LAWS 400 - American Legal History
(3 cr.) This seminar examines the historical interaction between the American social and legal systems in the treatment of race relations. The seminar reviews the major Supreme Court cases applying and interpreting the constitutional rights created under the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments, with an emphasis on the historical and social contexts in which the decisions were rendered. The course involves an intensive analysis of the early precedents establishing the foundation for the more recent decisions and of the legal questions and social implications raised by these cases. The interface between the American legal system and American race relations has historically been an evolving and controversial process which will be illustrated through the issues raised by the cases studied. The seminar is designed to engage the students not only about the history of this area of the law, but also about how this history influences current legal issues in American race relations and the students' own perceptions about racial issues generally. Every Year, All

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