HS 361 - African History to 1850
(3 cr.) This course provides an overview of the history of sub-Saharan Africa during the precolonial period, and entails a close inquiry into the major theoretical issues and conceptual questions involved in the study of African history. Classroom study is organized chronologically but focuses on several major themes: the relationship between Africa's linkages to the world and local historical dynamics on the continent; changing political structures and popular agency within them; slavery and economic transformations; gender and social change; shifting constructions of race, ethnicity, and identity; and the stakes of conceptualizing African history in the present. Particular attention is paid to a number of case studies from across the sub-Saharan African continent. Students draw upon a range of materials including secondary historical literature, primary sources and visual arts. Prerequisite: one course from HS level 200; Every Other Year, Fall

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