LAWS 378 - Climate Change
(2 cr.) This course will explore legal and policy developments pertaining to climate change and the regulation of greenhouse gas emissions. Approaches considered will range in jurisdictional scale (state and local, regional, national, international), temporal scope (incremental measures, near-term targets, multi-decade emissions goals), policy orientation (voluntary initiatives, disclosures rules, subsidization, tort litigation, command-and-control regulation, cap-and-trade schemes, emissions taxes), regulatory target (industry and manufacturing, commercial and retail firms, financial and insurance companies, consumers and workers), and regulatory objective (stabilization of greenhouse gas concentrations, reduction of emissions levels or intensity, energy security, optimal balancing of costs and benefits, adaption to unavoidable impacts). Although course readings and discussion will focus on existing and actual proposed legal responses to climate change, the overarching aim of the course will be to anticipate how climate change will affect our laws and our lives in the long run. Students will be required to complete a research paper on a related topic of their choosing, which may satisfy the substantial paper component of the Advanced Writing Requirement.

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