The study of arts and sciences is truly an open door to your future. Courses in all arts and sciences disciplines promote the development of highly attractive, transferable skills such as problem solving, effective communication and analytical thinking. Along with these skills comes career-focused preparation including internships and experiential learning, research opportunities with faculty, professional development workshops, career fairs, and networking events all designed to prepare students for life after graduation.

In the College of Arts and Sciences we are delighted to help students realize their dreams by providing personalized guidance, beginning in the fall of freshman year, through a four-year career development plan. This framework serves as a guide for students to help keep them on track throughout their time here and help them through a progressive exploration of the five stages of career development: self-assessment, career path exploration, skill development, experiential learning and job market readiness.

Our graduates have achieved remarkable outcomes post-graduation with more than 98% finding success in full-time jobs or graduate school within 6 months of graduation.

For more information, please contact the director of career development.

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