LAWS 479 - Marital Property
(2 cr.) Marital Property has been defined as Any interest, (right, power, privlege, or immunity) or aggregate of interests which arise in one spouse, with respects to things owned or acquired by the other spouse, solely by virtue of existence of the marital relation, but excluding from it the 'Bare Expectancy' of inheriting upon the death interstate of the other (Marsh, 1952). This seminar, designed for third year students, will explore the variety of American Marital Property Regimes, whether instituted by voluntary act of spouses, operation of the law, or judicial discretion; and the incidents of these regimes during the ongoing marriage and upon termination of the marriage through divorce or death. Either a paper, which will satisfy the advanced writing requirement, or short memoranda on mini-research topics will be required in lieu of an exam. Every Year, All

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