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Nominate Someone for the Excellence in Teaching Award

The Excellence in Teaching Award will recognize any Quinnipiac faculty member (full time or part time) for the excellence of their teaching of Quinnipiac students. Excellence may include teaching that is clearly beyond the high standard the university already assumes or that is extraordinary in the innovative methods it brings to the Quinnipiac classroom.

Suggested nomination deadline: April 30

Please note the following:
  • The awards committee shall consider nominations from students, alumni, or faculty/staff. No self nominations will be considered.

  • Each nomination should state why the nominator believes the nominee has demonstrated excellence and/or innovation in teaching.

  • Nominations should be 2 pages or less and are evaluated based upon substantive, specific examples supporting the various criteria.

  • Generalized positive comments do not aid in establishing how and why the nominee deserves an award.

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