LAWS 615 - Conn. Adjudicative Criminal Procedure
(2 cr.) This course will introduce students to the fundamentals necessary to practice criminal law in the State of Connecticut. It examines both the theoretical and practical aspects of Connecticut criminal procedure. The students will be familiarized with the criminal statutes, the criminal provisions of the Connecticut Practice Book and seminal state and federal criminal cases dealing with the Connecticut pretrial process. There will be practical exercises and mock pretrial proceedings which apply the materials covered in class. This course will encompass many of areas of pretrial practice including arraignments; bond arguments; discovery; plea negotiations; pretrial diversionary programs; hearings on motions to suppress physical evidence, identification evidence and/or statements; competency; violations of probation; and sentencing. Prerequisite or Corequisite: Criminal Procedure-Adjudicative or Criminal Procedure-Investigative

Law Spring 2017