SW 632 - Art Therapy for Clinical Social Work Practice
(3 cr.) This advanced clinical social work practice course explores the principles of art therapy and considers the adjunctive use of art in a therapeutic setting. Ethical guidelines will be presented on the appropriate therapeutic use of art in a social work setting. The spectrum of art therapy and social work theory as related to the developmental lifespan will be reviewed with emphasis on trauma- informed, attachment, strengths-based, humanistic, psychodynamic, CBT, DBT, mindfulness, multi-sensory and neuroscience approaches. Specific populations, psychosocial issues, multicultural approaches and diverse settings will be discussed. Clinical studies supporting best practice approaches in the field will be emphasized with emerging evidence-based treatments discussed. Note: Basic skills will be taught/ informed by professional ethical standards. Art therapy as a profession requires a Master?s degree training program in art therapy. Do not expect to be able to practice as an art therapist at the completion of this course. Previous training in the visual arts and artistic ability are not required. Prerequisite: SW 502, SW 503; As Needed, Fall

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