LAWS 326 - Ethics & Corporate Compliance
(2 cr.) This course examines: (i) the historical development of ethics and compliance programs in organizations, (ii) the organization and function of a compliance program and a compliance program?s role in operations, including the types of compliance structures and processes used to comply with different regulatory and legal requirements, (iii) the roles that organizational leaders (CEOs, Boards of Directors and committees), managers, lawyers, and compliance officers play in establishing and maintaining an organization?s ethics and compliance program, (iv) different examples of substantive legal and regulatory requirements and how organizations and their compliance programs respond to those legal requirements, and (v) the importance of an effective compliance program in reducing an organization?s exposure to legal and regulatory damages and penalties, criminal sanctions, other administrative remedies, and reputational loss as well as the important role that compliance professionals play in interacting with law enforcement, regulators, management and employees.

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