PT 628 - Acute Care & Cardiopulmonary II
(3 cr.) This course builds on material presented in PT 531 and continues to examine the evaluation, treatment planning and physical therapy intervention of the acute care and cardiopulmonary patient. Physical therapy students examine the cardiopulmonary changes that are present over the lifespan of the individual, and the manner in which the physical therapist intervenes. Physical therapy management of acute care patients in specialized units such as the transplant unit, the neonatal unit and the pediatric unit are explored, as well as the ways in which the physical therapist interacts with other members of the acute care health team. Goal setting and discharge planning in the unique setting of acute care are examined. Physical therapy students explore the challenging cardiopulmonary issues that are present in treating the bariatric patient, and also review the cardiopulmonary ramifications of treating the patient with sleep apnea. Every Year, Spring

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