Why wait to graduate before you can work in finance? Get a head start. An internship adds to your resume the one thing most college graduates lack - experience. It sets you apart from job applicants without an internship. It also creates opportunities to network with people who can lead you to greater opportunities. Even better, when your internship is over, a company might be so impressed by your work, it will hire you after you graduate.

Look at what internships did for Tim Ludwig '98, district manager for Novak Charter Oak Insurance & Financial Services in New Haven, Conn., a subsidiary of MassMutual Financial Group:

"My internship at Mutual of New York in Darien, Conn., worked out so well that Mutual of New York hired me after graduation. I was licensed to sell investments and insurance and started building a client base before I graduated, which all was a result of my internships. I had seen all aspects of the business and was six months ahead of schedule before graduation compared to someone just out of college with no internship experience."

An internship helps you decide if finance is the right career for you and which branch of finance you want to pursue. Do you want to work in corporate finance or investments? Portfolio management or risk management? Banking or insurance?

Quinnipiac students have done internships at such prestigious companies as Aetna, Citigroup, GE, JPMorgan Chase, Mellon Financial, Morgan Stanley, New York Stock Exchange, St. Paul Travelers, The Hartford and United Technologies.

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