LAWS 565 - Social Justice
(3 cr.) Competing theories of justice have implications for how the law does and should resolve a host of concrete issues. In this seminar, we shall first compare the theories of Ackerman (Social Justice in the Liberal State), Rawls, (A theory of Justice), and other contemporary and traditional theorists. We shall then consider how application of these theories would affect resolution of such issues as the following: 1) the proper accomodation of state and parental control over the rearingm, education, and medicating of children, 2) the scope of just compensation for taking of private property, 3) the property/ necessity of Affirmative Action to compensate members of disadvantaged groups, 4) the role of the state in distribution and redistribution of wealth, 5) the balance between interests of living generations and those of future generations in environmental/resource decision-making, 6) competing claims of those accused of crime and victims of crime, and 7) such other topics as seem particularly interesting to the professor of the class. Every Year, All

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