SW 503 - Practice II: Groups, Organizations, and Communities
(3 cr.) This course reviews small group theory and research; presents an ecological perspective on groups in clinical and organizational settings; explores group typologies, and teaches concepts of group structure and process. Students are introduced to a wide variety of tools and methods for helping groups achieve their purposes while maintaining the integrity of their interpersonal relations. The course incorporates a fundamental commitment to respecting human differences of all kinds and affirming their importance to group accomplishments and the workings of a pluralistic society. The course also stresses beginning skills and knowledge for practice within social service networks and communities, the context in which all social work practice occurs. Understanding and intervening in the environment are skills consonant with the ecological perspective that provides focus for the foundation curriculum. This course stresses that social system malfunctions and inequities are important sources of individual and familial distress. To proceed into advanced field instruction, the student must pass Practice II and SW 502. Taken concurrently with SW 502. Prerequisite: SW 500, SW 501; SW 502; Every Year, Spring

Spring 2017