Jordan Nadler on safari in Africa

Alumni Spotlight

In much of Africa, the average farmer has little chance of digging out of poverty. Jordan Nadler ’13 is in the business of offering them some hope for a better life.

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QU students work at an archeological site in Hungary

Learning From What Remains

Students and faculty helped investigate Hungarian burial sites from the Middle Bronze Age to study how people once lived.

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Peter Cunniff

Student Spotlight

Unlike most students, Peter Cunniff knows what it feels like to have someone's life rest in his hands.

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John Chiari collect water samples from the Quinnipiac River as part of a grant-funded research project.

Troubled Waters

University researchers are investigating pollution in the Quinnipiac River. They hope that their findings will add to the knowledge of potential environmental pollutants and benefit those who use the river for recreation and fishing.

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A nursing student tests out the game

Gaming the System

The product of a year-long collaboration between the School of Nursing and the game design and development program is giving nursing students a break from their textbooks and putting them in the middle of a fun and hectic hospital setting.

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Allyson Wolf

Student Spotlight

For Allyson Wolf, there's nothing more fascinating than the human brain. The behavioral neuroscience student is using research to unlock some of the brain's biggest mysteries.

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Dean's Message

Arts and sciences majors acquire strong career skills that translate well into careers. Hear more from Dean Robert Smart.

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A Learning Community

The College of Arts and Sciences is a learning community that emphasizes the acquisition of content knowledge and intellectual skills, the cultivation of an interior life and personal ethics, and the development of a strong sense of civic and global engagement and responsibility. We foster deep, reflective learning as a means to prepare students to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world. 

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