SW 506 - Human Behavior in the Social Environment I: Theories of Practice
(3 cr.) Within the person/environment framework, this course provides a foundation for social work practice through an understanding of the major theories of individual and family functioning that encompass biophysical, cognitive, emotional, social and spiritual dimensions. Specific attention is paid to the roles that culture and cultural identity play in human development and what constitutes normal behavior. Students master the central concepts and core ideas of theories that provide the conceptual base for many tools of intervention utilized in work with individuals and families, groups, communities and organizations. Students master relevant concepts of genetics and neurobiology to facilitate understanding of human functioning at the biological level. The course emphasizes the interrelationships among social institutions, social structure and social processes on the one hand, and the realities of the lives of families, groups, communities, organizations and societies, on the other. Must be taken prior to or concurrent with SW 500 and SW 501. Every Year, Fall

Fall 2016