HS 331 - The British Empire and Commonwealth
(3 cr.) Students study the expansion, consolidation, workings and eventual disintegration of the modern British Empire. The course begins in 1600, with the creation of the English East India Company. Students learn about the growth of the Empire in detail, touching on the colonial experiences of India, the West Indies, China, the Middle East and the African continent. Finally, students examine the emergence of nationalism in the colonized regions and the subsequent collapse of empire in the 20th century. Special emphasis is placed on how the major colonies were affected by British rule, as well as the contributions that subject peoples and cultures made to the unfolding of colonial history and the trajectory of Empire. Students should expect to attend lecture regularly, participate in weekly class discussions, as well as demonstrate mastery over the material in written assignments. Prerequisite: one course from HS level 200; Every Other Year, All

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