SW 638 - Clinical Social Work Treatment of Adults with Chronic Mental Illness
(3 cr.) The focus of this advanced clinical practice course is on social work treatment and care of adults with serious mental illnesses using empirical knowledge of recovery-oriented and evidence-based practices (EBPs) and evidence-based interventions (EBI). This course teaches practice models and methods of intervention for effective social work practice in community mental health services, including the promotion of mental health, the prevention of mental illnesses, and the delivery of psychosocial treatments and rehabilitation services across diverse populations. This course has a specific emphasis on services to individuals who suffer from severe and persistent mental illness, substance abuse in conjunction with mental illness (dual-diagnosis population) and/or who are recovering from the effects of severe traumatic events. Privilege and social justice as they affect access to treatment will be discussed. Mental health disparities by race and social class will be considered throughout the course. Prerequisite: SW 600, SW 601; As Needed, Spring

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