environmentally Conscious Design and Manufacturing
MER 470Dynamic Modeling and Control
MER 470LDynamic Modeling and Controls Lab
MER 472Energy Conversion Systems
MER 475Mechatronics
MER 475LMechatronics Lab
MER 481Aircraft Performance/Static Stability
MER 486Vibration Engineering
MER 489Advanced Study in Mechanical Engineering
MER 490Engineering Professional Experience
MER 491Biomedical Engineering
MER 492Power Trains and Vehicle Dynamics
MER 498ME Capstone Design
MER 499Senior Design Project II
MG 210Essentials of Management and Organizational Behavior
MG 211Operations Management
MG 240Software Applications for Business
MG 260Power & Politics of Leadership
MG 300Special Topics
MG 301Group and Virtual Team Processes
MG 302Human Resource Management
MG 304Developing Managerial Competence
MG 306Staffing: Recruitment, Selection and Placement
MG 311Advancing Employment Relations
MG 312Sports Management (SPS 312)
MG 315Self Management
MG 320Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
MG 321Decision Making for Managers
MG 331Quality Management
MG 335Project Management
MG 340Supply Chain Logistics and Technology
MG 341Service Operations Management
MG 342Supply Chain Analytics
MG 345Training and Development
MG 350Organizational Development
MG 355Compensation and Benefits
MG 370Advanced Team Development
MG 402Management Senior Seminar
MG 488Management Internship
MG 490Field Projects
MG 603Project Management
MG 639Special Topics
MG 641Supply Chain Management
MG 642Logistics Management
MG 643Strategic Sourcing and Supply Management
MK 201Marketing Principles
MK 210Consumer Behavior
MK 301Internet Marketing
MK 312Advertising
MK 315Media Planning
MK 319Marketing Analytics
MK 324Business-To-Business Marketing
MK 332Integrated Marketing Communications
MK 333Marketing Channels and Distribution
MK 334Product and Pricing Strategy
MK 339Sales Forecasting
MK 340Database Marketing
MK 352Retail Management
MK 355Services Marketing
MK 370Marketing Research
MK 383Professional Selling and Sales Management
MK 401Seminar in Marketing Strategy
MK 405Seminar in Biomedical Marketing Strategy
MK 450Marketing History
MK 488Marketing Internship
MK 490Seminar in Advertising Strategy
MK 495Biomedical Marketing Internship
MK 497Advertising Competition
MK 610Research for Marketing and Business Decisions
MK 611Managing Marketing Communications
MK 612New Product Marketing
MK 613Marketing Planning
MK 615Managing Marketing Channels
MK 616Digital Marketing
MK 619Marketing Analytics
MK 620Applied Consumer Behavior Research
MSS 119Sign Language Workshop
MSS 200Special Topics
MSS 220(UC) U.S. Media History
MSS 231Media and Society
MSS 300Special Topics
MSS 311Diversity in the Media (WS 311)
MSS 320Communication Technologies: Evolution and Impact
MSS 332Media Research Methods
MSS 340Communications Law and Policy
MSS 345Media Users and Audiences (WS 345)
MSS 346Global Communication
MSS 349Political Communication (PO 348)
MSS 400Special Topics
MSS 420Sports, Media & Society (SPS 420)
MSS 450Senior Seminar
MSS 491Research Project
MSS 495Media Trend Forecasting and Strategy
MU 110(UC) Private Music Lessons
MU 130(UC) Understanding Music
MU 150(UC) American Popular Music: From the Blues to Hip Hop
MU 175Special Topics in Music
MU 190(UC) Quinnipiac University Singers
MU 191(UC) Hamden Symphony Orchestra at Quinnipiac
MU 194(UC) Jazz Ensemble
MU 200(UC) Special Topics
MU 210(UC) History of Musical Drama: from Opera to Broadway
MU 211(UC) History of Jazz
MU 211H(UC) Honors History of Jazz
MU 213(UC) Music of the 20th Century
MU 230(UC) Music Theory I
MU 250(UC) Music and Disabilities
MU 280Music and Our Life's Work
MU 330(UC) Music Theory II
MU 499Independent Study - Music
NUR 300Core Concepts in Nursing
NUR 302Nursing Science and Information Literacy
NUR 304Health Promotion and Wellness
NUR 306Health Assessment
NUR 307Core Nursing Practicum
NUR 322Care of Women, Children and Families
NUR 323Women, Children and Families Practicum
NUR 324Care of Adults with Complex Health Needs I
NUR 325Adult Care Practicum I
NUR 326Pathophysiology and Pharmacotherapy I
NUR 330LHolistic Nursing Integration Lab I
NUR 340LHolistic Nursing Integration Lab II
NUR 360History of Health Care and Modern Nursing
NUR 366Communication Skills in Clinical Practice
NUR 367Summer Clinical Internship
NUR 380Health Promotion and Wellness
NUR 382Nursing Science and Information Literacy
NUR 390Special Topics in Nursing
NUR 400Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing
