ANE 570 - Anesthesia Principles & Practice I
(3 cr.) This is the first of a three-semester sequence of courses in which students are introduced to the clinical management of patients within the entire range of age and illness undergoing a wide spectrum of surgical procedures. Students learn to develop efficacious and safe anesthetic plans for medically diverse patients. Students are presented with unique issues from each type of patient, and learn how to modify a plan to accommodate these complexities. Students learn to identify specific concerns unique to each surgical subspecialty. The course consists of both didactic lectures and small group discussions, which focus on the specific needs of certain patient populations and the unique requirements they impose on the anesthesia team. The first segment includes anesthesia and co-morbidities for gastrointestinal surgery, gynecologic surgery, common orthopedic surgery, genitourinary surgery, ophthalmic surgery and otolaryngology surgery. Every Year, Fall

Fall 2016