SW 502 - Foundation Field Education Practicum II
(3 cr.) This is the second term of the foundation field placement in a social service agency. The placement is designed to provide a generalist social work experience; it is usually offered in the academic year from September-May for 16 hours a week (total of at least 400 hours). The foundation practicum provides an opportunity to develop skills by applying what is being taught in the classroom, particularly from the practice classes that are taken concurrently with this practicum. The primary objective is to learn and demonstrate competence of a generic problem-solving model of practice and the related generalist skills. Students also take a 90-minute field seminar, held monthly prior to the required practice class, as part of the practicum. Taken concurrently with SW 503. Prerequisite: SW 500, SW 501; SW 503; Every Year, Spring

Spring 2017