ANE 690 - Clinical Anesthesia IV
(6 cr.) During the second year (final 12 months) of the program, students are in the operating room full time. Clinical rotations are assigned in three- or four-week blocks. Rotations include open and laparoscopic surgery for: general surgery; orthopedic surgery; ophthalmology; genitourinary surgery; gynecology; ear, nose and throat; vascular surgery; thoracic surgery, trauma surgery and transplantation as well as anesthetizing sites outside of the operating room in radiology, the gastrointestinal lab and the electrophysiology lab. Students also have mandatory four-week rotations in recognized subspecialty areas of anesthesia: pediatrics; obstetrics; neurosurgery; and cardiac surgery. Clinical rotations are scheduled in both academic and private practice hospitals in many states across the country. Every Year, Fall

Fall 2016