AT 201 - Medical Aspects of Sports and Activity (SPS 201)
(3 cr.) This course is aimed at individuals who are interested in working in a sports-related field (e.g., coaches, journalists or managers). It provides an overview of a variety of sports medicine-related topics, including common sports injuries, an introduction to sports psychology and current events in the sports medicine. Students who take AT 201 cannot also receive credit for AT 214. Prerequisite: 1 group; BIO 101, BIO 101L; BIO 105, BIO 105L; BIO 106, BIO 106L; CHE 101, CHE 101L; PHY 101, PHY 101L; BMS 110, BMS 110L; BMS 117, BMS 117L; BMS 118, BMS 118L; SCI 101, SCI 101L; SCI 102, SCI 102L; SCI 105, SCI 105L; Every Year, Fall and Spring

Fall 2016