NUR 401Psychiatric-Mental Health Practicum
NUR 408Research and Evidence-Based Nursing Practice
NUR 424Care of Adults with Complex Health Needs II
NUR 425Adult Care Practicum II
NUR 426Pathophysiology and Pharmacotherapy II
NUR 428Community and Public Health Nursing
NUR 429Community and Public Health Nursing Practicum
NUR 430LHolistic Nursing Integration Lab III
NUR 432Contemporary Issues and Roles in Nursing
NUR 433Capstone Practicum
NUR 434LCapstone Seminar Lab
NUR 440LHolistic Nursing Integration Lab IV
NUR 461Community Health Internship
NUR 475Fieldwork Experience I
NUR 477Fieldwork Experience II
NUR 478Research and Evidence-Based Nursing Practice
NUR 479Practice Experience III
NUR 480Interprofessional Practice and Quality Improvement
NUR 482Health Disparities in Vulnerable Populations
NUR 484Community and Public Health Nursing
NUR 486Contemporary Issues and Roles in Nursing Practice
NUR 490Special Topics in Nursing
NUR 500Biostatistics
NUR 510Beginning Spanish for Health Care Professionals
NUR 514Epidemiology & Evidence-Based Practice
NUR 516Health Policy and Organizational Systems
NUR 517Anatomy for the Nurse Anesthetist
NUR 517LHuman Anatomy for the Nurse Anesthetist Lab
NUR 520Advanced Health Assessment I
NUR 520LAdvanced Health Assessment I Lab
NUR 522Advanced Pathophysiology II (BMS 516)
NUR 524Principles of ECG Interpretation
NUR 528Principles of Radiography
NUR 530Advanced Pharmacology
NUR 532Primary Care I
NUR 533Primary Care Practicum I
NUR 534Primary Care II
NUR 536Primary Care III
NUR 540Educational Principles for the Health Care Professional
NUR 541Capstone Practicum
NUR 542Introduction to Health Care Finance
NUR 543Capstone
NUR 544Introduction to Informatics
NUR 545Primary Care III
NUR 547AGNP Primary Care Practicum II
NUR 550Family Primary Care I Maternal/Child Focus
NUR 551FNP Practicum II Practicum II
NUR 552Family Primary Care II
NUR 553FNP Primary Care Practicum III
NUR 590Public Health Law
NUR 602Principles of Ethical Theory in Nursing
NUR 610Clinical Scholarship and Inquiry in Nursing
NUR 610PBLPortfolio Synthesis Seminar I
NUR 611Leadership Seminar and Practicum I
NUR 612Leadership and Collaboration for Change in Health Care
NUR 612PBLPortfolio Synthesis Seminar II
NUR 613Leadership Seminar & Practicum II
NUR 615Leadership Seminar & Practicum III
NUR 617Leadership Fellowship I
NUR 619Leadership Fellowship II
NUR 620Advanced Principles of Population- Based Health Care
NUR 621Post-Master's Additional Graduate Clinical
NUR 622Special Topics in Advanced Practice Nursing
NUR 623Population Health Fellowship
NUR 630Advanced Health Assessment II
NUR 630LAdvanced Health Assessment II Lab
NUR 631Introduction to Clinical Practicum & Seminar
NUR 632Health Promotion and Advocacy
NUR 634Reproductive Health Problems in Primary Care
NUR 636Common Problems in Primary Care
NUR 637Clinical Fellowship
NUR 638Laboratory Diagnosis
NUR 640Special Topics in Adult and Geriatric Psychopharmacology
NUR 641Adult Health Practicum & Seminar I
NUR 642Complex Problems in Primary Care
NUR 643Adult Health Practicum and Seminar II
NUR 645Adult Health Practicum and Seminar III
NUR 647Adult Health Practicum and Seminar IV
NUR 650Special Topics in Family Psychopharmacology
NUR 651Family Health Practicum and Seminar I
NUR 652Primary Care of the Child and Family I
NUR 653Family Health Practicum and Seminar II
NUR 654Primary Care of the Child and Family II
NUR 655Family Health Practicum and Seminar III
NUR 656Pediatric Assessment
NUR 657Family Health Practicum and Seminar IV
NUR 670Basic Principles of Anesthesia II
NUR 670LBasic Principles of Anesthesia Lab
NUR 671Clinical Practicum I
NUR 672Advanced Pharmacology II
NUR 673Clinical Practicum II
NUR 674Professional Aspects of Nurse Anesthesia Practice I
NUR 675Clinical Practicum III
NUR 676Professional Aspects of Nurse Anesthesia Practice II
NUR 677Clinical Practicum IV
NUR 678Professional Aspects of Nurse Anesthesia Practice III
NUR 679Clinical Practicum V
NUR 680Physics and Chemistry for the Nurse Anesthetist
NUR 681Clinical Practicum VI
NUR 682Advanced Principles of Anesthetic Practice I
NUR 682LAdvanced Principles of Anesthetic Practice Lab I
NUR 683Clinical Practicum VII
NUR 684Advanced Principles of Anesthetic Practice II
NUR 685Clinical Practicum for Post-Master's I
NUR 686Advanced Principles of Anesthetic Practice III
NUR 687Clinical Practicum for Post-Master's II
NUR 688Human Factors and Patient Safety
NUR 689Clinical Practicum/Patient Safety Seminar for Post-Master's III
