BIO 385 - Experiential Inquiry in Biology
(1 cr.) All students majoring in biological science are required to take one experiential learning course. In this course, guided individual and group assignments in Blackboard focus on synthesis of foundational knowledge in biology, development of scientific literacy, critical and creative thinking and communication skills and preparation for careers in science as responsible citizens. This course must be completed during the ongoing experiential learning project/experience, which must relate to the biological sciences and occur outside the classroom. The experiential learning project and course credit must be approved by the academic coordinator prior to enrollment. Prerequisite: 1 group; BIO 150, BIO 151, BIO 298; Minimum grade C-; BIO 101, BIO 101L, BIO 102, BIO 102L, BIO 298; Minimum grade C-; Every Year, All

Fall 2016   |   Spring 2017