LAWS 251 - Symposium
(1 cr.) This year's Symposium will focus on seven of the major cases to be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court this year. We plan to devote two classes for each of our seven cases. At the first class for each case, the professors will lecture about the case's factual/legal background and why it's of significance to warrant Supreme Court review. (On occasion we may have appearances from guests who are involved as party or amicus counsel to the real case.) At the second class for each case, students will present moot-court-style oral argument (based on the briefs submitted by the real parties to the case). All students are required to attend every class, to read the briefs and related materials for each case, to prepare and present an oral argument (10-15 minutes) for one of the seven cases, and to act as justices with prepared questions for the oral arguments presented by other students for other cases. This course is suggested for students with an interest in how the Supreme Court works and in appellate practice in general.

This course is currently not being offered. Please try again next session.