NUR 690Advanced Principles of Anesthesia IV
NUR 691Clinical Practicum/Patient Safety Seminar for Post-Master's IV
NUR 692Clinical Case Study Presentation
NUR 693Clinical Practicum/Patient Safety Seminar for Post-Master's V
NUR 694Oral Comprehensive Exams
NUR 696Advanced Pharmacology and Basic Principles of Anesthesia I
NUR 696LAdvanced Pharmacology and Basic Principles of Anesthesia I Lab
NUR 698Advanced Human Physiology Seminar
OL 601Foundations of Organizational Leadership
OL 610The Power and Politics of Communication
OL 615Leadership Across Boundaries
OL 630Performance Management
OL 640Project Management
OL 650Leading Organizational Change
OL 662Ethics & Governance
OL 681Leadership in Human Resources
OL 682Employment Law for the Non-Lawyer
OL 683Employee Development Strategies for Organizational Leaders
OL 686Leading Public Service Organizations
OL 687Strategic Planning for Public Service Organizations
OL 690Leadership Consulting Capstone
OT 101Foundations of Occupational Therapy
OT 111Fundamentals of Occupational Therapy
OT 112Occupation-Based Activity
OT 201Occupationa, Participation and Health
OT 210Therapeutic Use of Self (SL: Service Learning)
OT 214Professionalism in Occupational Therapy
OT 250Occupational Therapy Framework and Activity Analysis
OT 314Therapeutic Relationship and Use of Self
OT 322Functional Anatomy and Kinesiology I
OT 322LFunctional Anatomy and Kinesiology Lab I
OT 323Functional Anatomy and Kinesiology II
OT 323LFunctional Anatomy and Kinesiology Lab II
OT 325Principles Human Development and Occupation
OT 326Principles of Human Development/Older Adults
OT 333Functional Neuroscience I
OT 333LFunctional Neuroscience I Lab
OT 334Functional Neuroscience II
OT 335Functional Neuroanatomy
OT 336Functional Neurobehavior
OT 345Theory, Occupation and Wellness
OT 345STheory, Occupation and Wellness Seminar
OT 350Theoretical Models of Occupational Therapy and Service Learning
OT 355The Occupational Therapy Framework
OT 355LOT Community Experience Lab
OT 356Documenting OT Practice
OT 356FDocumenting OT Practice Fieldwork
OT 357Professional Seminar in Occupational Therapy
OT 361Group Dynamics
OT 362Documenting Occupational Therapy Practice
OT 364Problem-Based Learning: Risk Factor Human Occupation
OT 411Mental Health and Psychosocial Occupational Therapy for Children and Youth
OT 411LMental Health and Psychosocial Occupational Therapy for Children and Youth Lab
OT 412Mental Health and Psychosocial Occupational Therapy for Adults and Older Adults
OT 412LMental Health and Psychosocial Occupational Therapy for Adults and Older Adults Lab
OT 415Health Conditions I
OT 416Health Conditions II
OT 420OT Evaluation Process
OT 420FEvaluative Process Fieldwork
OT 420LEvaluative Process Lab
OT 421Intervention Strategies
OT 421FIntervention Strategies Fieldwork
OT 421LIntervention Process Lab
OT 431Barriers to Health, Occupational Performance and Participation: Children and Youth Populations
OT 432Barriers to Health, Occupational Performance and Participation: Adult and Older Adult Populations
OT 445Applied Theory in OT
OT 446Group Process
OT 446LGroup Process Lab
OT 451Occupational Therapy Process in Children and Youth
OT 451FFieldwork in Occupational Therapy Process Children and Youth
OT 451LOccupational Therapy Process in Children and Youth Lab
OT 452Occupational Therapy Process: Adults and Older Adults
OT 452FFieldwork in Occupational Therapy Process in Adult and Older Adult
OT 452LOccupational Therapy Process: Adults and Older Adults Lab
OT 467PBL Health Conditions and Occupation II
OT 501FImmersive Learning in Psychosocial/ Mental Health Practice Fieldwork
OT 501SImmersive Learning in Psychosocial/ Mental Health Practice Seminar
OT 502Pharmacology in Occupational Therapy Practice
OT 510Laws & Regulations in OT
OT 511Administration & Management in OT
OT 535Integrative Interventions: Sensory and Rehabilitation
OT 535FIntervention: Sensory Integration and Rehabilitation Fieldwork
OT 535LIntervention: Sensory Integration and Rehabilitation Lab
OT 536Intervention: Ergonomics and Assistive Technology
OT 536FIntervention: Ergonomics and Assistive Technology Fieldwork
OT 536LIntervention: Orthotic Lab
OT 540Special Topics in Occupational Therapy
OT 550OT Research
OT 555Pharmacology and Environmental Toxins Affecting Human Performance
OT 556Professional Development
OT 560Contemporary Modalities
OT 560Contemporary Modalities Lab
OT 565Integrative Case Studies
