SPS 201 - Medical Aspects of Sport & Activity (AT 201)
(3 cr.) This course is geared toward students who want to work in a sports-related field (i.e., coaches, journalists and managers). It provides an overview of a variety of sports medicine-related topics, including common sports injuries, an introduction to sports psychology and current events in sports medicine. Students cannot receive credit for both AT 201 and AT 214. Prerequisite: 1 group; BIO 101, BIO 101L; BIO 105, BIO 105L; BIO 106, BIO 106L; CHE 101, CHE 101L; PHY 101, PHY 101L; BMS 110, BMS 110L; BMS 117, BMS 117L; BMS 118, BMS 118L; SCI 101, SCI 101L; SCI 102, SCI 102L; SCI 105, SCI 105L; Every Year, Fall

Fall 2016