LAWS 445 - Film Music Law in the Digita
(2 cr.) This is an advanced copyright seminar that explores the relationship among law, art, and commerce, with a particular focus on how law regulates artistic expression in the use of music in film. The course also investigates how the development of digital media and attendant distribution mechanisms have challenged the legal framework and impacted creative expression. Our focus in film will begin with an investigation of how film producers must clear music - obtain legal rights to its use - before placing it in a film. In this course you will learn the legal concepts that govern the clearing process, read a screenplay and corresponding director's track listing of music to be used in the film, and your graded assignment will be to clear a song for the film and to write a reflective essay about the experience. Co/Prerequisites: Intellectual Property or Entertainment law Prerequisite: LAWS 506, LAWS 331; LAWS 506, LAWS 331.

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