OT 567SImmersive Learning in Psychosocial/ Mental Health Practice Seminar
OT 570Capstone Graduate Projects
OT 580Fieldwork Level II
OT 581Fieldwork Level II
OT 600Evidence-Based Practice in OT
OT 602Practice Trends in Occupational Therapy
OT 610Legal Research and Practice Implications
OT 611Administrative/Management
OT 612Professional Writing
OT 640Directed Study in Evidence-Based Practice
OT 650Application of Theory and Exploration of Occupation
OT 651Systems
OT 652Doctoral Seminar
OT 653Policy/Ethics
OT 654Critical Inquiry of Scholarship
OT 655Professional Seminar
OT 656Critical Inquiry of Scholarship II
OT 660Seminar: Innovations and Emerging Issues in Children and Youth
OT 661Seminar: Innovations and Emerging Issues in Environmental Adaptations
OT 662Seminar: Innovations and Emerging Issues in the Adult Health Care Continuum
OT 670Leadership in Program Development/Business
OT 671Leadership in Higher Education
OT 672Leadership in Practice
OT 680Capstone I
OT 681Capstone II
PA 502Medical Terminology: Advanced
PA 511Human Microscopic Anatomy
PA 512Human Anatomy
PA 512LHuman Anatomy Lab
PA 513Basic Human Pathology I
PA 514Basic Human Pathology II
PA 515Human Physiology
PA 516Clinical Pathology
PA 517Applied Anatomic Pathology
PA 518Laboratory Management
PA 520Autopsy Pathology I
PA 521Autopsy Pathology II
PA 522Autopsy Pathology III
PA 523Surgical Pathology I
PA 524Surgical Pathology II
PA 525Surgical Pathology III
PA 526Biomedical Photography
PA 535Disease Mechanisms
PHY 101(UC) Elements of Physics
PHY 101L(UC) Elements of Physics Lab
PHY 110(UC) General Physics I
PHY 110L(UC) General Physics I Lab
PHY 111(UC) General Physics II
PHY 111L(UC) General Physics II Lab
PHY 121University Physics
PHY 122University Physics II
PHY 202Physics of Life and Technology
PL 101(UC) Introduction to Philosophy
PL 202(UC) Logical Reasoning
PL 217Contemporary Social and Political Philosophy (PO 217)
PL 220(UC) Ethics and Human Values
PL 220H(UC) Honors Ethics and Human Values
PL 222Bioethics
PL 234Philosophies of Health, Healing and Medicine
PL 235Philosophy of Science
PL 236Philosophy of Language
PL 237Philosophy of Mind
PL 238Philosophy of Technology and Social Transformation
PL 240Philosophy of Sport (SPS 240)
PL 250Philosophy of Art
PL 259Philosophy Elective
PL 265(UC) Living Religions of the World
PL 266Diverse Global Philosophies
PL 267Philosophy of Religion
PL 312Philosophy of War and Peace (PO*312)
PL 320Thought and Work of Albert Schweitzer (SL:Service Learning)
PL 330Philosophy and Gender (WS 330)
PL 331Philosophy of Humor
PL 332Ancient Philosophy
PL 333Modern Philosophy
PL 334Medieval Philosophy
PL 335Contemporary Philosophy
PL 337Human Rights: Theory and Practice (PO 337)
PL 338Paradoxes
PL 340Philosophy of Sex and Love
PL 368Philosophy of Death and Dying
PL 395Critical Game Studies (GDD 395)
PL 396Philosophy Internship
PL 399Directed Research in Philosophy
PL 401Senior Seminar
PO 101(UC) Issues in Politics
PO 131(UC) Introduction to American Government and Politics
PO 205Public Policy and Administration
PO 206Ethics and Public Leadership
PO 211(UC) Introduction to International Relations
PO 215(UC) Political Theory
PO 216(UC) American Political Thought
PO 217Contemporary Social and Political Philosophy (PL 217)
PO 219Women in Political Thought
PO 221(UC) Introduction to Latin America
PO 225American Political Movements
PO 227The Politics of Intimacy
PO 231(UC) Elections and Political Parties (SL: Service Learning)
PO 245(UC) International Political Economy
PO 247(UC) Actors and Processes in U.S. Foreign Policy
PO 270State and Local Government
PO 280Congress and the Presidency
PO 295Internship in Political Science
PO 297Simulating International Organizations
PO 301Critical Thinking About Politics
PO 302The Global Civic Dilemma
PO 311Topics in International Relations
PO 312Philosophy of War and Peace (PL 312)
PO 315Democratic Theory and Practice
PO 317International Law (LE 317)
PO 319International Interventions
PO 321Comparative Government
PO 325Political Psychology and Public Opinion
PO 331Topics in Comparative Government
PO 333Middle Eastern History and Politics
PO 334Topics in African Politics
PO 335Politics of Race and Ethnicity
PO 337Human Rights: Theory and Practice (PL 337)
PO 342Comparative Constitutional Law (LE 342)
PO 348Political Communication
PO 353American Constitutional Law (LE340)
PO 360Topics in American Politics
PO 362Presidential Election Campaigns (SL: Service Learning)
PO 365Inside Washington, D.C.
