Hillary Jeanne Haldane

Hillary Jeanne Haldane

Associate Professor of Anthropology
Director of Anthropology

BA, San Diego State University; MA, PhD, University of California Santa Barbara

Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Anthropology
College of Arts & Sciences 1  337


AN 101(UC) Local Cultures, Global Issues: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology   -   Fall 2016
AN 337Anthropology of Health and Medicine   -   Fall 2016


Dr. Haldane is a medical anthropologist with expertise in the fields of gender-based violence, indigenous rights, and the culture concept. She became interested in anthropology, and specifically the cultures of the South Pacific, when her family moved to Aotearoa New Zealand from California in 1982. (If you are from Stokes Valley, get in touch! Tawhai Forever!) Since 1997 she has conducted research in Dunedin, Auckland and Christchurch, examining the bicultural [Maori and Tauiwi]/multicultural [Maori, Pasifika, Pakeha, Asian, MELAA] provisioning of services to survivors of violence, with a theoretical focus on the culture concept. Aotearoa means the "land of the long white cloud" and Maori share a linguistic history with peoples in the Eastern Pacific stretching far north to the islands of Hawai'i. Dr. Haldane has studied anthropology at San Diego State University, University of California Santa Barbara, University of Texas at Austin, University of Sussex (England), and University of Otago (New Zealand). Dr. Haldane's current focus is on the way indigenous frontline workers translate national plans to end violence into their localized, quotidian labor. Dr. Haldane was recently awarded a Fulbright Scholars Fellowship in order to undertake this research in Mackay, Australia in 2017.

Cross-Cultural Studies in Gender-Based Violence

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