HS 333 - The Middle East, 1300-1919; Critical Issues
(3 cr.) Students analyze the economic, cultural and political developments in the Middle East between 1300 and 1919, beginning with the rise of the Ottoman Empire in roughly 1300 through the gradual shift from Ottoman to European influence in the 19th century. Students also discuss the rise of nationalism and the effect of World War I on the political map of the Middle East, paying close attention to events in Saudi Arabia and modern-day Israel. Emphasis is placed on certain critical issues in the study of the Middle East, such as the status of women, terrorism and the place of Islam in Middle Eastern history. Participants take a close look at both contemporary viewpoints and historiographical debates surrounding these issues. Students should expect to attend lecture regularly, participate in weekly class discussions, as well as demonstrate mastery over the material in written assignments. Prerequisite: one course from HS level 200; Every Other Year, All

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