PO 387Women and Public Policy (WS 387)
PO 395Advanced Internship
PO 401Political Inquiry
PO 408Senior Seminar
PO 497TWC Washington Semester
PO 498WMI Washington Semester
PO 499AU Washington Semester
PR 500Theoretical Foundations of Cardiovascular Perfusion
PR 502Systems Anatomy and Physiology I
PR 503Systems Anatomy and Physiology II
PR 506Pharmacologic Intervention in Cardiovascular Perfusion
PR 508Extracorporeal Circuitry & Laboratory I
PR 509Extracorporeal Circuitry and Lab II
PR 510Surgical Techniques
PR 512Pediatric Perfusion
PR 514Special Topics in Cardiovascular Perfusion
PR 516Physiologic Monitoring
PR 520Research Methods in Cardiovascular Perfusion
PR 522Research Methods in CV Perfusion II
PR 600Clinical Practicum I
PR 602Clinical Practicum II
PR 604Clinical Practicum III
PS 101(UC) Introduction to Psychology
PS 159Lib Arts Elective
PS 200Special Topics in Psychology
PS 206Introduction to Statistics in Psychology
PS 210Human Sexuality (WS 210)
PS 232(UC) The Concept of Personality and Its Development
PS 233Cognitive Psychology
PS 234Adult Development Psychology (GT 234)
PS 236Child and Adolescent Developmental Psychology
PS 242School Psychology
PS 250Parenting Science
PS 251Introduction to Conditioning and Learning
PS 252Physiological Psychology
PS 254Psychology of Close Relationships
PS 261(UC) Social Psychology
PS 261H(UC) Honors Social Psychology
PS 262(UC) Psychology of Women (WS 262)
PS 265Industrial/Organizational Psychology
PS 272(UC) Abnormal Psychology
PS 285Forensic Psychology
PS 300Special Topics in Psychology
PS 300LSpecial Topics Lab
PS 307Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology
PS 307LIntroduction to Methods Lab
PS 308Advanced Research Methods in Psychology
PS 308LAdvanced Research Methods Lab
PS 309History of Psychology
PS 310History of Madness
PS 311Tests and Measurements in Psychology
PS 325Health Psychology
PS 333Advanced Cognition
PS 336Cognitive Development
PS 353Research Methods in Behavioral Neuroscience
PS 354Sensation and Perception
PS 355Advanced Psychology of Learning
PS 355LPsychology of Learning Lab
PS 356Psychology of Language
PS 357Drugs, Brain and Behavior
PS 358School Age Development
PS 366Advanced Personnel Psychology
PS 367Advanced Organizational Psychology
PS 368Occupational Health Psychology
PS 370Intimate Partner Violence Seminar (WS 370)
PS 371Clinical Psychology
PS 372Child Psychopathology
PS 373Positive Psychology
PS 382Advanced Social Psychology
PS 383Psychology and the Law
PS 384Gay and Lesbian Identities and Communities in the 20th Century (SO 384)
PS 391Applied Clinical Science Seminar (SL: Service Learning)
PS 393Fieldwork in Applied Clinical Science (SL:Service Learning)
PS 394Fieldwork in Applied Clinical Science
PS 397Fieldwork in Industrial/Organizational Psychology
PS 401Senior Seminar in Psychology
PS 409Senior Seminar in Psychology
PS 500History of Madness - Medical Capstone
PT 300Physical Therapy Process
PT 301Physical Therapy Process II
PT 398Independent Study
PT 399Physical Therapy Remediation
PT 400Clinical Experience I
PT 401Issues/Topics in Physical Therapy
PT 402Introduction to Clinical Decision Making
PT 499Independent Study
PT 502Introduction to Clinical Decision Making
PT 503LPhysical Therapy Process Lab
PT 504LPhysical Therapy Process Lab II
PT 505Kinesiology I
PT 505LKinesiology I Lab
PT 506Kinesiology II
PT 506LKinesiology II Lab
PT 512Human Anatomy I
PT 512LHuman Anatomy Lab
PT 513Human Anatomy II
PT 513LHuman Anatomy II Lab
PT 514Neuroanatomy I
PT 515Neuroanatomy II
PT 517Clinical Education Seminar
PT 519Professional Issues in Physical Therapy I
PT 520Pathophysiology I
PT 523Applied Pharmacology I
PT 528Musculoskeletal I
PT 528LMusculoskeletal I Lab
PT 529Musculoskeletal II
PT 529LMusculoskeletal II Lab
PT 531Acute Care and Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy I
PT 531LAcute Care Cardiopulmonary Lab I
PT 531LAcute Care Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy Lab I
PT 548LPhysical Agents Lab
PT 569Education/Community Health/Wellness
PT 626Pathophysiology II
PT 627Applied Pharmacology II
PT 628Acute Care & Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy II
PT 628LAcute Care & Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy II Lab
PT 646Prosthetics and Orthotics
PT 646LProsthetics and Orthotics Lab
PT 652Professional Issues in Physical Therapy II
PT 657Diagnostic Imaging for Physical Therapists
PT 658Differential Diagnosis
PT 661Administration and Leadership in Physical Therapy
PT 661LAdministrative and Management Lab
PT 661LAdministration and Leadership in Physical Therapy Lab
PT 664Neurological Rehabilitation I
PT 664LNeurological Rehabilitation Lab I
PT 665Neurological Rehabilitation II
PT 665LNeurological Rehabilitation Lab II
PT 666Capstone I
PT 668Psychosocial Aspects of Physical Disability
PT 668LPsychosocial Aspects of Physical Disability Lab
PT 671Clinical Education I
PT 675Normal/Abnormal Gait
PT 676Capstone II
PT 685Evidence in Practice
PT 730Musculoskeletal III
PT 730LMusculoskeletal III Lab
PT 736Pediatric Rehabilitation
PT 736LPediatric Rehabilitation Lab
PT 744Physical Therapy Skills Elective
PT 746Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation
