The common requirements for graduation with the bachelor of science degree for all business majors include completion of the University curriculum (that covers fundamental areas such as English, quantitative literacy, science, social sciences, the humanities and the arts), the business core curriculum and the major requirements. The business core challenges each student to develop a knowledge and skill base for further study within the business disciplines, and the major requirements provide students with specialized knowledge within a field of business.

In addition to the traditional business core course work in accounting, business law, economics, finance, international business, management and marketing, the school also offers a series of seminars in personal and professional development designed to begin the professional development process required to be successful in today’s competitive business world.

As noted below, these seminars cover topics including personal effectiveness, career planning and development, business communications, ethics and diversity.

Business Core Curriculum




AC 211 Financial Accounting 3
AC 212 Managerial Accounting 3
CIS 101 Principles of Information Technology 3
EC 111 Principles of Microeconomics 3
EC 112 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
EC 271 Applied Statistical Methods 3
FIN 201 Fundamentals of Financial Management 3
IB 201 International Business 3
LW 121 Business Law and Society 3
MG 210 Essentials of Management and Organizational Behavior 3
MG 211 Operations Management 3
MK 201 Marketing Principles 3
SB 101 The Business Environment 3
SB 111 Personal Effectiveness 1
SB 112 Career Planning and Development 1
SB 211 Business Communications 1
SB 212 Ethics and Diversity 1
SB 450 Strategic Integrated Management 3

University Curriculum (37 credits total)

Course Title Credits
FYS 101 First-year Seminar 3
UC UC Capstone 3
English Composition
EN 101 Elements of Composition I 3
EN 102 Elements of Composition II 3
Quantitative Literacy
MA 118 Introductory Calculus 3
Science 7
Social Science
Humanities 6
Fine Arts 3
University Curriculum Electives* 9
Total 37
*Note: EC 111, EC 112 and IB 201 completed as part of the business core fulfill the University Curriculum social science requirement and three of the nine required credits of the University Curriculum electives.

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