HS 209 - (UC) Twentieth-Century Europe
(3 cr.) Events in Europe during the 20th century radically transformed the world. The century began, and perhaps ended, in periods of vibrant intellectual, social and cultural development and optimism. In between these eras, however, Europe was at the center of the two bloodiest wars humanity has ever known and the rise of brutal totalitarian states. Students examine the complex cross currents in European society during the period roughly from the 1890s to the present, focusing on the political, social, intellectual and economic developments in European society that helped shape this turbulent century. Students also learn about the impact of non-European peoples, particularly those of Africa and Asia, on internal European developments. Prerequisite: 1 group; QU 101 or FYS 101; one course from HS level 100; Every Year, All

Fall 2016   |   Spring 2017