PT 746LSpinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Lab
PT 759PBL Advanced Clinical Decision-Making
PT 767Capstone III
PT 781Clinical Internship I
PT 782Clinical Internship II
PY 104Physician Assistant Seminar I - Orientation to the Profession
PY 204Physician Assistant Seminar II -- The Interdisciplinary Team
PY 388Clinical Training I
PY 388LClinical Training I Lab
PY 389Clinical Training II
PY 389LClinical Training II Lab
PY 397Prehealth Professions Clinical Affiliation
PY 400Pre-Physician Assistant Clerkship
PY 401Introduction to Clinical Problem Solving
PY 501Human Physiology
PY 501LPhysiology Lab
PY 502Physical Diagnosis
PY 502LPhysical Diagnosis Lab
PY 503Principles of Interviewing
PY 504History, Roles and Responsibilities of the PA
PY 505Clinical Pharmacology I
PY 506Principles of Internal Medicine
PY 506LClinical Correlation Lab
PY 507Principles of Electrocardiography
PY 507LEKG Lab
PY 508Diagnostic Methods I
PY 508LDiagnostic Methods Lab
PY 509Principles of Obstetrics and Gynecology
PY 510Principles of Pediatrics
PY 511Principles of Surgery and Emergency Medicine
PY 511LClinical Skill Lab
PY 512Psychosocial Issues in Health Care
PY 512LPsychosocial Issues Lab
PY 513Behavioral Medicine
PY 514Diagnostic Methods II
PY 515Clinical Pathology
PY 516Clinical Pharmacology II
PY 517Human Anatomy
PY 517LHuman Anatomy Lab
PY 526Principles of Epidemiology
PY 536Biostatistics
PY 546Ethics in Health Care Delivery
PY 572Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
PY 572LMedical Microbiology Lab
PY 608Graduate Seminar
PY 608LGraduate Seminar Lab
PY 611Clinical Residency I
PY 612Clinical Residency II
PY 613Clinical Residency III
PY 614Clinical Residency IV
PY 615Clinical Residency V
PY 616Clinical Residency VI
PY 617Clinical Residency VII
PY 618Clinical Residency VIII
PY 619Clinical Residency IX
PY 676Comprehensive Examination
QU 101(UC) The Individual in the Community
QU 201(UC) National Community
QU 301(UC) Global Community
QU 400Integrative Capstone Experienc
RA 505Clinical Pharmacology I
RA 517Human Anatomy
RA 517LHuman Anatomy Lab
RA 518Imaging Pathophysiology
RA 520Radiation Safety and Health Physics
RA 530Image Critique & Pathologic Pattern Recognition I
RA 531Image Critique & Pathologic Pattern Recognition II
RA 532Interventional Procedures I
RA 535Interventional Procedures II
RA 542Patient Assessment, Management and Education
RA 545Research Methods and Design
RA 550Clinical Seminar I
RA 551Clinical Seminar II
RA 552Clinical Seminar III
RA 570Radiologist Assistant Clinical I
RA 571Radiologist Assistant Clinical II
RA 572Radiologist Assistant Clinical III
RA 573Radiologist Assistant Clinical IV
RA 590Thesis I
RA 591Thesis II
RS 100Fundamentals of Diagnostic Imaging
RS 101Introduction to Diagnostic Imaging
RS 201Human Anatomy Imaging I
RS 202Human Anatomy Imaging II
RS 212Radiographic Procedures I
RS 212LLaboratory Practicum I
RS 215Radiation Safety and Protection
RS 222Radiographic Procedures II
RS 222LLaboratory Practicum II
RS 232Radiographic Procedures III
RS 232LLaboratory Practicum III
RS 241Radiographic Image Production and Evaluation
RS 241LRadiographic Image Production and Evaluation Lab I
RS 242Radiographic Image Production and Evaluation II
RS 242LRadiological Processing and Exposure Lab
RS 250Radiologic Clinical Education I
RS 253Radiologic Clinical Education II
RS 254Radiologic Clinical Education IV
RS 255Radiologic Clinical Education
RS 260Radiographic Physics and Instrumentation
RS 290Advanced Radiographic Procedures IV
RS 290LLaboratory Practicum
RS 297Methods of Patient Care (DMS 297)
RS 297LMethods of Patient Care Lab
RS 318Pathology for Imaging Sciences
RS 336Pharmacology for the Radiographer
RS 340Principles of Mammography
RS 352Radiologic Clinical Education
RS 414Research: Analysis and Critique (DMS 414)
RS 489Independent Study
RS 491Open Topic
RS 492Ethical Behavior in Imaging Sciences
RS 493Open Topic
RS 499Capstone (DMS 499)
SB 101The Business Environment
SB 111Personal Effectiveness
SB 112Career Planning and Development
SB 159100 Level SB Elective
SB 185Personal Finance
SB 188Business Internship
SB 211Business Communications
SB 212Ethics and Diversity
SB 259200 Level SB Elective
SB 360International Microloan Funding
SB 399Special Topics in Business
SB 425CEO Lessons in Leadership
SB 450Strategic Integrated Management Seminar
SB 450HHonors Strategic Integrated Management Seminar
SCI 101(UC) Survey of Physical Science I
SCI 101L(UC) Survey of Physical Science Lab
SCI 102(UC) Earth Sciences
SCI 105(UC) Food Chemistry and Nutrition
SCI 105L(UC) Food Chemistry and Nutrition Lab
SCI 161(UC) Nutrition: An Investigative Experience
SCI 162(UC) Consumer Chemistry
SER 120Object Oriented Design and Programming
SER 210Software Engineering Design and Development
SER 225Introduction to Software Development (CSC 225)
SER 310Software Engineering Approaches to Human Computer Interaction
SER 320Software Design and Architecture
SER 325Databases (CSC 325)
SER 330Software Quality Assurance and Testing
SER 340Software Requirements Analysis
SER 350Software Project Management
SER 360Software Engineering in Health Care
SER 375Advanced Topics in Software Engineering
