LAWS 569 - Public Law Seminar
(2 cr.) This seminar will examine selected problems relating to state and local government law in a federal system, and sociopsychological factors in the development of public law. There will be assigned readings for discussion at the seminars. Seminar participants will conduct field studies of selected federal, state, and local governmental and land-use topics. A student might choose to investigate, for example, the resolution of conflicts between state agencies and local governments in the disposition of solid waste, a state's wetlands program, intergovernmental contracts to provide needed public works, the cause and management of local deficits, the structure and reform of local taxation, the budgetary process of a municipality, the initiation, drafting and implementation of local ordinances regulating traffic in a municipality, variances granted by zoning appeals board, or the legality of land-use controls designed to limit growth. In undertaking such projects, a seminar participant may work with practicing attorneys involved in such matters. Seminar participants will complete a research paper in connection with such a project, which will satisfy the advanced writing requirement. The paper topics will be discussed in later seminar sessions. Prerequisite: LAWS 343; Every Year, All

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