PL 234 - Philosophies of Health, Healing and Medicine
(3 cr.) Students examine the concept of health and the assumptions, values and consequences involved in some of the more important ways of defining, preserving and restoring it. This leads to explorations of some of the significant understandings of medicine in relation to healing and to health. Among the understandings considered are: the Western scientific model; ancient models that are seen as offering provocative alternatives--Ayurvedic, Chinese, aboriginal; more recent alternatives developed within the West--Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Reiki, etc.; and faith-based approaches--Christian science, miracle cures, etc. Although focused on health, healing and medicine, this course ultimately deals with the nature of the good society and welcomes all who are concerned with this perennial question. Prerequisite: PL 101, FYS 101 or QU 101; Every Other Year, Spring

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