SER 399Independent Study
SER 489Advanced Independent Study in Software Engine
SER 490Engineering Professional Experience
SER 491Senior Capstone I
SER 492Senior Capstone II
SER 499Senior Design Project II
SO 101(UC) Introduction to Sociology
SO 200Special Topics
SO 201Sociological Theory
SO 205From College to Career (CJ/GT 205)
SO 225(UC) Social Problems
SO 230Government and Business: The Uneasy Partnership
SO 232Women in the Criminal Justice System (CJ/WS 232)
SO 235American Culture and Society: The 1950s-1980s
SO 238Sociology Through Film
SO 241(UC) Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
SO 244(UC) Social Stratification
SO 245Community: Place, Sentiments, Structure
SO 250Youth Crime (CJ 250)
SO 255(UC) Sociology of Families (WS 255)
SO 260Social Control and Deviance
SO 263(UC) Sociology of the Aged (GT 263)
SO 264Social Welfare Institutions
SO 266(UC) Population and Society
SO 270Program Planning and Administration (GT 270)
SO 271Public Order Crimes (CJ 271)
SO 272(UC) Education and Society
SO 280(UC) Illness and Disability
SO 285(UC) Protest and Change (WS 285)
SO 300Special Topics
SO 304Sociology of Gender (WS 304)
SO 305Death, Grief & Bereavement (GT 305)
SO 306Masculinities
SO 307Sociology of Sport (SPS 307)
SO 308The Immigrant Experience
SO 310Children: Social Issues and Policies
SO 311Introduction to Social Work (GT 311)
SO 312Large-Scale Organizations
SO 315Case Management (GT 315)
SO 317Religion and Society
SO 318Therapeutic Recreation (GT 318)
SO 319Culture, Health, and Environment: The Many Faces of the Caribbean
SO 320Sociology of Hip-Hop Culture
SO 325Counseling Older Clients (GT 325)
SO 330Perspectives on Violence (CJ 330)
SO 333Drugs, Alcohol and Society (CJ 333)
SO 335Systems in Criminal Justice (CJ 335)
SO 355Crime & Media (CJ 355)
SO 360Sociology of Mental Illness
SO 365Aging: Problems and Policies (GT 365)
SO 370Adoption in the Community
SO 375Sociology of the Everyday
SO 381Research Methods (GT 381)
SO 382Studying Social Issues with Statistics (GT 382)
SO 383Sociology of Law
SO 384Gay and Lesbian Identities and Communities in the 20th Century (PS 384)
SO 385Senior Capstone (GT 385)
SO 390Politics and Urban Change (PO 390)
SO 392Internship in the Community
SO 394Advanced Internship Seminar in the Community
SO 500Social Science Research Methods
SP 101Elementary Spanish I
SP 101LElementary Spanish Lab
SP 102Elementary Spanish II
SP 200The Culture and Civilization of Spain
SP 201Intermediate Spanish I
SP 201LIntermediate Spanish Lab
SP 202Intermediate Spanish II
SP 251Short Story in Spanish
SP 301Advanced Spanish I
SP 301LAdvanced Spanish Lab
SP 302Advanced Spanish II
SP 312Advanced Conversation
SP 317Approaches to Literary Genres
SP 321Masterpieces of Spanish Literature
SP 329Spanish American Literature from 1880 to Present
SP 335Nineteenth Century Literature of Spain
SP 343Culture of Spain
SP 348Spanish Drama and Poetry of the Golden Age
SP 370History of the Romance Languages
SP 371Contemporary Literature in Spanish
SP 373Latin American Cultures I
SP 374Latin American Cultures II
SP 376The Spanish Caribbean
SP 401Advanced Spanish Grammar
SP 450Senior Seminar
SP 501Spanish Grammar
SP 517Literary Genres
SP 528Spanish-American Literature
SP 535Nineteenth-Century Literature of Spain
SP 548Golden Age Drama and Poetry
SP 551LSpanish Lab
SP 552LSpanish Lab
SP 553LSpanish Lab
SP 565Contemp Spanish-American Fiction: Cien anos de soledad and La casa de los espiritus
SP 570The Modern Spanish Short Story
SP 571The Romance Languages
SP 572Hispanic Culture
SP 573Contemporary Drama
SP 576The Spanish Caribbean
SPED 452LInclusive Classroom Secondary Field Lab IV
SPED 482Special Education
SPED 545Introduction to the Exceptional Child
SPED 552Teaching in the Inclusive Classroom
SPED 565Specific Learning Disabilities: Identification, Instruction and Assessment
SPED 566Autism and Related Communication Disorders
SPED 567Independent Research in Special Education
SPED 568Assessment/Program Planning and Evaluation of Children With Special Needs
SPED 570Special Education Law
SPED 571Emotional and Behavioral Disorder Identification, Management, and Assessment
SPED 572Educating Young Children with Special Needs
SPED 573Reading Disorders: Assessment, Planning and Instruction
SPED 574Understanding and Teaching Students with Intellectual Disabilities
SPED 575Working with Gifted and Talented Students
SPED 576Implementing Assistive Technology and Screen Capture Tools
SPED 577Specific Learning Disabilities: Identification, Instruction and Assessment
SPED 579Practicum in Special Education I
SPED 580Practicum in Special Education II
SPED 581Research in Special Education
SPED 582Special Education
SPS 101Introduction to Sports Studies
SPS 106Electronic News Gathering for Sports (JRN 106)
SPS 200Special Topics in Sports Studies
SPS 201Medical Aspects of Sport & Activity (AT 201)
SPS 224Sports Law (LE 224)
SPS 226(UC) Baseball and Statistics (MA 226)
SPS 240Philosophy of Sport (PL 240)
SPS 300Special Topics in Sports Studies
SPS 307Sociology of Sport (SO 307)
SPS 311Sports Public Relations (STC 311)
SPS 312Sports Management (MG 312)
SPS 325Sports Economics (EC 325)
SPS 361Sports Reporting (JRN 361)
