A minor program in international studies is designed to stress connections between "classroom" learning and the international experiences as well as to increase program options available to students with an interest in international studies who are planning on going to law school or pursuing a graduate degree in fields such as English, history, legal studies, communications, political science, psychology, social services, sociology and Spanish, as well as programs in business and the health sciences. International studies minors are required to complete 18 credits in four years. Students are encourage to meet with the international studies adviser to declare the minor by the end of their sophomore year or early in their junior year.

Course Structure:
Students are required to satisfy the following requirements within the 18-credit minor; at least 6 credits must be completed at the 300 level.

1. Two world language courses at the 200-level or above. In languages without advanced course offerings, students may complete two courses in a second language where the first language was pursued through the 102 course.

2. One course that explores a non-American culture. Courses offered in history, art, comparative literature or anthropology can all satisfy this requirement. Examples include (3 credits each):

  • AN 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • AN 223 Latin American Societies and Cultures
  • AN 229 Peoples of Africa
  • AN 304 Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Gender, Sex and Sexuality
  • AN 337 Anthropology of Health & Medicine
  • HS 227 Russian Cultural & Intellectual History
  • HS 229 The Irish
  • HS 235 History of Modern China
  • HS 236 History of Modern Japan
  • HS 273 African History & Culture
  • SP 363 20th-Century Latin American Fiction
  • SP 375 Pre-Columbian America

3. One course in international business/economics at the introductory or advanced level depending on the student's major concentration (3 credits each):

  • EC 250 International Economics
  • IB 201 International Business
  • IB 280 International Field Experience
  • IB 311 International Marketing
  • IB 324 International Business Negotiation
  • IB 325 International Trade, Investment and Competition

4. One course in geography, philosophy or political science. Examples include (3 credits each):

  • GP 101 Introduction to Geography
  • GP 200 Special Topics in Geography
  • PL 265 Living Religions of the World
  • PL 320 Thought & Work of Albert Schweitzer
  • PL 337 Human Rights: Theory & Practice
  • PO 211 Introduction to International Relations
  • PO 311 Topics in International Relations
  • PO 317 International Law
  • PO 318 Development of International Organizations
  • PO 331 Topics in Comparative Government
  • PO 332 European Politics
  • PO 333 Middle Eastern History & Politics
  • PO 334 Topics in African Politics

5. One capstone course in international studies: PO 321 (Comparative Government) is a required course for all students who choose to minor in international studies.

Students are encouraged, but not required, to take off-campus studies, either in the form of a study abroad or an internship in, for example, Washington, D.C.

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