SW 601 - Advanced Clinical Social Work Practice
(3 cr.) This course integrates the knowledge, values and skills of the foundation curriculum with clinical perspectives traditionally associated with social work. Students work directly with adult individuals from diverse client populations and from all socioeconomic levels. Emphasis is placed on social work practice in behavioral health consultation in the health care system. Students acquire major skills such as how to make comprehensive psychosocial assessments and devise treatment plans for clients. The specific models of clinical practice addressed in this course are: cognitive/behavioral, constructivist and psychodynamic. Additional topics include crisis intervention, interpersonal therapy and trans-theoretical models, as well as motivational interviewing. Attention is given to developing students' critical thinking skills and their ability to apply ethical standards to clinical practice. Course is taken concurrently with SW 600. Prerequisite: SW 502, SW 503; SW 600; Every Year, Fall

Fall 2016