SW 612 - Social Work Practice in Child and Family Welfare Settings
(3 cr.) This advanced social work practice course focuses on the characteristics, strengths, and service needs of families and children in the child welfare system. It examines issues and builds practice skills related to families who may be served within traditional child welfare programs, i.e., family preservation, child protective services, out-of-home care, and adoption as well as community agencies. The course considers family events within their ecological context and works to build sensitivity to various family forms and cultural patterns. Skills that are emphasized include: engaging families as partners, interviewing, assessing risk and safety, assessing the child and family, planning and delivering effective treatment, managing the case, evaluating change and risk reduction, and deciding when to close the case. This course (or SW 613, with permission) is required for those specializing in Child and Family Welfare and Justice. Prerequisite: SW 502, SW 503; Every Other Year, Spring

Spring 2017