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BS in Management

Businesses around the globe and across all industries need individuals who have been trained to understand the "big picture" open systems integration of how organizations function. A degree in management provides an opportunity for students to develop managerial expertise through the required curriculum, which has a focus on the essential business functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling within a dynamic, global business environment.

Our department is committed to educational excellence and fosters the development of analytical skills, critical thinking, and leadership core competencies for managing projects, operations, information and an increasingly diverse workforce.

Our Vision
Our collective vision in the management department is to establish and maintain national prominence in each of our core discipline areas.

We intend to achieve this vision through the development and continuous improvement of key initiatives that support:

  • Excellence in advising
  • Excellence in curriculum
  • Excellence in curriculum delivery
  • Excellence in student learning assessment  

Our Mission
The department's mission is driven by a faculty commitment to serving students in ways that develop them as whole managers and leaders capable of excelling in and integrating both behavioral and technical skills.

Students completing a degree in management will gain foundational knowledge of management theory and research. In addition, they will garner real world, hands-on application of those skills to assist organizations in achieving their strategic plans and goals. In particular, students completing a degree in management will be able to:

  • administer a variety of management systems to assess employee and organizational needs in different types of organizational environments;
  • communicate models, theories and concepts in both written and oral formats to management at any level; 
  • develop recommendations for improvement to organizational processes, practices or policies;
  • demonstrate persuasion, empathy, fairness and an ability to handle conflict when dealing with and responding to coworkers, supervisors, subordinates, customers or suppliers; and
  • acquire advanced knowledge of theoretical underpinnings and current best practices in organizational processes.

Curriculum + Requirements

Students majoring in management are required to complete 125 credits.

Business Core Curriculum (46 credits)

University Curriculum (37 credits)

Management Core (15 credits):

Course Title Credits
MG 301 Group and Virtual Team Processes 3
MG 302 Human Resource Management 3
MG 321 Decision Making for Managers 3
MG 335 Project Management 3
MG 402 Management Senior Seminar 3

Management Electives or Concentrations
Take five courses from MG level 200 or higher (not included in the Management Core) or complete a track in Human Resource Management (HRM) or Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSCM).

Required Courses for HRM Track (15 credits):

Course Title Credits
MG 306 Staffing: Recruitment, Selection & Placement 3
MG 311 Advancing Employment Relations 3
MG 345 Training & Development 3
MG 355 Compensation & Benefits 3
IB 352 International Management 3
Total: 15

Required Courses for OSCM Track (12 credits):

Course Title Credits
MG 340 Supply Chain Logistics and Technology 3
MG 341 Service Operations Management 3
MG 342 Supply Chain Analytics 3
IB 345 Global Supply Chain 3
Total: 12

Minor in Management

The minor in management requires a total of 18 credits including: 

  • MG 210 Essentials of Management & Organizational Behavior (3 credits)
  • Plus, five management courses.

Enrollment + Number of Graduates

Number of Management Program Graduates:

  • 2015-16: 41
  • 2014-15: 42
  • 2013-14: 26
  • 2012-13: 37
  • 2011-12: 40

Student Enrollment in Management in 2015-2016: 197
Median Starting Salary for International Business Program Graduates: $35,750

School of Business Freshman Retention Rate: 83%
School of Business 6-year Graduation Rate: 69%
School of Business Graduate Placement Rate: 98%