SPS 362The Story of Football (JRN 362)
SPS 400Special Topics in Sports Studies
SPS 420Sports, Media & Society (MSS 420)
SPS 488Internship
SPS 490Newsroom Clinical (JRN 590)
SPS 498Student Media Independent Study
STC 101Principles of Public Relations
STC 102Principles of Advertising and Integrated Communications
STC 201Writing for Strategic Communications
STC 215Web, Mobile, and Interactive Design
STC 320Strategies for Social Media
STC 332Communication Research and Analysis
STC 335Media Systems and Planning
STC 341Corporate Public Relations
STC 343Nonprofit Public Relations
STC 344Global Strategic Communications Management
STC 345Investor Relations
STC 346Strategic Health Communication
STC 347Fundraising
STC 348Public Relations Event Planning
STC 400Special Topics
STC 401Bateman Competition Research
STC 402Bateman Competition Campaigns
STC 410Branding Strategies
STC 450Crisis Communication Management
STC 485Advertising and Integrated Communications Campaigns
STC 495Public Relations Campaigns
STC 501Principles and Theories of Public Relations
STC 502Public Relations Research Methods
STC 503Public Relations Research Design
STC 504Law and Ethics in Public Relations
STC 505Public Relations Writing
STC 506Public Relations Management
STC 507Strategic Planning in Public Relations
STC 510Crisis Management
STC 511International Public Relations
STC 512Investor Relations
STC 513Health and Strategic Communications
STC 514Social and Mobile Media
STC 515Special Topics in Public Relations
STC 516Branding Strategies
STC 517Strategic Communication for Health Professionals
STC 518Measurement and Evaluation
STC 530Strategic Communications Independent Study
STC 603Candidacy Continuation
STR 610Business Sustainability
STR 620Technology and Innovation Management
STR 630Corporate Governance
SW 500Foundation Field Education Practicum I
SW 501Practice I: Individuals and Families
SW 502Foundation Field Education Practicum II
SW 503Practice II: Groups, Organizations, and Communities
SW 504Social Welfare Policy
SW 505Social Work Research
SW 506Human Behavior in the Social Environment I: Theories of Practice
SW 507Human Behavior in the Social Environment II: Issues of Diversity and Oppression
SW 508Psychopathology
SW 509Interprofessional Education (IPE) Option
SW 600Advanced Field Education Practicum In Health/Behavioral Health I
SW 601Advanced Clinical Social Work Practice
SW 602Advanced Field Education Practicum In Health/Behavioral Health II
SW 603Advanced Organizational Social Work Practice: Program Management, Supervision, Career Development and Professional Ethics
SW 604Evaluation Research for Social Work Programs and Practice
SW 605Integrative Seminar/Capstone Project
SW 609Interprofessional Education (IPE) Option
SW 610Social Work Issues for Services for the Aging Population: Aging in the Social Environment
SW 611Social Work in Health-Related Settings
SW 612Social Work Practice in Child and Family Welfare Settings
SW 613Social Work Practice in Schools
SW 614Social Work Issues in Health & Illness
SW 620International Social Welfare
SW 621Health Policy
SW 622Multicultural Practice in Communities and Organizations
SW 623Child and Family Social Services Policy
SW 630Clinical Social Work With Military Service Members and Families
SW 631Clinical Social Work with Aging and Families
SW 632Art Therapy for Clinical Social Work Practice
SW 633Clinical Social Work Practice and Stress Management Techniques
SW 634Clinical Social Work with Substance Abuse and Addictive Behaviors Abuse and Addictive Behaviors
SW 635Clinical Social Work Evidence- Based Treatment with Children and Adolescents
SW 636Clinical Social Work in Relation to Death, Dying, Bereavement, and Life-Threatening Illness
SW 637Clinical Social Work with Couples
SW 638Clinical Social Work Treatment of Adults with Chronic Mental Illness
SW 639Inter-Personal Therapy (IPT) for Clinical Social Work Practice
SW 640Clinical Social Work Practice with Adult Trauma
SW 699Special Topics in Social Work
WS 101(UC) Introduction to Women's Studies
WS 210Human Sexuality (PS 210)
WS 219Women in Political Thought (PO 219)
WS 232Women in the Criminal Justice System (CJ/SO 232)
WS 235(UC) Literature by Women (EN 235)
WS 250Gender and the Law (LE 250)
WS 255(UC) Sociology of Families (SO 255)
WS 262(UC) Psychology of Women (PS 262)
WS 285(UC) Protest and Change (SO285)
WS 287Women & Public Policy (PO 287)
WS 301Seminar in Women's Studies
WS 304Sociology of Gender (SO 304)
WS 308U.S. Women's History (HS 308)
WS 309Women in America: 1920-Present (HS309)
WS 310Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Gender, Sex, and Sexuality (AN 310)
WS 311Diversity in the Media (MSS 311)
WS 315Women Artists (AR 325)
WS 326Witches and Werewolves in the Early Modern World (HS 326)
WS 330Philosophy and Gender (PL 330)
WS 335Images of Women in Psychology and Literature (EN 335)
WS 338American Literature by Women of Color (EN 338)
WS 345Media Audiences (MSS 345)
WS 370Intimate Partner Violence Seminar (PS 370)
WS 384Gay and Lesbian Identities and Communities in the 20th Century (SO 384/PS 384)
WS 387Women and Public Policy (PO 387)
WS 395Feminist Theory and the Body
WS 398Internship in Women's Studies