LAWS 622 - Advanced Topics in Mediation
(1 cr.) This seminar will require the students to draw on their prior Mediation Course or training (required pre-requisite) and their externship experiences in the field (pre- or co-requisite) and will focus on the integration of their practice with new and advanced concepts. The emphasis of the course is to: ?tCompare and contrast the differences between the theory of mediation and the practice of mediation; ?tStudy in greater depth the ethical issues encountered in mediation; ?tOffer opportunities to continue to develop core Mediation skills, including, for example, in more complex, multi-party settings; ?tExamine the policies and contexts where mediation is in full use, and where there is resistance to its use; and ?tExplore opportunities for the expansion of the use of mediation and dialogue tools in a greater range of problem-solving contexts, such as consensus building, public dialogue. Prerequisite: LAWS 523, LAWS 524.

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