SB 425 - CEO Lessons in Leadership
(3 cr.) This course offers students unique insights into the important topic of leadership, from both theoretical and practical perspectives. Specific skill development includes traits and values of leaders; emotional and social intelligence; crisis management; motivation and influence; building and working in teams; and followership, among other topics. Students explore leadership in practice through cases that simulate and reflect real world leadership challenges. Complementing this is the direct involvement of senior executives drawn from American corporate hierarchies who offer their unique insights into leadership done well and its specific challenges following the seminar format of the course. This is a unique opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the key business dimension of leadership while at the same time networking with actual organizational leaders. Prerequisite: MK 201, FIN 201, IB 201, MG 210, CIS 101, AC 102 or AC 212; As Needed

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