Career Possibilities

Although some of the entrepreneurship and small business management majors will indeed launch their own new business or firm upon graduation, most opt to begin their careers in already established organizations.

Many Quinnipiac students come from a family business background and use this program as a vehicle to develop ideas and plans to be implemented when they rejoin the business. Others find that the entrepreneurial perspective they gain through this program, along with the rich portfolio of learning experiences, provides unique differentiation to prospective employers in a wide range of both industry and job descriptions.

Successful completion of the major provides students with documented evidence of their ability to integrate and apply their business acumen in both directed and self-managed activities. This, coupled with a rich network of faculty, staff, businesses and entrepreneurs eager to assist them in attaining their career goals from the moment they enter the program, provides students with the tools they need to successfully navigate a rewarding career in today's business environment.

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